The most violent video games ever made

Ready for a bloody good time? We dissect some of the goriest video games ever made.

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15. Night Trap ("Violent" Dishonorable Mention)

The big deal about Night Trap, when it first appeared on the Sega CD, wasn't the blood. That's because there was virtually none — it was all implied violence committed by people wearing reject "gimp" outfits from Pulp Fiction. Worse still, it was implied violence taken out of context.
Really, Night Trap was just a so-bad-it-was-good Cinemax movie that got chopped up (the film, not the heroines) into a choose-your-own adventure. But in that era, an interactive film with girls in lingerie was enough to make congresspeople flip their collective lids. It was largely this game — and Mortal Kombat — that helped spark the creation of the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB).
Gore factor: Zero pints of blood. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

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The most violent video games ever made

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