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We highlight the best gear to buy with Rudd’s cash-bonanza handout.

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<h2>Best Television: <a href="" target="_blank"> Kogan KEVIN37 </a> (RRP: $900)</h2><br><br>Kogan’s 37in Full HD LCD wears its stimulus package credentials on its sleeve &#8212; and we mean that literally (it comes with a Kevin07&#8211;inspired T-shirt). With its cheeky name and $900 price tag, the KEVIN37 is the ideal stimuli purchase for anyone in need of a HDTV. <br><br>In the words of company founder Ruslan Kogan: "The KEVIN37 in conjunction with the tax bonus is a great combination for Australians looking for an affordable home entertainment solution." With a built-in HD digital tuner, Full HD 1080p resolution, 6ms response time and 1200:1 contrast ratio, it represents reasonable value for money.<br><br>If you don’t support our current government, there’s no need to fret &#8212; Kogan is in no way affiliated with Kevin Rudd, as the company points out on its website (amusingly misspelling Labor as ‘Labour’ in the process.)<br><br>The Kogan KEVIN37 can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer. For more information, <a href="" target="_blank">visit the Kogan Web site</a>.

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Stimulus package bargain buys

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