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We highlight the best gear to buy with Rudd’s cash-bonanza handout.

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<h2>Best Home Theatre: <a href="" target="_blank">Philips HTS6100</a> (RRP: $899)</h2> <br><br>With an RRP of $899, the Philips HTS6100 is ideally priced for Rudd’ed-up audiophiles. This impressive sound-bar system has the added attraction of decent low frequency response from a dedicated subwoofer. It performs well in terms of sound quality and its virtual surround settings are surprisingly convincing.<br><br>The HTS6100 will make for an unobtrusive addition to your home theatre, fitting in well with the most recent LCD and plasma panels. The addition of a subwoofer means it isn't as streamlined as other sound-bars, but it does provide a welcome boost to bass response.

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Stimulus package bargain buys

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