The world's weirdest keyboards!

Keyboards without keys, a vertical keyboard with mirrors on the side so you can see your fingers, and keyboards on which you type on the back: Get ready for some wacky input devices.

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<h2>USB Cooler Keyboard</h2> <br> Manufacturer: Thanko<br> "Dang these sweaty wrists! They keep slipping around the keyboard while I'm trying to type, causing me to dsf;ldkhffd souln cnwlju!<br> "What's that, you say? There's a new keyboard from Thanko Corporation that solves my problem? Hallelujah! I can type again."<br> If you've ever said these words, the <a href="" target="_blank">Thanko USB Cooler Keyboard</a> (available in Japan for about $62) is for you. Hence the exceptionally high demand for this helpful product.

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