10 cool new technologies you need to check out

Instant-on access for any PC. A netbook with a detachable screen. And a cheaper way to get out from under your home mortgage. These and other creative Web services, software and hardware were introduced at the DEMO 09 conference.

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Pixetell: Facilitating Design-by-E-Mail

As more and more businesses depend on staff located all over the world, communication about things that are essentially visual — the design of a Web page or the layout of a new store, for instance — is becoming increasingly difficult. Plain e-mails make it too difficult to describe what you want and video conferences can be hard to schedule.

Pixetell hopes to solve the problem by letting people send e-mails that can include text, video, images and audio in one message. You can send a blueprint of a new store, with your scribbles on it and talk about what you're hoping to see in the next design. Recipients can reply with their own audio and video and their own marked up images.

The service is in private beta now. Its final price hasn't yet been determined.

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10 cool new technologies you need to check out

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