What's new in Internet Explorer 8 RC1?

Microsoft is readying the final release of its browser Internet Explorer 8. Here are images of IE release candidate 1 along with descriptions of the features

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IE8 RC1: Final Thoughts

Microsoft says IE8 is "effectively complete and done" with the RC1 release, and that the final IE8 product will be very similar to what we see now. Taking into account the changes in RC1 and the past changes over the course of the browser's beta development, I have to agree with previous PC World reviews of the IE8 product line: Microsoft has caught up with the competitors quite a bit, and IE8 is a significantly stronger product than its predecessors. When it comes to things like speed and third-party add-on availability, though, Internet Explorer still isn't quite up to par.
Ultimately, Release Candidate 1 and the subsequent final IE8 release seem likely to please current IE devotees -- but I'm not sure anything added into the browser is enough to convince a user of Firefox or any of the other alternatives to give it more than a cursory glance.
Download: Internet Explorer 8 Release Candidate 1

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What's new in Internet Explorer 8 RC1?

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