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You have all of the best gadgets on the block, so why shouldn't your pet be equally tech-savvy? We've rounded up the coolest and weirdest innovations in technology for pets, from the useful to the absurd.

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iSeePet360 Food Dispenser With Webcam

No need to sign up for a posh doggy daycare service--just get an iSeePet360 food dispenser! Workaholic owners can use their PC (or phone, if they're in a meeting) to send a command to the iSeePet360 to release dry food for their pet. And if you have an extremely obedient pet whose ears don't instantly perk at the sound of food pouring into their bowl, you can record your voice to let them know that it's time to eat. But beware: Your pet may start loving iSeePet360 more than it loves you.
Owners can also keep tabs on their pet's daytime mischief with iSeePet360's built-in Webcam. But honestly, would your boss really let you leave the office because you just saw Fido chewing up your new throw pillows? Get back to work!
The iSeePet360 is available only in Japan for approximately $440. It won't walk, hydrate, or play with your pet, however, so you're probably better off with an actual pet sitter.

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Tech for your pets

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