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You have all of the best gadgets on the block, so why shouldn't your pet be equally tech-savvy? We've rounded up the coolest and weirdest innovations in technology for pets, from the useful to the absurd.

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Litter-Robot Automatic Cleaning System

Cleaning your cat's litterbox can be a gross and annoying task, but thankfully there's Litter-Robot. No, Litter-Robot isn't a little Jetsons-esque robot that rolls in and cleans the litterbox for you. The Litter-Robot is a dome-shaped box that automatically sifts waste clumps from the litter. All electrical components are located in the base of the box, so your cat is completely safe using Litter-Robot. It also has a sensor, so it won't start cleaning while kitty is inside.
Cleanliness comes at a cost, however: The Litter-Robot is a hefty $330. It's available online at the Litter-Robot Web site.

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Tech for your pets

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