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Forget boring tech: Here are some of the most innovative, interesting products we’ve seen (or are waiting to see) this year.

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Innergie mCube90G

Tired of schlepping separate AC adapters for each cell phone, media player, camera, laptop, and every other portable gizmo you own? So are we. That's the reason we're so excited about the Innergie mCube90g, which promises to be the first one-plug-fits-all solution for gadgets. The mCube converts electricity from wall outlets (65 to 240 volts) to the DC power your device requires. It even adapts to DC power sources such as those in cars and commercial airliners. The caveat? Devices must support Green Plug's Greentalk protocol; at launch, qualifying products will include some HP TouchSmart PCs, NEC laptops, Panasonic cordless phones, Ricoh cameras, Canon printers, iPods, and iPhones. Could be more, but a good start.

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