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Forget boring tech: Here are some of the most innovative, interesting products we’ve seen (or are waiting to see) this year.

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<h2>Palm Pre</h2> <br> The Palm Pre smart phone &#8212; which will mark the long-awaited debut of the new Palm operating system called WebOS &#8212; emerged as one of the most talked-about items unveiled at January's 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Slick looking, with an ergonomic curved body, a slide-out vertical QWERTY keyboard, and a multitouch screen, the Pre could pose a major threat to both the iPhone and T-Mobile's G1 (which is based on Google's Android OS). Palm's WebOS can handle full multitasking &#8212; something that the iPhone can't do &#8212; and the Pre can save pages for offline viewing on the Webkit-based browser, another feature that competing smart phones lack.

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