The most overrated games of 2008

We name and shame last year's most overrated games.

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<h2>Braid (Xbox 360)</h2><br><br>Some of you may think we’re being needlessly mean by including Braid on this list. After all, it’s just a cheap little XBLA download by a tiny independent developer &#8212; surely it deserves a (love) bone or two?<br><br>While we appreciate the Herculean effort it took to get Braid made (developer Jonathan Blow reportedly sunk his lifesavings into the project), we still feel that some critics went a little overboard in their praise. “Beautiful, entertaining and inspiring”, gushed “Among the best games of the generation”, squealed Xbox World 360 magazine. “Erases videogame norms and re-imagines the way we look at the medium,” concluded (all of whom incidentally gave the game 100 per cent).<br><br>Based on the above commendations, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Braid is a timeless masterpiece of interactive art &#8212; instead of a quaint 2D puzzle game built on the creaky backbone of nostalgia. We think the universal acclaim Braid received says more about the gaming press than the game itself: namely, that it comprises almost solely of pompous, bearded Gen-X nerds who never got over their 16-bit consoles.<br><br>As <a href="" target="_blank">the game’s official website</a> proudly points out, Braid is currently the highest-rated Xbox Live Arcade title of all time, and the 10th highest-rated Xbox 360 game. This puts it on equal footing with <a href=";4179;taxid;2136213066;pt;1 ">Halo 3</a>, <a href=";2136213066;pid;6875;pt;1 ">Gears of War 2</a> and <a href=";2136213063;pid;6862;pt;1">Fallout 3</a>. (Personally, we prefer the hack n’ slash tomfoolery of <href="" target="_blank">Castle Crashers</a>… which apparently means we have no soul.)

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The most overrated games of 2008

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