9 games that made vehicular manslaughter fun

You may not be able run over pedestrians in real life, but these games with great car kills make up for it!

9 games that made vehicular manslaughter fun next


3- Unreal Tournament 2004

What better method to mow down your opponents than with the help of multiple decapitations and happy little accidents? The vehicles of choice that are relentless in the pursuit of enemies are Unreal Tournament 2004's Scorpion dune buggy and the Manta hovercraft. While the navigation of the Scorpion can be a bit unwieldy--sometimes inadvertently running over teammates--the razor-sharp retractable twin-blades are sure to take out anyone in its path of destruction. And nothing is more satisfying than running over the opposing team at full speed than the bone-crushing joy of forming human waffles via UT2K4's Manta hovercraft. As if landing flat on the heads of your enemies is not enough, players can even launch and abandon the vehicle at any given target, gaining stylistic stunt points for that unforgettable killing spree.

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9 games that made vehicular manslaughter fun

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