7 limited edition games: worth buying or not?

Check out the season's best bonus-brimming, extras-packed offerings!

7 limited edition games: worth buying or not? next


<h2>Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition</h2> <br> With only 1000 copies made, the Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition is exactly as its name states, and its whopping $US150 price tag totally reflects this. The pricey package might've sounded like a joke before the game's release, but now that it's delivered the best survival horror romp since Resident Evil 4, gamers are crashing the EA online store to get their complete sci-fi fix. While the set's officially sold out, it's now taking over eBay like a Necromorph infection. Troll the online auction site if you'd like to dig deeper into the Dead Space universe with enough goodies &#8212; Dead Space Downfall animated movie, bonus DVD, art lithograph, art book, graphic novel &#8212; to fill an abandoned mining ship. If all that doesn't get you clicking "Buy it Now", then maybe the Ishimura crew patch &#8212; which you'll no doubt want to sport at next year's Comic Con &#8212; will do the trick.<br> <b>5/5</b>

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7 limited edition games: worth buying or not?

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