The 11 lamest blogs on the Web

After an Internet-wide search, here are the 11 blogs that depressed -- er, uh -- impressed us the most with their lameness.

The 11 lamest blogs on the Web next


Lamest Use of the English Language in a Blog

And the winner is: "Rosie's 'R Blog" by former talk show host and former star of the show The View: namely, Rosie O'Donnell.
language is the main problem
also with rosies blog
she doesnt like to use
punctuation, capitalization
or any sort of sentence structure
its one thing to write poetry
but if u r writing regular blogs
and writing them like this
it is, we must inform u
quite lame
unless u r e.e. cummings
give the overstylized
painful 2 read
prose a rest
we all beg of u
the world
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The 11 lamest blogs on the Web

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