The 38 most memorable first enemies

Check out 38 enemies that made an immediate impression on us.

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27- Kid Icarus: Shemum

First encounter:
As Pit bursts through the first door on stage one, four Shemums come cascading down from the platforms above. Fortunately, Pit is equipped with a bow and arrow, and by shooting the Shemum in the face it disappears leaving an item in its place.
We remember it because...
Described by Nintendo as a combination of Zelda, Mario Brothers, and Metroid, Kid Icarus is generally regarded as one of Nintendo's original classics. One of the reasons it is so fondly remembered is due to the wide array of unusual enemies it featured, including, but not limited to, that winged snake called the Shemum. Emerging more often than any other enemy in the entire game, the Shemum appeared in every level of Kid Icarus, until the climatic fight with Medusa.

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