10 amazing Google Earth add-ons

Maps from centuries past, paths of satellites whizzing by, global warming brought to life: User-created Google Earth mashups present a dizzying array of information in a new and imaginative graphical form.

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See Global Warming in Action

One of the most difficult challenges climatologists face is convincing some people that the problem of global warming exists. Climate data can be hard to visualize, and for many people data tables fail to communicate the scale of the problem. One solution is to use Google Earth to display data in a way that is easier to understand: The National Snow and Ice Data Center has created Google Earth files for a series of animations that represents the Arctic ice as it naturally melts over the summer months. Updated daily, they let you view the sea-ice concentrations and extent for the previous 90 days; when you compare data for this summer with the data for every summer going all the way back to 1979, you see some startling changes.

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10 amazing Google Earth add-ons

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