The 31 best DS games

If you'd rather take your gaming on the go, we've got a handy guide for dual-screen greatness: The 31 best DS games!

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#26: Meteos

Why It's Great:I think it's fair to call Q Entertainment the modern masters of puzzle games. In addition to two of the PSP's greatest games in Every Extend Extra and Lumines, the company created another innovative puzzler in Meteos. While the "match 3 symbols" idea has been done before, the gravity-based rocket ship block-removal system was a breath of fresh air — while you could remove newer blocks with ease, ones at the bottom required larger combos to create enough power to blast off. There was also a Disneyfied version of Meteos released called Meteos: Disney Magic that was notable in the fact that it made us actually care about a Disney game for the first time in about 15 years.

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