The 31 best DS games

If you'd rather take your gaming on the go, we've got a handy guide for dual-screen greatness: The 31 best DS games!

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#4: Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Why It's Great:A Legend of Zelda game on the DS was as foreseeable as, well, every other Nintendo franchise appearing on the DS. Following the events of The Wind Waker, Link travels 'round Hyrule to save Tetra from the clutches of Bellum. With the exception of a full 3-D camera, Phantom Hourglass features nearly everything featured in its predecessor, from cel-shaded graphics, to sailing from island to island. It's obvious that Zelda fans would want this game, but, even if the franchise has never been one of your favourites, this game is still worth your time and rupees.

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