Madden NFL 09: The best Madden yet

Two decades of Madden are nipped, tucked, and stitched into the finest version ever of this venerated franchise.

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Spin like a record, fly like a bullet, carry like Darren McFadden.
The new player models not only look sharper, they also more closely resemble their NFL counterparts in form and function. The Bears' 186-pound Devin Hester is a two-legged exclamation point, for instance, nimbly skipping, leaping, and rocketing through tackle attempts on punt returns, while the Vikings' 218-pound running back Adrian Peterson hurtles through defensive holes and deftly spins or jukes out of arm tackles. Bulky linebackers swat smaller players to the ground but lumber ineffectively after lithe sprinters, who streak down the open field but can barely budge a 6-foot-5 270-pound brick house like linebacker Adalius Thomas of the Patriots. Enthusiasts will quibble about perceived buffs and nerfs to favourite or disliked players; but on the whole, Madden NFL 09 leaps past its predecessors to render digital models that look a lot more like the individual guys you watch on TV each week, and a lot less like faces slapped on generic body doubles.

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Madden NFL 09: The best Madden yet

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