Madden NFL 09: The best Madden yet

Two decades of Madden are nipped, tucked, and stitched into the finest version ever of this venerated franchise.

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Cardinals wide receiver Anquan Boldin stretches it out.
Broadcast vets Cris Collinsworth and Tom Hammond handle the color commentary this time around, turning in amusing and mostly on-point performances. Of course it takes only a couple games to hear repeats, and things can get weird — for example when a receiver is being triple-teamed, and one of the defenders easily swats away a low-velocity pass, and Collinsworth shouts "He should have had that!" In general, the commentary feels more apt on rushing and defense-dominated plays than on passes, though the quest for dynamic chatter remains as elusive as Reggie Bush. The new EA Sports Backtrack feature supplements the talking game with a "let's look at that one again" replay tool that pops up when a play fits a predetermined scenario (your QB gets sacked when a receiver is wide open, for example, or you run a pass defence against a run offence). The Backtrack feature actually breaks down plays using a television-style telestrator, highlighting players and explaining why something worked (or didn't). Though the canned analyses tend to make obvious points, they occasionally highlight something you may have missed — and they do so with helpful marks and diagrams.

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Madden NFL 09: The best Madden yet

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