In pictures: E3 2008 picks and pans

The E3 fallout

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<h2>Shorter Games, Cheaper Future</h2> <br> With Sony's pitch for Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty &#8212; a $US15 slice of action-platforming follow-up to the bestselling "Tools of Destruction" for the PS3 &#8212; say hello to the increasingly episodic face of gaming. Sony's foray into a first-tier-franchises-meet-movie-ticket-prices market could signal the advent of major properties sliced like cake layers into budget-sized installments. Want to play games of 4 to 5-hour chapters instead of $60 whole enchiladas? It's looking like you'll at least have the option to shortly. &#8212; Matt Peckham

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