In pictures: E3 2008 picks and pans

The E3 fallout

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<h2>Genre Benders</h2> <br> Y'know that old Peanut Butter cup ad? "Hey, you got your chocolate in my peanut butter..?" Used to be that nobody would mix a first-person shooter with a strategy or role-playing game. Now, it's everywhere! Take Sega's stylish Valkyria Chronicles. It's a beautiful-looking strategy game that unfolds with action the second you spot the enemy. Fallout 3 is the opposite: a gritty post-apocalyptic gun-toting game which, at the tap of a button, can become a turn-based strategy shootout. And both will be played &#8212; often &#8212; this fall. &#8212;Darren Gladstone

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