7 Failed Foot-based Controllers

The path to Wii Fit's success was paved with a slew of failed foot-based controllers. Here are seven particularly awful ones.

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Sega Activator: The Activator is like laser tag but without the silly gun and head gear; the infrared beams along the octagonal floor-sensory device interprets the movement of the player who remains in the centre of the octagon. The most amusing thing of all is the instructional/promotional video for the Activator, embedded below. One guy is struggling at Eternal Champions with a standard controller because, after a half-decade at that point, controllers were still too confounding to use. Player two, on the other hand, is enthusiastically simulating pseudo-martial arts moves with little trouble. Dissatisfied with his performance with his antiquated hand controller, the other boy swaps out for an Activator, where he, too, can flail his arms and legs madly like his moron friend.

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7 Failed Foot-based Controllers

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