7 Failed Foot-based Controllers

The path to Wii Fit's success was paved with a slew of failed foot-based controllers. Here are seven particularly awful ones.

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PS1 DDR Dancemats: The home version of Dance Dance Revolution definitely did not live up to the standards of the original dance platform found in arcades for obvious reasons. Anyone who has owned one of the early dance pads put out with the PlayStation-era DDR games would agree that these plastic pads were in desperate need of large rubber grips firmly planted underneath to prevent the flimsy mat from sliding around. This soft, thin piece of plastic was so difficult to to keep in place that some crafty DDR enthusiasts began to find creative ways to prevent the plastic mat from moving around (hint: it involves using a piece of plywood, a stapler gun, and some glue).

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7 Failed Foot-based Controllers

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