7 Failed Foot-based Controllers

The path to Wii Fit's success was paved with a slew of failed foot-based controllers. Here are seven particularly awful ones.

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Fragpedal Gaming Footpedal: At first glance this contraption appears to be some sort of foot massager, but it's actually a keyboard that you can control with your toes. There's nothing more appealing than a pair of sweaty feet fumbling over two slab pads pressed against two protruding rubber buttons. You can look forward to some serious foot cramps if you plan on using this pedal for driving games, and don't expect to get many frags or any respect if you decide to take this expensive piece of equipment to your next LAN party. Come to think of it, anyone taking their shoes off at a LAN party is a bad plan.

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7 Failed Foot-based Controllers

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