Top 10 Google flubs, flops and failures

Not everything Google touches turns to gold. These are some of Google's biggest nonstarter Web services, software programs, and business moves.

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Google Incorporated is arguably the most successful Internet company today. But Google didn't get to where it is without takings risks -- some of which have failed spectacularly
For example, remember the Google Accelerator, which was supposed to speed up Web surfing? (A dubious claim, but least it was free.) But you had to pay to get a Google Answer, and eventually people stopped asking. Google Video did so well that the company finally gave up and shelled out big bucks to buy YouTube. If you can't beat 'em, buy 'em.
Some Google flops lasted no more than a day and then vanished without a trace. Other Google efforts have been left to languish like a neglected orphan inside Google's labyrinth of Web services. Still other dogs were released as betas nearly five years ago and are still trapped in Google Labs with apparently little hope of escaping the test tube.
Our list of Google's lead balloons is by no means exhaustive; if you have other candidates, by all means, point them out in our comments section below.

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Top 10 Google flubs, flops and failures

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