Is GTA IV the Best Video Game of All Time?

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Why GTA IV is not-so-great #3: Less is more?

One of the criticisms levelled at the previous GTA game was that it was too sprawling and open-ended for its own good. The development team has attempted to rectify this in GTA IV by scaling back the size of the game world — but they’ve arguably gone too far in the wrong direction. As far as we can tell, there are no ambulance, fire brigade or pizza delivery side-missions in GTA IV, which have been popular mainstays since GTA III. Likewise, the flyable aeroplanes and rideable bicycles are nowhere to be found. Some of the role-playing elements in GTA: San Andreas — such as pumping iron to get your character into shape — have also been removed. While these omissions will not hugely affect your enjoyment of the game, you are left with a niggling feeling that something is missing.

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