The 10 Worst PC Keyboards of All Time

Missing keys. Misplaced keys. Misshapen keys. These computers made typing confusing and uncomfortable -- and sometimes nearly impossible. Aren't you glad you're not using any of them today?

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9. Timex Sinclair 2068 (1983)
In the process of "improving" the wildly successful Sinclair ZX Spectrum for the United States market, Timex ruined the line with a bastardised version known as the Timex Sinclair 2068. But the 2068 shared one significant feature with its progenitor that it should have left behind: an atrocious keyboard. It's no exaggeration to say that using the 2068's keyboard without training was like trying to type while drunk and blindfolded. Some of the keys controlled as many as six different functions. Just to rub it all in, the unit had no Backspace key, a fault of many other early home computers. Did the designers assume that typists would never make mistakes? I bet the masterminds behind the 2068's keyboard backspaced over this part of their design history long ago.

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The 10 Worst PC Keyboards of All Time

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