If it's good enough for Shatner...

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<h2>Bill Cosby and the Texas Instruments TI-99/4A (1982):</h2> <br>Jell-O, Coke, Ford automobiles &#8212; America trusted Bill Cosby's opinion on lots of other products, so why not a computer?<br>Of course, you have to wonder whether Cosby ever actually owned a TI-99/4A, which has been <a href=" http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,129857-page,6-c,desktoppcs/article.html" target="_blank">declared one of the worst PCs of all time</a>. Did he ever balance his chequebook with Household Budget Management or play Alpiner? Did he curse the terrible TI-99/4A joysticks and throw them against the wall when he lost? Does he still have one sitting in his attic, or did he sell it in a yard sale in 1989 along with a model of the Notre Dame constructed with Pudding Pop sticks? Perhaps only Clair Huxtable knows for sure.

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If it's good enough for Shatner...

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