Topfield TRF-2100 PVR set top box

A simple, speedy, bare-bones set top box

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Topfield TRF-2100
  • Topfield TRF-2100
  • Topfield TRF-2100
  • Topfield TRF-2100


  • Simple operation and interface
  • Fast, trouble-free navigation


  • Comparatively small hard drive
  • Inferior fast forward/rewind speed
  • No Internet capability

Bottom Line

The Topfield TRF-2100 is a basic set top box, with dual TV tuners that let you record one program while you're watching another. It's simple, easy to operate and quick to respond to commands. We wish it had more hard drive capacity though, and the lack of Internet features (included on a cheaper model) is disappointing.

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The Topfield TRF-2100, new to the company’s set top box range, is a personal video recorder with twin digital TV tuners and an internal 320GB hard drive. It’s small and discreet, quiet and quick to operate, but misses out on some features that we would have liked to see.

Topfield TRF-2100: Design and setup

The TRF-2100 is much smaller than its companion TRF-2470, measuring only 260 x 195 x 50mm. It’s able to be hidden out of the way behind any reasonably-sized TV stand, and will fit in discreetly with any other devices in your home entertainment setup.

The three-digit, single-line liquid crystal display on the front of the TRF-2100 is extremely basic, only showing up the channel number of whatever you’re currently watching. Apart from that, the front of the set top box is almost blank — you’ll find a central power button and channel buttons near the screen, but that’s it.

Around the back, the TRF-2100 has connectors for antenna input and output, component video and composite A/V, optical digital audio output, HDMI output, a USB input, and 12V DC power input. We would have liked to see the USB port on the front of the box, but otherwise we’re happy with the TRF-2100’s range and variety of inputs and outputs.

The remote control bundled with the Topfield TRF-2100 is as simple as the set top box itself. A central five-way navigational pad also handles volume and channel changing, there’s a number pad up top and play/stop/pause/rewind/fast forward buttons down the bottom. The labelling is OK, not great; we would have liked to see better descriptions on some of the buttons to save reading the manual for information.

Topfield TRF-2100: Performance and features

The menu system of the Topfield TRF-2100 is the same as the more expensive TRF-2470 — it’s simple, relies largely on text rather than graphics, and is thankfully quick to respond to commands. It’s also logically laid out, and easy to navigate to both common and less common functions.

The twin digital TV tuners of the TRF-2100 mean that you can record one program while still watching another live TV channel, or record two programs while watching something you’ve previously taped.

What you’ll be using most is the Recording menu and its EPG, which makes adding reminders and scheduling recordings a relatively easy process. The TRF-2100’s 320GB internal hard drive can store around about 80 hours of high definition digital TV recordings, and about double that if you’re only recording in standard definition (or if you’re just recording a standard definition channel). This is a fair amount of hard drive space, but it pales in comparison to competing brands’ 500GB models which only cost slightly more.

In terms of its feature-set, the TRF-2100 lags behind the TRF-2470 it was announced alongside, but also behind the cheaper non-recording TBF-7300. Both of these models include access to YouTube and the ABC iView catch-up TV service, but the TRF-2100 isn’t able to connect to the Internet. You can still use the rear USB port to play back compressed audio and picture files (JPEG picture, MP3 audio), but video isn’t supported.

Similarly, the TRF-2100 isn’t able to deliver the same 128x fast forward/rewind speeds that the TRF-2470 can. The cheaper set top box is limited to only 64x — while this might still seem like a lot, if you’re watching a longer video and want to skip ahead, the extra speed is useful.

Topfield TRF-2100: Conclusion

The Topfield TRF-2100 is a very simple personal video recorder, and while its simplicity isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you can find more fully-featured competitors for similar price tags. We do wonder why the TRF-2100 is lacking the Internet capability and iView access of the cheaper TBF-7300, though.

If you’re just looking for a reasonably cheap PVR that’s easy to understand and easy to operate, the Topfield TRF-2100 ticks all your boxes.

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marian dubrowski


how do I delete programs that I'vr recorded?



Download the complete User manual from Topfield. I am sure it is covered in there.



How do I change the time from 2003 to 2013? Instructions say AUTO/change TIME OFFSET but my date is still dec 2003. any help? ta

Marian Haynes


have set two programmes to record cannot get them to play back
what am i doing wrong



I too would like to know which button to press to delete ptogrammes that I have recorded
as this is not shown in the manual guide.



I'm trying to download the full guide through the topfield site and just takes me to unable to connect, diagnose problems....anyone got a site I can go to for this. My user manual isnt enough info for me to install



how to delete recorded programs on trf-2100,unable to get manual-Topfield not answering



I am unable to access Topfield web site - cannot download manual- also don't know how to delete programs recorded. The user manual provided with machine is extremely limited and the diagrams are too dark to be read. This is not good.



To delete recordings:
If you go to Menu then Recording, there is a menu at the bottom of the screen. Select the program and press the blue button (I think - I'm at work at the moment!) to Delete.

Stan Langdon


To delete recorded programmes bring up recorded menu,press BLUE BUTTON with white tick
(TRF 2100 ) delete programme will come up and ask 'are you sure'? press yes

Stan Langdon


How do I pause a recording to filter out adds if the programme stops?Where's Topfield?sells a
product with no proper user manual I mean if the thing pauses when do you know when the adds
finish?come on guys I helped you with the delete problem.

Stan Langdon


Marian and Rick did that help?..Stan Langdon



Hi! I'm thinking of purchasing this basic unit and I am wondering if anyone who has actually used it can tell me if I can remove and store recorded programs to an external hard drive? I'm getting mixed reports from sales people but the Topfield site states it will support up to 1T does???



Hi, I just purchased the TRF 2100 and the colour is shocking, any ideas how to change the colour? It doesn't work from the TV



My Topfield TRF 2100 keeps turning off every few hour's can some one tell me how to fix it so it stays on.



My Topfield TRF-2100 timer recording won't record even if the word reco appears on the machine meaning the recording is in progress however when I checked the recorded program later on there's nothing there. What do you think is the problem?



Program List only shows programs on Melbourne Channels 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 99

How do I get it to show programs on all channels?



Hi could someone please tell me how I can view what programmes I have set to record. I've downloaded the manual but cannot find my answer. Thanks in advance.

Jan D


Hi , I am the same as Paul. I set the recorder to record programmes, check the reservation list and there they are. Then reco appears on the front of the video but when I go to check there is nothing recorded. I have had this back to be looked at under warranty, they tell me there is nothing wrong and charged me $55. I have had some luck occasionally. Please can anyone help me.



Have broken the remote, any suggestions on whee to find a replacement???



I would get two from Topfield b4 they cease trading , yes that's the romour I have heard.



Has anyone had any issue with not being able to watch TV on its own, that is WITHOUT the TRF2100 turned on?

I've just set one up, antenna into ANT IN, RF lead from ANT OUT to TV (as you do the keep the antenna signal going to the TV), but unless the PVR is switched on, the TV does not get the signal. This seems ridiculous to me, that to just watch TV on its own, the PVR needs to be on as well.

Any thoughts?



How do I delete program's that I have recorded?



Just an update on my post from a few days ago: if you're finding that you lose the antenna signal to the TV after turning the Topfield unit off, there is a setting to adjust, so Topfield themselves told me today.

Go to Menu > Settings > Miscellaneous, and make sure the Standby Mode is set to ACTIVE, and not Passive. 'Active' Standby Mode means the RF signal remains when the Topfield is switched into standby..



Mine keeps rebooting showing a L102 error. It will also record a program properly, but when I'm playing it back, if I try to fast forward the ads, the machine will skip back to a previous time in the show. I then have to let it play to get it back to where I was up to, and I don't touch any buttons in the remote until the show us finished! Very frustrating! I would not recommend this product at all. Sent an email to topfield, they never replied.



As we tour OZ in a caravan, how do you delete TV channels which were found in other Cities/Towns



I cannot find how to change my date which showing Feb 04. Have no problem wih time.



Have tried recording some shows and when go to play them it's saying, caution this file is invalid, any help would be appreciated!



I can only record programs on the same day. When I set the Topfield to record in the small hours of the next day it doesn't record. This is a frustration, and a Topfield tech guy couldn't solve the problem either. Recording on the same day is not a problem but recording the next day is. Any ideas?



I too have the problem of recording being a total hit and miss. It says recording but when you go to watch its not there. Its happening so often just dont trust the thing. Worst buy ever. would never recommend this to anyone.



Yes mine won't record either. Bought it for the RL World Cup and haven't managed to record 1 game. Absolute waste of money. Going back to Harvey Norman tomorrow!!



I also cannot record any program's, I bought it three weeks ago to record the NFL season
And have yet to watch a game, have changed the settings and record times, and even then
When I double check it on the reservation list and looks good, as I go back to watch it after work
......NOTHING RECORDED even though it says "reco" on the screen




Doesnt it have EPG recording? I am considering one of these from Norman's, $159, but am certainly seeing a LOT of negative press on them, such as unreliable recording, extremely poor guide, hopeless topfield HQ tech advice.I am used to buying dodgy-brand PVRs such as DGTEC and OMNI, provided the price is right and it does most of what I want.The DGTEC 1TB I bought about 3 years back now for about $135 is still struggling along, although prone to freeze-ups especially when ur playing back a file while it is still recording.The pause function has never worked correctly, it simply restarts from beginning any paused playback..annoying, but the place marker works well... TBH, overall, it has done a hell of a lot of TV work for me, the playbacks through HDMI are good picture quality, it has a lot of storage capacity, easy to quickly delete files, easy to use, and its been worth the hiccups for its price.But unlike DGTEC, Topfield is a sought-after brand...if theyre THIS bad, how can a major chain keep them on sale?At least their price seems to have dropped from over $200...maybe a bad sign in itself?



ours topfield 2100 when you record a programme & when we go to whiz through ads its jumps around & goes back to the start again. Very frustrating. Please can someone help? We bought it 2nd dec; 2013.



I have lost everything I recorded and it is on MP3 and we can't get it back to the shows we have recorded, any ideas?



I only got mine 4 days ago and cant get the sound to work properly. It intermittently cuts in and out which is incredibly frustrating. Ive recorded several shows and all of them are shocking to watch/listen to. If i pull the HDMI lead and swap back to the 3 colored ones, (i think they're called component leads) its fine but the picture isnt great. I bought another HDMI lead thinking the one it came with may be dodgy but still the same problem. Its driving me nuts! Any ideas?



I have done search for channels but am not able to get all channels available, channel 10 being the main one I want. The instruction book is not helping and I have tried doing a manuel search for 10 but to no avail. Any cleaver people out there in cyberspace who could help me?



Got one of these Sunday, after tossing up whether to chance one for a while since reading some negative owner comments here and elsewhere, I do think that maybe PVRs are appliances that will get negative owner remarks no matter what they are, as the instruction books are always sketchy and some people just won't ever figure out how to fully utilise the thing.
anyway, so far it's recording on 4 or 5 tasks has been good, I can delete watched/unwanted programs easily (here is one sketchy bit as the coloured-buttons panel function in the booklet are NOT well explained, but they do work to delete if you look at the RC layout diagram AND the onscreen displays VERY closely.)
and I can find the recorded programs done so far to playback ok.
Im going to try next day tasks today and tomorrow, to see if they work ok and will report back.
the RC pathways x/y/z are perhaps a little indirect and abstract.
One movie program sunday night in it's recording, there must have been some glitch about 20 mins in, because everytime it played back it froze at the exact same point, I had to fast forward past that point, and then playback completed normally.
So far, Im more favorably than unfavorably surprised, considering the modest purchase price.Its small physical size has benefits in my already crowded AV cabinet.
the fact that it is a 12v DC unit running off an AC/DC powerpack like a lot of PC accessories do, worried me at first, but the unit and the powerpack seems to generate relatively low heat which is a good thing.
Anyone having trouble with the basic functions I've mentioned, the ones that I can do so far at least, can email me if they ---and I'll try to talk them through it.
The 5 multi-coloured multi-menu function (typically PVR RCs have 4 only) buttons ARE tricky!



One issue which HAS eluded me so far, for my part, is that I cannot see if or how you can delete unwanted channels, as it has searched and installed every damn TV infotainment channel , simulcast channel, and music station channel JAZZ etc, and I want them GONE from the bloody EPG display.
I can see the "favorites" page, but I cant see how to delete unwanted channels.



yes,Marie, Ive only run it with RCA leads so far,I'm copping the lower pic quality as my HDMI inputs are already crowded, but I will try it on HDMI socket to see if there are any sound issues, thats a bust if sound doesnt work properly on HDMI.



Annette, not sure what is happening how you are whizzing through ad breaks, maybe you're using FFWD button, not sure what is going wrong, but what I have been doing is using the -yellow-- key pad button for jumps forward. It is defaulted to 10-sec jumps, which is far too small , but in settings you can change the jump size to 20-30 secs and 1min.
I'm using 30 secs currently.If you land too far forward you won't be too far in and can just RWD to the program re-commence point.



well, it has now recorded a timer programming task I set it days ago, ie "Terriers" ch HD1 last is also doing 3 daily regular each day and each week day recordings. It hasnt missed a timer task yet.



well it has now executed a timer task I programmed days ago, ie, Terriers 1HD late last night. It is also doing 3 regular daily and each weekday set programmes, it hasnt missed a timer task yet.



Timer recording of future programmes (but on the same day) has worked ok. I would like to know if it's necessary to keep the Topfield in active mode between now and the programme. Can I switch it to standby mode and still be sure it will record the programme that's hours ahead?
Many thanks.



I'd say yes, because I most certainly do not keep mine on active when its not actually doing a playback for me. I insert time tasks, power-button it off, and leave it to it.
as soon as it becomes time, it activates itself to active mode, as all PVRs are supposed to.
Yeah, Geez, you don't leave it on, that's both a waste of electricity and a source of it heating itself up which is never good for the HDD.

Over 2 weeks in now,at least 12-15 timer tasks done and most played back,half of them events days ahead, and the unit has been almost faultless in operation.
It's sole flaw has been 2 files have obviously had wrinkles in the file which cause freeze-ups on playback when the machine reaches that exact point.
So far, I would purchase it again, no regrets.

the sole fla



I also now have it HDMI connected. No faults with sound on HDMI playback (although sound faults on the HDMI output on PVRs is not an uncommon fault, have seen it with other machines)

so I'm saying that sound issue with that other owner, is an individual unit fault. It's not acceptable , of course,is a let-down defect and annoyance and I'd probably be returning it for credit or another machine, if I encountered it.



Thanks Patrick, i did return it and bought a Teach in place of it after reading so many negative comments. The Teac is bloody awesome! Record 3 programs while watching another pre recorded, sound perfect, picture perfect - touch wood! Yes it cost me another $90 but at least i know i can pre record, switch it off and walk away and know its done its job!



I would never buy this product again. Lately for example I've set it to record hostages for 3 hours just in case it runs over time and last week it recorded for 45 minutes while this week it recorded for 55 minutes so I missed the last 5 minutes of the finale! Yes mine also freezes at a certain point so I can't fast forward through the ads. The only way I can watch the show I've recorded is to let it play. What's the point of having a pvr if you can't fast forward through the ads! I'll be replacing it as soon as I have some spare cash, probably with a Panasonic.



have you tried doing the jump-space buttons back and forward through ads? I actually prefer that to the FFWD button..
the yellow one does jumps forward which you can change the length of in settings, and the dark blue one beside it does jumps back..that dark blue button doubles as the delete file button.
a month in, mine is still working almost 100% ...I'm playing back a Judge Judy right now which it records every day..
one strange thing is does sometimes, is when a recording is done and you go to check your recordings, it will say for example "26:10" suggesting the file is only that long, and you know the file should be a @ 1 hour show, so you are worried it has stopped early or began late and you only have half of it...but when you begin playback, you can see that it is the right duration and it's all there..
I can see ways in which the menu and controls could be re-designed better the system on my previous players may have been better to use in some cases, but it is working pretty well, has done very little wrong...the playback via HDMI cable is 100%...



the timer setter via EPG also works well, although I'm yet to figure out what the difference between a red "R" and a whitish green "P" is when you mark a program on it.



oh, I'd never take on anything with the TEAC name on it, has been about the worst name you can buy in AV going back to the 80s...although I dont think LG is far ahead of it.

I did look at the "Bush" that Good Guys carry which was likewise in the 200-$250 mark to the TEAC ur talking about , but it's owner reviews make this one look good.



Brought a 2100 also 3 weeks ago i am 70yrs old this product is veiled in mystery all the above faults drive me nuts please what can a pensioner do ?



what is it that you want to do that ur having trouble with??

I'm still doing ok with mine, although I think it has missed timer tasks maybe twice for sure now...but I do a lot of TV recording..
I bought it as a secondary back-up to my main DVR,
but since that older Digtrec unit after a few years of pretty good use is now showing signs of issues (It NOW lately wont record two programs at once unless theyre on same Network such as 10 and 11 or 1, so seems like one of its two tuners is going out of action)..
then now looks like this TRF-2100 is now my primary ride instead of the backup.



Have had the TRF-2100 since May 2013 and have been mainly satisfied. One thing that I'm not happy about is that I need to have the volume on the Topfield and on the tv turned up as high as they go but even that is not enough when playing back recorded programmes. Although I am 75 years old my hearing is very good so that is not the problem.



modest sound volume Ive found is a typical issue on all digital TV recorders..and actually the sound volume on my Daewoo flatscreen HD TV itself is poor...on a 100-point volume slide it doesnt even go up any louder from about level 35 upwards.

oddly the Tevion non-digital hard-drive and DVD recorder I used prior used to have booming file sound playback compared to the digital-channel machines..
I'd say these days they think that everyone is going to be set up with home-theatre style amped speakers..which I never will be.



I have one of these set top boxes and it keeps scrambling during watching various channels then goes of and says service is not running and I have tried to reset back to factory settings and search channels again but keeps happening with same message.
Do you know what this problem is



I have another brand machine which gives the 'weak or unavailable signal" message with blue screen, usually it does this while one tuner is busy recording, I think that one of its twin tuners is now faulty so that it will not now record two shows except where both are from same network (eg 10-11-1) or even record one while watching another if different network.
I'd guess that your issue may be something similiar , twin-tuner function.



marian dubrowskiThu 13/12/2012 - 10:191
how do I delete programs that I'vr recorded?

1. on RC buttons, second bottom row, far-right button, displays list of recorded programs.
2.Highlight program wishing to delete with up-down navigation buttons, P+/ P-
3. from 4 rainbow-coloured buttons (red-green-yellow-dark blue), select dark blue (far-right button)
4. machine asks if you really want to delete, and is defaulted to -no- position
5. move this to 'yes' position with V-/ V+ horizontal navigation buttons.
6. hit 'ok"
7.program will begin deleting file.

jackie pagett


I have just returned mine after four months. Didn't hear anything from Topfield. I won't buy their products again. kept turning off, then kept going back to the start half way through a recording, then wouldn't turn on at all.
Don't buy from Ejoy Australia Fair. They said they would return it. After ten days we contacted them and they only sent it back the day before. They still haven't contacted us.



How do I stop a program from recording once I've started recording it. I can tape 2 channels at once but then it will only let me watch those channels, if I want to stop recording so I can watch a different channel I can't. Help



Mine wont find any channels, i have strong signal but no quality percentage...what can i do to fix this?? getting so frustrated!!!

Mike Banks


My 5 year old and heavily overused Teac PVR died, so I just bought the Topfield for $149 from the good Guys.

Cabling, installation and setup was easy and done in 15 minutes, including the channel scan. All channels were found, the interface was simple and easy to use. Sound and image quality were fine (using HDMI and HD). We've tested the dual recording and time shift for live TV and it has worked fine as well.

So no complaints from me, especially for the price it's a bargain. I've still got 365 days under warranty but if anything bad happens I'll let you know.



How do I stop a program from recording once I've started recording it. I can tape 2 channels at once but then it will only let me watch those channels, if I want to stop recording so I can watch a different channel I can't. Help

That is just normal two-tuner function...what you MAY actually find, is that it WILL permit a third channel to be viewed while you record two programs IF..............

the channel you want to watch is the SAME network as either of the two being recorded.

what that means is,
for example,
record ch10 record ch 7...AND .watch 73 Mate will work , because only accessing two networks , ie, 7 and 73 are both 7-group, 10 is TEN
record channel ch1hd , record ch9, still ok, two networks total only being accessed.9+TEN .

.record 9,AND record 7,then try to watch TEN 1-10-11, SBS 3-32, or ABC 2-22-24....
because that would require -three- handle THREE networks at once.
No recorder I know of can actually handle three tasks of that kind as such.
Two total max.
You see?

now if you HAVE two channels recording and want to stop one, hit the dot-stop button, second lowest row, second from will then put up a display of the two programs being recorded, you highlight, up and down buttons, which of the two you wish stopped.

hope this helps.



the question Jamii about signal strength, I'm not too sure what issue there is, possibly antenna, can only suggest trying re-scans. That is a general set-up issue rather than really necessarily a machine-fault, imo.

How have you done in same locale with previous DVR machines?



How do you series link on the 2100



i bought a trf-2100 topfield and have had nothing but trouble with it ; it won't record correctly,it scrambles tv station you try to record and watch it wont let you change channels all the time, it freezing up now while recording an watching tv,the best is when you want it to stop recording manually it wont let you. besides putting a hammer through it i am at wits . do not know what to do apart from returning it any ideas?



what is 'series link" ?



Dwayne...when you attempt to stop recording manually, what do you do, and what happens?



Patrick,you`re worth your weight in gold.Lots of my queries answered.The so called MANUAL is rubbish,the screen pictures are too dark to read & the info. is neglible,thought I`d see them on computer,as I can`t download.



any other operating questions, email me

imo providing the individual unit is actually working as it should,is not just a defective unit, which may be common,
and provided the user is able to wing it a little on figuring out operating procedures, it is in fact a reasonable machine!
(watching SBS news recorded on it now as I type!)



any basic operating questions, email me

imo, providing the individual unit is not defective, and provided the operator wings it a little working out operating procedures, it is a reasonable unit.



To delete recorded program. Is simple. On remote is a blue button with a tick use that. I'm finding my unit works fine and is easy to install. I am Olson 70yrs old



Just a quick tip; certain issues can be caused by a firmware bug so try going to the Topfield Support page and downloading/installing the latest version of firmware for your PVR to see if that fixes it.



hi we have had this set top box for some time all good but now we cannot change any channels due to a message on screen saying channel locked entre pin code in our house we had a mr nobody can you please help us to unlock our trf-2100 thankyou megan



Before I go to work I set the recorder to record two programs so I can watch them after work. Come home sit down to watch push all the right buttons but it tells me that file is invalid, what's going on.

Narelle Giles


the TRF- 2100 that I have has locked into parental control and I can't get it out.....I did not lock it as I have not got children ...I have tried 0000 but no go ...can you help...
thank you Narelle



How do I watch something from an external hard drive?



My Topfield won't record Channel 10 - it gives every indication that it is recording, but it is not in the playback list. Help.



After reading this I thought Id bought a lemon but so far my 2100 works fine.Sure the instruction manual is totally inadequate but the unit is simple to operate and work out. I found the best way to connect to tv is via the HDMI cable but also run a cable from the ANT OUT to your TV and then you can watch tv without turning the 2100 on.I paid $179 for mine so as long as I get a couple of years out of it Im happy.

Nola Balzan


Hi my name is Nola.
When I want to watch something that I have recorded it says file is in valid.
What do I do to be able to watch these programs?



I've had nothing but problems with this machine.
Kept on losing signal all the time, most of it was from a dodgy connection on the machine to the antenna, so got a replacement machine and it was still losing signal - but not as often. Bought a new hdmi cable and the signal has been fine but bit annoying to have to buy a cable when you've spent good money on the machine in the first place.

My machine also comes up with an error if I try to watch a program I'm currently recording. It says "signal not running or scrambled" and can't do anything until the recording finishes. When the recording finishes I go back to look at the recorded show and it's disappeared. Very annoying!
I bought it because I already have a really good dvd/Blu-ray player. But I should have just bought a new dvd player that records as well. Wasted money.



I doubt that it will play a file off an external hard-drive OR off of a USB flash-drive unless that file was originally made by and transferred out of the would need a Media Player to do that, imo..
I think I did the thing with the parental lock one night, and got back out of it, I cant recall for sure what code I used, but if "0000" does not work as a default code, try '1234"...i cant imagine it was other than those two because then I'd have been out of guesses is a bloody nuisance that they even have those child-lock things, there is always the risk of engaging them accidentally, and then not knowing wtf to do, people expect their AV equipment to function as child-minders.
One thing the manual should always have is the child-lock default code.

Must be some months in now, still happy with the performance of mine, and it records something for me almost every night, often several programs in the same night...also has several regular weekly or daily program tasks.



lso comes up with an error if I try to watch a program I'm currently recording. It says "signal not running or scrambled" and

yes , that is a common issue, mine does it as well, what will happen is that it will actually commence playback on a live recording, then stick or stop...hitting the yellow jump button will often move it forward a little and start it off again, but it is reluctant to playback some recordings unless they are at least more than half-way finished or so..I have not had the files disappear in that way, usually they are there completed ready to playback without trouble when the program is finished or close to it...

Julia Thomson


I have just purchased the TRF-2100 HD Digital Video Recorder. I think I have recorded a couple of programs tried to use the playback but cannot find the exact button pictured on the small product manual?? There is one without the arrow and lines and after pressing these nothing seems to happen? Hope someone can help.



Have just scrolled through all the questions/comments & seen my issues, but no answers
- The colour is WAY too saturated, can it be changed (don't want to change TV settings & affect DVD / downloaded stuff
- How do you delete unwanted channels?
Thanks in advance - hoping I haven't bought a lemon!



I just want to encourage you all to write or call topfield about your issues. (they have a 'contact us' form on their website)
If they know all the issues maybe they might start listening and fix the problems!



deleting unwanted channels is tricky and unexplained in directions, it does not seem to be able to be done via the Menu managers. I found it by accident.
press centre 'ok' manual.

a channel list appears.
it is self explanatory from there, noting the white button is the lower-most left corner button on the RC unit.



there is also a contact number decal on rear of RC unit, but feedback seems to suggest that you will have trouble getting much out of them.
A bit like the "Pebble electronic" crowd that handled ALDIs AV products, until they collapsed.

imo, the unit is a good unit providing it is actually functioning as intended.
there seem to be a lot of defective units quality control wise.
In all honesty, every PVR/DVR unit I ever owned had a high rate of defective units, even top brand units costing 2-3 times what this costs have a pretty high defect rate.
Let's face it, like computers, and having a HDD, these are complex devices electronically, produced en masse as cheaply as possible.
It missed a couple of timer programs for me late Wednesday night, that's it's first misses for some months, but it has executed several more successfully since then.
One of the alternatives to this one also carried by Good Guys or Harvey Norman or wherever i got this thing , is the "Bush" unit...going for low $ should see the dreadful user reviews on THAT.



Julia Thomson

there are TWO routes to bring up your list of recordings for playback.

button numbered #24 on the RC diagram in the manual...which is second bottom row of buttons, button farthest to right.
the recording list can also be brought up in a couple of steps via the 'Menu" button.



I've lost SBS. How do I manually re-tune the TRF-2100 for SBS?



I have used up the internal hdd space on my toppy 2100 and I can't seem to record onto my external hdd (sea gate 2TB). I have connected the external hdd to the back of my toppy and the system seems to recognise the external hdd but I can't figure out how to record directly to my external hdd? Any help would be great. Is there a button I am missing or a record option I haven't used?
Thanks Patrick



Hello all, I also own a 2100 PVR, I have the same problem with F/Fwd not working properly. I am a retired technician, and wondering if there are perhaps the old dried out electro's causing this problem ?. Maybe it is a firmware problem?. If firmware is the problem, can you give me the details of where and how to get this into the PVR. As stated, I am a retired technician, but computers are NOT my forte.
Thank you in anticipation.



Hi, yes I am having troubles. On my playback list I have all these files that say New Folder which are empty and that I didn't set how do I delete them? They appear after I have deleted a recorded programme. Also how many hours of recording does it hold - I have not been able to find this information.

Even today I recorded a programme, I thought, because I returned home while the machine was still recording and it said "reço" but no programme was recorded. HELP!!!!!




Please help,, something has been pressed on the remote and now I can't access the menu on TV screen it's down the bottom and I can't read it


95 is not a matter of hours recording, it is a matter of GBs...320GB is it's theoretical capacity...each of your recordings gives a file size , so when that approaches capacity, that will be is actually still a LOT of recording space.

Rodney...with the external USB plugging in flashdrives etc, likewise, I have had no luck getting it to play off those USBs from such as flashdrives, it is supposed to function as a media player in such circumstances, luckily I have a separate cheap WD-style media player, because I cannot convince this to play from for recording onto an external drive, havent tried it yet, wouldnt surprise me it makes it difficult .
Ann...if you can take a close-up digi picture of the screen in that condition, and email it to me, maybe it will give me an idea, can't really imagine what you mean without seeing it.

I'm getting this occasional 'signal scrambled" issue, which can freeze a playback here and there, I can usually work around it by stopping,. re initiating playback, and skipping the troubled section..
luckily it is not happening on every recording or playback.



btw so far, I am still happy with it as a purchase.Have done a LOT of recording since purchase...more often than not, I get a trouble-free great-looking playback.
I was just watching a recording of "Fargo" from late Saturday night SBS 2-32, and remarking to myself at the clarity of picture I got on the titles function works fairly well on the recordings which comes in handy on a show like 'Fargo" where you often cannot make out critical pieces of dialogue...there is a lot of mumbling bizarre but important remarks in this show.

I honestly do not think that any of these things are likely to be perfect or any brand of them have really excellent reliability, even if you pay 2-3X as much as these ones go for, you get your Samsung or Sony or Panasonic or something, I think you are still a good chance to strike this or that foible or have a failed unit.



Sound quality is TERRIBLE on the rca outputs. Its had the life compressed out of it so that everything is always the same volume. This is a 'feature' called DRC (dynamic range compression). Its been set by the factory to a extreme position. The good news - there is none - unlike many other pvrs you just can't turn it off. No one at topfield thought to give us a menu option for that. Because of the inescapable poor sound I don't enjoy watching this unit and I regret purchasing it.

I since find out there has been a lot of past software issues with this thing (missed recordings missed tuned channels). These have apparently been fixed with the latest software patch (jan2104 - which you can download from topfield) but despite all these the non repairable sound issue has killed this unit for me.

Very disapointed in this fault - because otherwise it would be a more than good entry level unit.



I won't be buying one of these units again. Very frustrating to watch a program that I have recorded, and then get the 'not running or scrambled' message, and the recording is useless. Have upgraded the firmware, but same message.



After 14 months it has started recording 0MB programs. In some cases only half the movie. Expect these type of products to last 5 yrs, not go faulty 2 months outside warranty. Will never be buying top field products again. Recommend others do this as well.



Why am I getting 'file is invalid' message on some of my recorded programs when I go to watch them and not on others, it is annoying when it is a program that you really wanted to watch. Have noted on the comments of 'file is invalid' that there does not seem to be an answer given. Does anyone know what is the cause of this, I set up the program exactly as I normally do with every other program I want to record. Topfield 2100 is a bit of a hit and miss affair at times, have had my fair share of frustration aired.



Hi wendy if your recording ok on other channels then the problem probly is the channel your recording, watch that channel for a while and check that it doesn't scramble or stop playing while you watch it. sometimes when I recorded channel 10 it played up, so I changed to channel 5 and it stopped the problem, so I deleted channel 10 and kept channel 5 hope that helps. scott



simon just go to menu then "installation" then "searching" then scroll down to"'start search" and you should get back all your channels, hope this helps. scott



peggy just press 4th button up from right hand side of remote, which gives you your recorded programs & folders straight away. scroll up or down to whichever folder or program you want deleted and press "dark blue button" 2nd up from bottom right which then says "are you sure" , press "left arrow" next to ok in the middle of remote then "ok". scott



megan just go to menu then settings than parent control then change pin or access control or pin change. hope this helped



margot try going to "menu" then "settings", then " a/v output" then "sound mode" try "stereo or mono" it might help your sound quality, If that does't work try using a optical cable from the back of your tv to the topfield instead of the audio cables this mite give you better sound quality

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The unit constantly freezes up.
• • •

Do not buy.

The unit constantly freezes up. The light on the STB will flash to show that it has received input from the remote but nothing happens. Turning the unit off and on using the remote will sometimes fix this. It this doesn't work you have to unplug the power lead and plug it back in. The manual has not advice on how to fix this.

If you don't mind going through this routine a dozen times a day during ordinary TV viewing you may find a use for the TRF-2100. I've never gotten far enough past this problem to try the other features.

Kevin Lennox



Not the TRF 2100 PVR
The TRF 2100
• • •

I am not happy with this product.
My problem is with the Time & Date Setting! Although I have followed the instructions in setting the time & date. I find that the settings change frequently / daily. This is very noticeable when setting up to record a program. I often find that the time & date settings have changed and go back to; example 1/1/2008 & it could be any time. Before recording a program I have to check the settings again. Also I find on some occasion's that the program chosen hasn't recorded because the Time & Date had changed before the recording had started. Example; back to the 1/4/2004 or some other incorrect Time & Date. Question; Why doesn't the Time & Date setting be saved and set permanently in the TRF 2100? Can some one help me out Please? Kevin.




Only just beginning....
Can't fin External Hardrive, with power conenction 1 terrabite
• • •

Can anyone tell me how to install/access the External Hardrive to the Topfield TRF-2100 Personal Video REcorder? I have tried several different things...I have reformatted my Ext Hardrive to NTFS...and still Ic an't seem to access the content via SEt up.

Also have update the firmware and this didn't work eaither.
1. Download a new firmware from the Topfield
2. Copy the firmware file to your memory
3. Insert the USB memory stick into the USB
port on the digital receiver.
4. Select the Installation > Firmware Upgrade > USB
Firmware Upgrade menu, and the files in the USB memory
will be listed.

Appreciate simple guidelines how to access my USB stick or External hardrive via Video REcorder.

With thanks, Astrid

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