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The Nespresso U is the baby of the Nespresso capsule-based coffee machine range

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  • Modular, space saving design
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • All plastic design
  • Automatic pod ejection won't suit all users

Bottom Line

Alhough a capsule based coffee concept like Nespresso won't suit everyones tastes or budget, there is no denying it's a quick and easy solution. If you're in the market for a Nespresso machine, the Nespresso U should be at the top of your list. It's a very competitively priced machine with a unique, space saving design that's effortless to use. Well worth a look.

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While we normally focus on pure tech products here at GoodGearGuide, we couldn't resist the opportunity to review Nespresso's latest capsule-based coffee machine, the Nespresso U. Loosely falling under the gadget category, the Nestle owned Nespresso brand takes the concept of a quick and easy cup of coffee to a new level with the Nespresso U. It's a competitively priced coffee machine that will suit anyone with limited kitchen bench space.

Branded by DeLonghi, the Nespresso U is the baby of the parent company Nestle's range of pod-based coffee machines. Curiously, the U undercuts the company's previous low-end model, the Nespresso Pixie, but does not replace this model. Retailing for $299 in Australia from August, the Nespresso U aims to provide a cheaper and more flexible option for those who desire a quick and easy coffee solution.

Modular and magnetic design

The key feature of the Nespresso U is the fact it has been designed to fit into the tightest of spaces.

In a bid to cut down on costs, the Nespresso U is manufactured largely from plastic. Nespresso says that 30 per cent of the U's plastic is made from recyclable materials. The U doesn't feel cheap and nasty but it does come across as a little hollow, particularly if you tap on the sides. We feel it lacks the slightly more robust feel of the more expensive Pixie model, which uses a combination of metal and plastic materials. The U comes in cream, black, grey and orange colours, with no difference in price between them.

The Nespresso U's water tank can be positioned at the back of the machine, or swivelled to the right or left sides in order to fit into cramped spaces.

The key feature of the Nespresso U is the fact it has been designed to fit into the tightest of spaces. The crowning feature is what the company calls a "modular design", where the 0.8 litre capacity water tank at the back sits on a swivelling base. The tank can be positioned at the back of the machine, or swivelled to the right or left sides in order to fit into cramped spaces. It's a smart concept and one we appreciate, though you'll need to re-adjust the power cord if you want to move the tank from side to side.

The Nespresso U also introduces a magnetic cup holder. Where the Pixie's cup holder lifts up to fit larger mugs under the spout, the U's cup holder is simply removed when you need to use a larger cup or mug. When removed, the cup holder can be stored on either side of the machine thanks to two side mounted magnets.

The Nespresso U's cup holder can be removed when you need to use a larger cup or mug and can be stored on either side of the machine when not in use.

Making a coffee

Using the Nespresso U is a simple and effortless process.

Using the Nespresso U is a simple and effortless process, so much so that there isn't even a power button on the unit. To make a cup of coffee, simply touch one of the capacitive coffee size buttons, ristretto (25ml), espresso (40ml) or lungo (110ml) which will turn on the unit. (Alternatively you can slide open the capsule slot to turn on the machine). Once the green LED light on the appropriate button stops flashing, place a cup or mug under the spout, slide open the capsule slot, drop in a Nespresso pod and close the capsule slot to immediately start extracting the coffee.

Dropping in a Nespresso pod and closing the capsule slot immediately starts extracting the coffee.

If you've used a Nespresso machine before, this process is a little different from previous machines, where you would drop in a pod first, then select the coffee you want. In altering this order, Nespresso appears to have conjured up the simplest way to start the coffee extraction process. Do keep this in mind if you're upgrading from an older Nespresso machine — opening and closing the capsule slot immediately begins the extraction process and can catch you off guard initially. A nice touch is the fact that the Nespresso U automatically defaults to the most used cup size when powered on, based on your last 11 coffees.

Another new feature of the Nespresso U is the automatic ejection of used pods into the capsule tray once the coffee has been extracted. Though this is convenient, especially given this author's habit of leaving used capsules in the machine, it will annoy users who may like to extract more coffee out of the pod for a weaker drink. If you're one of these users you can add more coffee by touching any of the coffee size buttons, but this needs to be done within four seconds of the original drink being extracted.

Easy to clean, bundled with Aeroccino

Cleaning the Nespresso U is relatively straightforward. The cup holder is detachable and consists of two pieces, while the capsule tray is also split into two pieces and can hold up to 12 used capsules. The bottom piece of the capsule tray holds any leftover water once a used pod has been ejected.

The Nespresso U is easy to clean and many of its parts are detachable, like the used capsule tray above.

Nespresso bundles a separate Aeroccino 3 milk frother with all Australian models of the U.

The Nespresso U only takes around 25 seconds to heat up when it's first switched on and will automatically power off after nine minutes of inactivity. This power off time can be changed to 30 minutes if you wish, by holding the Lungo and Ristretto coffee size buttons simultaneously for three seconds. The machine will also flash the cup size lights to notify you when the water tank is empty and when the used capsule tray is full.

The Nespresso U machine doesn't have a milk frother built-in, but Nespresso bundles a separate Aeroccino 3 milk frother with all Australian models. The company also includes a "Nespresso Welcome Pack" which provides a selection of 16 Nespresso capsules, while DeLonghi covers the machine with a two year warranty.

The Nespresso U is available in Australia from 1 August.

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Nespresso just does not want to let me in peace. This machine is just wonderful, and I had to get myself one, even if it would be my fifth machine. My wife LOVES the automatic capsule dispenser, since she forgets capsules a lot. I liked the beige color, it does NOT look cheap, although made in plastic. Au contraire, it looks sleek and sturdy in beige. I loved this machine!!!!



Love it, love it, love it!!!! My first Nespresso machine - the easiest coffee machine I have every bought within my price range. Great affordable machine, so easy to use and quick! Coffee within seconds! The automatic capsule dispenser doesn't bother me, if I forget to press the cup size again within the four seconds before the capusle is ejected (if I want a weaker/larger cup of coffee), I just retrieve the ejected capsule and slot it in again. A great buy!



OK machine but delivers lukewarm coffee... about 140 degrees on the 1st cup and will go up to maybe 150 after used many times. I would recommend some of the more expensive like the Pixie as it it better build.

Alison Hirst


My water holder leaks. Help! It's a new machine bought only last month. shortly after purchase I found water all over the bench top and on the floor of the kitchen. I now remove the water holder in between coffees but is this normal or should I take it back?



I get always, a short espresso when i press for the long one, can you tell me why? and the capsule gets expel strait away, not within 4 seconds, so i can not press the for a longer one.



We won one of these an I am in loooooove! It is a-mah-zing!!! Delicious coffee. Super easy to use. Stylish and compact and awesome froth too!! Highly recommend.



How come is it only £119 in the UK. And we're getting £40 of coffee pods?
I'm going to get one here and send it back to Australia it would be cheaper.
Only $200 and postage. And ill get $85 of free coffee

Jacqueline Mija


Brilliant piece of art! But not to be used with other capsules that are "Compatible" as it fully destroys this piece of time-watch... - This has been done "On purpose" .. either you buy Nespresso Capsules Or ... face mayhem!
Advise: Unless you need to play Capsule Lunar Module ... Keep your good old Essenza or Pixie workhorse and enjoy multiple capsules such as the DIY Capsul'inh & other capsules with real Organic coffee. Why - Even though Nespresso is a must Freedom of choice is more important...



Highly disappointed, makes lukewarm coffee, We went back and saw the shop manager, check temperature of coffee from shop demo models Nespresso U: 61 degrees (lukewarm), whereas the Nespresso Magimix was 72 degrees (ideal temperature), No point having a machine which produces lukewarm coffee.



People keep mentioning "coffee", but this doesn't make coffee, it makes espresso & lattes. And honestly it gets a 3 out of 5 for that task. I've only had it a day and the espresso tastes freeze dried from this thing and is too cold. Also, to make a latte you need 3 capsules, plus milk, which takes it up to the price for a TRUE latte at my local coffee place across the street. If you know what real espresso tastes like, you will not be a fan of this machine.
It will be returned tomorrow.



Just got one of thse and I love it, and I'm one of those coffee nerds that had $1,000 worth of espresso equipment cluttering my kitchen. A word on Temperature - brew temp should be about 190-200 degress F at the capsule, so by the time it hits the cup (especially if you haven't warmed up the cup or pulled a blank warm-up shot) you will find temps like 150 - 160 F in the cup. If you pull blank warm-up shots and let the machine warm for a few minutes, you will get closer to 175F in the cup. But it is near impossible to test the water temperature at the capsule.



Returning mine as it leaked continually all over kitchen bench just 4 days post purchase. Will not be replacing it with another. The coffee, when it worked wasnot great but OK, Highly dissapointed with this machine. Will not be recommending this model to anyone.



My water tank leaked as well after 6 months. Not only that but somehow the water has leaked in between the metal plate at the bottom of the water tank - causing rust which is impossible to clean! I've called up customer service and they will be sending over a replacement machine while they try to service mine. The chat with the Nespresso customer service officer was very prompt , straight forward and efficient I would say. Other than this leakage problem, I'm pretty happy with the machine. It would be perfect if it could produce a higher temperature brew.



Mine has leaked also (began leaking after the third use!) and I will be asking for a replacement. I wonder if it's a batch issue.



I love mine. Have only had it since Christmas Day but so far no issues with leaking. No complaints about the temperature of the coffee either.

I love the way it expels the pods & how easy it is to clean. I love the look of it - I don't think it looks cheap to be honest. I love how compact it is.

The frother is not bad - although I wish I could find one that could do more than enough milk for one coffee. It's a bit tedious having to clean it & re-froth for each coffee.

I just wish that Nespresso would bring out a Chai & a Hot Chocolate Pod.



Received ours yesterday and was fine at first but this morning it leaked all over the bench, and when we made another cup this afternoon it started giving off a terrible burning smell and overheated!! The top where the buttons are has actually warped from the heat. Will be sending it back for a replacement, hopefully just a dud or a dud batch. The aerocino also wouldn't froth the milk, maybe it's also a dud, or maybe it's the milk, I don't know. We use Coles HiLo.



Hi its Marco again,this time i have another problem, with the frother, it was working fine till a few days ago , and now it does not froth , like it did , the milk is running and there is no foam. ( frother is perfectly clean, and i use fresh milk ), i did all like the previous times. It came with the Nespresso U, when i bough it .Can you please tell my the reason? Thanks Marco.



I bought one U machine and I love it! This is my first nespresso but the experience shows I am a fan together with my girlfriend! :-)



I've had the Nespresso U since October and absolutely love it! I too had a problem with the water tank leaking initially, but since my boyfriend (who is a plumber) told me to fill the tank from above rather than remove it from the machine, I haven't had a problem. The tank has a one-way valve at the bottom that releases a small amount of water when you reattach it to the machine.

And Marco- I think the problem you're having is with the milk. Every so often you get a carton that just doesn't froth, which is something to do with the protein in the milk. Unless you're next carton of milk does the same thing, I wouldn't worry.

My question is about shot size. I was told at the Nespresso store yesterday that I shouldn't be using the long shot unless it's a lungo capsule, so I've changed to the medium shot for the regular capsules. It just seems that the medium shot on my machine is really small. I'm wondering if this is normal? Its much smaller than a shot of coffee from a cafe, so I too am wondering if I have to use 2 capsules to make a normal cup of coffee



awesome. Don't use anything other than ristrettos and espressos otherwise the coffee will over-extract. If you like less milk just add hot water after you clean it. I have found two ristretto pours makes a good cafe style strong latte.



My problem is with excess water accumulation in the drip tray after each use. After reporting to nespresso they sent me a loaner which had the same problem (up to 30 ml of excess water after each cycle). They agreed to replace the machine but this third one is not better. Stick with the previous models and don't touch the U.



my nespresso u leaks lots of water what can i do



Had two of these machines,first one shorted out the house and fried and the second one is going back as it is also dumping out the water lucky as I was watching and turned the power off!bloody dangerous machines.Both machines had only made a dozen cups.



Bought the U... it leaked water all over my bench! Returned machine for a refund!



Made about 7 coffees over a 4 day period & today ours had a burning smell, upon inspection found it was very hot on top & had warped & melted around the 3 Buttons on top , it had also leaked water underneath the machine.
Rang the place of purchase & they said to bring it back and they will replace it.

Leonor Mattos


To reset the water amount to factory settings, press the circles at the end (1st and 3rd) simultaneously until the one in the middle blinks. This is useful if your ristretto comes out like a lungo and an espresso comes out like a ristretto. And don't forget, after 11 drinks this machine memorises what you usually have.

If your water tank is leaking, ensure the tank is full (but not to the brim), and behind the machine. Only move it to the side of the machine after filled with water. If that doesn't help, CALL THE CLUB.

On another note, if the machine is heating up too much, the coffee is lukewarm, or it smells burnt, CALL THE CLUB. This machine is amazing and it may be you ended up with a faulty machine. The CLUB is there to support you and sort you out if things go wrong.



I got this machine as a birthday present from my wife and i think it makes an equally better coffee as my brothers $1500 fully automatic machine he has.
No problems yet with water leaks (like many others have posted) but those people are probably removing the tank from the machine each time to refill it. It's better to just fill it using a jug without removing it from its base.
The only problem i'm having with mine is it doesn't pump out enough from the spout on espresso and/or ristretto settings, a little gets lost into the capsule bin/tray during the pumping process.
Also if you find that the nespresso brand capsules are a bit pricey, you can now get after market brands at most supermarkets that fit this machine. My favourite are Piazza Doro, they have around 6 or 7 varieties to choose. I honestly think they taste better too



I love, love, love my Nespresso U but only after having it for 4 months there is something wrong with the espresso/restretto and lungo buttons. When I switch the machine on the lungo button flashes as normal then all three flash at the same time. I tried to make a coffee and the water didn't stop and was Luke warm, tell me what can I do?



I got a lovely surprise when I came home n my husband had a surprise for me. Was hesitant as had been eyeing off the pixie. Read the reviews n decided to go for it! Warmed it up with a few runs prior to use. Got a nice hot hot coffee, milk was ready n frothy but all in all good result. Only problem is holding back on one cup! I will try the other frother next time to ensure smoother consistency! The bonus is if we can't afford nespresso pods at a later day the cheaper option is there.Thanks to these reviews I will ensure warranty up to date n call care team if needed. In love with this machine!



my experience with Nespresso U, simply put, it doesn't work;



terwindows: saw your video. The machine is not getting enough water. The lights flashing from front to back indicate the reservoir is empty (see the manual). As it is obviously not empty this means either the reservoir is not seated right or something is (partially) blocking the valve. I can hear from the sound that the pump is not getting enough water.



I have sent my machine in for repairs, they sent me a new one, it is inconsistent and junky. The Nespresso Pixie does a better job. Regardless, from what I'm reading in this comment string, their devices are inconsistent and, therefore, not worthy of purchase. I need something more worthy of its price tag. For $300, these problems (leaking, electrical issues, blocked values) should NOT be occurring.



I love the coffee from this machine, but it's been nothing but trouble. We are about to have our 3rd machine collected for repairs, and this one only made one coffee before it started leaking all over the bench, not from water tank, but under the actual machine!!! I am very unimpressed!!!

Ann Johnson


I wanted to love this machine, as so many do. But I'm underwhelmed. I feel like it's not hot enough or large enough. It truly makes VERY tiny pours. I need about 3 pods to get a cup of coffee like I'm used to. It's not a coffee maker, it's an espresso machine. I programmed the lungo button to pour about a 5 oz cup but with that much water, the taste starts to diminish. I just want a big, hot, strong cup of coffee. This is just not the machine for me.

UK Resident


I have had two Krups U machines in the past month - both went wrong within a week. The first one jammed, the second one leaked (and I always filled it in situ on its base). Both machines under dispensed , neither machine permitted extra hot water to be drawn within 4 seconds of end of cycle - in short - poorly made, more bug laden than Microsoft, and does not do what it says on the box. I am left with nearly 250 coffee pods and fear there is no reliable machine I can use for them!



Sounds like good bye nespresso.
We got lucky...ordered a Saeco Vienna Plus....
After some startup problems it has been smooth wife is the foam queen!

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Price, the look, everything
• • •

I've had this machine since September 2012 and it's perfect! It doesn't look cheap, never leaks, works first time, every time and I have hot, delicious coffee in my hands within a minute of pulling a coffee mug out of the cupboard. Fantastic!




Everything else
• • •

Having problems with Nespresso U since day 1 as it simply stops the extraction with the lights blinking like crazy. Nespresso club says its probably my electric socket so I went out of my way and spent 80 US bucks to replace it by a professional with a brand new one rated at 20Amps, still this is what happens. Most of the times it works, but every now and then it hangs. Coffee is LUKEWARM! Nespresso CLUB didn't answer my first email.. looks like I had to stick my NESPRESO CLUB number on the title, since I didn't, no email for me.. they say I CAN'T REPLACE it by another model, like the PIXIE one, so I'M STUCK WITH THIS PILE Of $#@$#@!!!!! THANKS NESPRESSO CLUB!!!! NOW I FEEL LIKE A HOMELESS GUY INSTEAD OF A MOVIE STAR!!! GOOD JOB!!! PROOF>>>




Get a different brand
It breaks
• • •

Don't do it, mine broke down too. Goodbye delonghi

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