Aldi's new budget Android smartphone isn't very good value

Bauhn ASP-5000H Android phone will sell for $299 as an outright device

German supermarket chain Aldi will sell a new Android smartphone in Australia from Wednesday, 11 September, but the device doesn't appear to represent good value for money.

The Bauhn ASP-5000H Android smartphone, available though Aldi supermarkets.
The Bauhn ASP-5000H Android smartphone, available though Aldi supermarkets.

The Bauhn ASP-5000H Android phone is advertised in Aldi's latest shopping catalogue as a limited run, special buy. It will sell for $299 as an outright device.

The dual-SIM smartphone has a 5in, 720p HD touchscreen. It is powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, has 1GB of RAM, and comes with 8GB of internal memory. The device also has a microSD card slot to expand the on-board storage.

The ASP-5000H supports the 850MHz and 2100MHz 3G network bands in Australia so it's suited primarily for use on the Telstra network. However, the second SIM card slot only supports 2G networks.

The Bauhn-branded smartphone also has an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera and a VGA-front facing camera for video calls, and runs the 4.2 Jelly Bean version of Google's Android operating system. Other features include a 2050mAh removable battery, and built-in GPS.

The ASP-5000, as advertised on the Bauhn Web site.
The ASP-5000, as advertised on the Bauhn Web site.

The Bauhn ASP-5000H is likely to have been priced before Google slashed the price of its Nexus 4 Android smartphone last week.

The $100 price cut in Australia means the 8GB model of the Nexus 4 now sells for $249 (previously $349), while the 16GB model is now available for $299 (previously $399).

Both models of the Nexus 4 represent much better value than the Aldi smartphone, though the Nexus 4 is a single-SIM device and lacks a microSD card slot to expand memory.

Aldi has advertised both the Bauhn ASP-5000H smartphone as a "limited special buy" product and says stocks will vary between stores. The supermarket chain also says that the product may sell out on the first day due to "unexpected high demand."

"While stocks last - please note stocks are limited and will vary between stores. Despite our careful planning, we apologise if selected items may sell out on the first day due to unexpected high demand."

"In the event of unexpected high demand, ALDI Stores reserves the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities."

Bauhn provides a one year warranty with the new Android smartphone, while Aldi says it will refund or replace any product within 60 days, provided it obtains a proof of purchase.

The Bauhn ASP-5000H is the second Android phone Aldi has sold in Australia, following the Medion-branded E4002 device it stocked back in July.

Are you interested in low cost Android phones? Do you agree that the Aldi smartphone isn't good value? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

Good Gear Guide


Peter Fitzsimon


Do you know if it has an FM radio?



No I don't think it is good value compared to the prepaid prices. I feel it is better to go with a major brand like Samsung, HTC, lg, Sony rather than a company never heard of. Thus they should price it cheaper. My girlfriend is with the aldi sim card and she loves it.

Ross Catanzariti



Hi Peter,

I believe it does have an FM radio. Hope that helps.



No FM, but why is there still no phone with DAB radio?

Rod Hoare


We just purchased the Aldi Phone. It has an FM radio. However, we cannot receive FM where we live. I will be using internet radio and ALDI Mobile gives us 5 Gb of data per month. That should be enough!



I got one of these phones today and the FM radio works fine!



"Aldi's new budget Android smartphone isn't very good value"..

says who and why? How fair is it to compare this phone to a single sim phone instead of an other DUAL Phone with same specs??

I was looking for a DUAL SIM for quite a while and just purchased the Aldi one. Can't confirm it would be bad value. And yes it got FM radio, which works fine and also shows the name of the channel, which my other smartphone doesn't do..



Bought the Aldi 5" smartphone yesterday, i think its great so far, it has FM radio. I think its probably pretty good value



I purchased this mob this week and its great value! Dual sim is fantastic..FM radio works great! Really good mob I have a sum sung too n there's no diff! Who's say its not good value? Wat a load of wrote! I think Aldi is providing a great market for the competition.



This article needs to get the facts right - this is the second Bauhn Dual SIM phone from Aldi's this yar and the Medion was one tat came out in between. The phone is second to none in the DUAL SIM category and I have tried a few. You just cannot compare a NEXUS single sim with a Dual SIM with expandable memory. IT is quick and stylish - gone are the days for the big brands, though I would have liked to have seen this phone 20% cheaper given this is Aldi's - however, I must add - their return policy and service put the others to shame. I have tested them and they really keep stack up - they go beyond what is printed. I am on a fantastic deal for both my telstra SIMs and the 2G / 3 G compatibility is just perfect. This Article will possibly sell more phones :)



Hi is it hard to find a screen protector and case for this phone??



From what I read deep in one article, this BAUHN asp5000h is best with comment from anyone as to how bad it would be with Optus or TPG ??????????
Would someone "in the know" please advise ?



.........also, how much deficient would this ASP5000H be compared to an IPHONE4 please ?

Len Lane Cove


I bought a Bauhn 5" smartphone a few days ago & can say it is exceptionally good - I had a problem inserting the 3G sim into the 3G slot as it was not very clear which way the Sim card went & when I tried to push the mini sim card in which was in the regular full size sim card holder it would not go into the slot, so I took the mini sim card out of its holder & tried putting it in the slot sideways but no go. Eventually I realised it had to go in with the full size adapter and after several attempts it went in. Both sim cards work simultaneously, so you can recive call on either Sim without going into Menu. The BIG problem I had was connecting the phone to my PC using the USB to mini USB cable - The PC came up with "No driver found" & the manual provided has such small fonts that it is almost impossible to read what to do - I went to Youtube & suggest that anyone trying to connect to a PC view: which explains how to connect an Android phone to a PC. After following the visual instructions I connected to the PC and was able to copy over Movies, my music and talking books - suggest one uses the Play Music App for music downloads & Gallery App for Movies etc - The picture quality on playback which is 1280 x 720 pixels resolution which is the same as the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, is exceptional & a pleasure to watch. The reviewer who says it is not good value is NOT correct



I am pretty happy with this phone, however I wish I could find a phone cover for it somewhere.Looks like I'll have to go with a phone pouch until I find something compatible.



One major problem with dealing with Aldi & their electronics supplier Bauhn Australia is that both websites DO NOT furnish contact details or an email address for any queries - I tried phoning Bauhn on the "Help Desk number 1300 886 649 and after a half hour of waiting at 9.30am left a message for them to call me back, but I never heard from them! So if you have a problem don't expect good service from them - most people will simply return the item on a change of mind policy within 60 days.

Neither Aldi or Bauhn makes available an electronic manual, like what is available on the Kogan and other sites like LG, Panasonic etc websites, so one can easily read how to operate their product - It would also assist prospective buyers in deciding if the item is suitable for them - As stated in my previous comment "the manual provided has such small fonts that it is almost impossible to read". So unless you have a good magnifying glass or access to a photo copying machine that can considerably enlarge the pages, you are at sea without a lifeboat. Despite the above, I like to phone & hope that once beyond the 60 days I dont get a problem

Len Lane Cove NSW


I am using a Vodafone 2G Sim and an Amaysim (on Optus network) on 3G and the signal strength for both appear at the top of the screen - With my previous Nokia phone it could only get a poor signal in our local Coles supermarket, but the Bauhn phone showed a strong signal for both Sims

As far as radio is concerned go to the free Play Store App and download Tunein Radio and you can download and play all the Aussie stations as well as thousands of Radio Stations by location in Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, North and South America

Mr Bean


I too love my new Bauhn 5" phone. I use the Woolworths pre paid sim which comes with 5GB data & $500 worth of calls and uses the Optus network. ($250 to non optus & $250 optus phones) It works fantastically and I use the wifi hotspot for both my pc and ipad. Works a treat and with the bauhn quad core processor is very quick, including data downloads. The other great thing i love about the Woolies prepaid is that it lasts 45 days and costs only $26.10 with the Woolies discount card. I plan to purchase a Aldi $30 pay as you go sim for slot 2. It lasts 365 days and will give me the alternative of switching to the Telstra network if in an Optus blackspot, particularly when travelling through rural areas.

new client


Can you get fox tell go on this phone?



Hi ... no body seems to have answered these questions below as I also need screen protectors and stylish case for my new Bauhn phone ... help ... it is too scary for me to use before I get a protective cover and screen protection ... please advise who has been successful in getting either yet ... us girls have hand bags and far too many things in there to harm the phone as it is ... help!!! please help!!!
1. Hi is it hard to find a screen protector and case for this phone??
2. I am pretty happy with this phone, however I wish I could find a phone cover for it somewhere.Looks like I'll have to go with a phone pouch until I find something compatible.



awsome phone, like wise I got it for the 5inch screen and dual sim and video phone capabilities, the only thing that you have to be aware of is some networks dont support 2100 meg frequency for 3g in some areas but you have 2g for back up

Stephen simon


I brought one and it seems to be oky? But the value isn't that great. It is hard to find the cover and screen protector.



Covers are available on ebay for cheap..

Elaine Quirk


I bought a 5" Bauhn Android phone from Aldi yesterday and cannot find the menu button on the Contacts list screen. I need to delete some of my contacts and have almost given up on how to do this. I would really appreciate any assistance.



Elaine I am in the same boat! Does anyone know where the menu button is???

lyn speight


Hi I can not find the menu button I want to delete some contacts allso, like the phone ,I have a case for it now got it at a market a nice pink one ,would be so happy if any one could help ,thank you

kevin watson


i got the brauhn phone today and im on the amaysim $39.90 UNLIMITED with 4gb internet and have not had a problem with reception as yet although its only my first day and have not been far with it ,i will be going to melbourne on sunday so that will be a test for it,i think its good value i cant think of to many phones that are quad core for that price and the size of the screen is great, it has saved me money as i was thinking of buying a 7inch tablet but this will do the trick i think.



@ Elaine, Sal & Lyn...

If you go into your 'contacts' and then press the little icon on the bottom of the phone case that looks like a little ream of paper... this is the menu button for each page you are on.

John McCreadie


Uncle John
I have had an Aldi Bauhn phone for a few months now and although I am no exponent of mobile phones, only ever having the simplest. However I find the Bauhn very efficient and sufficient for my level of expertise, mind you; there are probably many functions I haven't found yet but I'll keep trying.

To those of you who are having problems in finding covers, ask your Granny for a soft Spectacles case, they're perfect; as long as you don't need to be too flash. By the way; I am 82 years of age. Maybe I should have called myself Grandpa John.

Kind thoughts to all of you.



It is hard to find a screen protector and case for this phone.. also confused whether will I get any service if required..Thinking to return the product



The menu is the bottom right button. You need to open the contacts then hold them button down for a few seconds then you get the menu options. This is the same for call settings and google play store



Screen protectors can be bought at any dept. Store. I got mine at big w, one of the ones you cut to size. Got 2 protectors and a microfibre cloth for screen cleaning for $6! Then went to Kmart and saw it for $5! Can't find a case yet tho



Can anyone tell me whether the Bauhn 5" smartphone has language options, ( Thai ).




Does not have a good antennae especially in rural areas. Tethering / mobile Ap not an option unless you go back to the old ways and download software,
stick out camera easy to scratch
I dropped phone as it is clumsy big and the screen smashed easily.
I got replacement no hassle, but when I found out its poor antennae and nil tethering capability I decided to give up on this phone... its just too risky. my Samsung is almost 3 years old and still works great, not even scratched, ive dropped it plenty but the silicon cover has protected it everytime
this phone is not compatable in size to any other phone cover (xperia s close but camera hole wrong)



you can app the translater for free Harry



Does anyone know how to save and/or transfer SMS messages and emails from Aldi's new budget Android smartphone to a PC for printing. I had a go with the USB connection but couldn't find my received text messages?! Thanks heeps in advance :-)



Could Droid or anyone please explain the no tethering issues ? Does that mean I cannot use the phone as a mobile internet for my PC/laptop ? This is important to me because when I go out with my laptop, I always use my internet data in my mobile to browse net using my laptop.

Bruce Baxter


I have an aldi Buahm 5" dual sim smartphone .I can not transfer photos/video from phone to computer. Is anyone else having this problem.can anyone tell me how to do this?.Also the speaker phone does not give good voice clarity at receivers end.Anyone else experience this? Looking for help .



I have try to install a compass app on the phone but it says there is no magnetic detector on the phone. Can anyone confirm that?



Can anyone tell me if the Aldi smartphone works in rural areas (I live in a rural area on the riverina in NSW)? I only buy phones with the blue tick (like Telstra offer) because I don't live in a metropolitan area. Thanks for any info everyone! :-)



How do I transfer photos from my computer to my bauhn phone?

Mike Ryan


Here is a link to transferring files over USB. You need to allow the Phone to grant access to the Windows PC. Your storage appears magically.

I purchased this for $249 and it's great value.



I bought a Medion smart phone from Aldi and I find it to very difficult to use.
The Instruction manual is extremely basic.
I have always been able to find my way around all of my previous phones, but not this one.
The very limited info in the Instruction Manual doesn't help matters either.
Very disappointed with the product.
I too have had no help getting a screen protector or case.

john r


can you watch live streaming movies from and on this quad core smartphone. Also can it stream live sports too from website



Hi there

Just found out how to transfer camera photos from phone to my old vista pc.

Pull down the notification screen.

Where it says Connected as USB storage etc. tap on this to bring up various options.

One of these is Camera (PTP), select this and your photos are visible in windows explorer for copying and transferring.

Note: mine were cut and pasted to a folder on the sd card first.

Danny Mata


Hey guys check the Bauhn website now they changed the price to $250!



Is $250 good value then ? Compare to Kogan Agora $199 ? or K Mart Audiosonic 5.3" $199 ?

Can any one of them do tethering, ie use as a internet hot spot ?



Hey Guys. The going price on Saturday 16 November 2013 is $249 as advertised in the Aldi Catalogue.
I will probably buy one. Would love to have a cover for it but maybe Bauhn will bring out a cover as a separate accessory into the Aldi stores. I also think the Aldi PAYG is the best thing ever. When I was with Vodafone for 12 years, I was paying $40/month before I made a phone call; never again!! Cheers.



hello, I am considering buying this phone. Can anyone say something about the battery life and the quality of the camera (quality of the pictures and speed)
thanks in advance



Hi I can't find the menu in the contacts either. I go to the sim toolkit icon hit sim contacts hit search contactake sure u put in the correct name. Keep hitting the name and the delete and the edit options will come up. Hope this helps



Hi I can't find the menu in the contacts either. I go to the sim toolkit icon hit sim contacts hit search contactake sure u put in the correct name. Keep hitting the name and the delete and the edit options will come up. Hope this helps



To delete contacts.... Open the contact you wish to delete by pressing the box on the left hand side of contact, press the little android man on the right of the contact name, you have 3 buttons down the bottom of your phone hold down the right one and options will pop up.
Hope that helps :)
Does anyone know how to take a screen shot??



MENU BUTTON is the same one as the Multi screen button (the one to the far right bottow of the phone) JUST PRESS & HOld till the MENU options appear ... - thanks Berll who has saved me a lot of heartache on the subject, the phone is excetionally ood value at $249,
SCREEN PROTECTOR - Extreme ANTI UV GLOSS available at KMART is aprox. $5... for 2 .... What an awesome deal ...well done Aldi's



Surely it tethers - as AP or Hotspot. Deal-breaker for me if not.

Can someone confirm.

Also is this Bauhn really something else, is it a clone of something else or a true brand of its own? If it's a clone there will be support on online forums and advice on rooting etc.



I bought one when they first came out in Melbourne I was on holiday
I am from New Zealand I bought back to New Zealand and put
My telecom card in and it works well here only moan I have
Is you can't buy a cover



I purchased the $140 ALDI smartphone and it lasted just two weeks with the most gentle care . Just would not start. It wanted to start but could not get going. Received a full refund.



The manual is ridiculous. Can anyone help me. I can connect via wifi to my home Internet but when I a out I cannot connect to the Internet.



The manual is ridiculous. Can anyone help me. I can connect via wifi to my home Internet but when I a out I cannot connect to the Internet.



Paddy phone tethers as hot spot. I use if constantly to connect to laptop.
I have same complaint as others manual is a joke and stupid week they released these phones they were selling big range of iphone & ipad covers and none for their own brands. Last Median phones were awful. I returned 2 each lasted less than 2 weeks. Power supply connector issues. Same with the Median tablets they had. Same connector fitting, same problem. It also went back and 2nd one going back today.



I have inserted my sim which worked perfectly in my old prepaid samsung, three times but phone is not reading it. DO I have to have a dual sim to make it work.? Appreciate any help



With my data connection on, I still can not download apps from the playstore, can someone help me.



Fixed the sim problem but google not letting me in to apps etc and gmail. Wait till I get my magnifying glass. Instruction says, settings , add account, google, existing. Then tap sign in, enter user name and password. Ok. All accounts will synchronise with phone. Problem is screen comes up with Add a google account, existing or new. Doesn't matter which you tap, next screen shows wifi network connected and a back tab and a greyed next tab but no sign in screen. I can't access my gmail or download any apps.
Help anyone?



Mark gave me the clue. I turned my data on and it all worked. I only had wi fi on prior to this.



I have a issue updating YouTube.Was anyone successful doing this?



I bought this Aldi phone ($249) about 2 weeks ago. And at first thought it was pretty good. However, after about a week of owning it, the camera stopped working on it. I could choose the camera icon but it would not take any photos - a blank screen came up (as if the lens was covered, but it wasn't of course) and a msg would come up saying gallery not working and I could choose a "Wait" button or a "Ok" button. This lasted for about 4 days, then it just started working again out of the blue, and I could take pictures again and browse through the gallery of photos. Bizarre. I am tempted to take it back, because it certainly doesn't feel like its reliable now. HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS ISSUE?



Oh yes, and I forgot to add, when I was initially looking at purchasing this phone, I visited the Bauhn website to check the phone out. I had some questions, the website encourages people to email them with questions rather than phone, saying that you will get a quicker response. I emailed Bauhn the questions. To this day, I still have not had any response, so again, makes me think the service would be terrible if I kept the phone and continued to have problems. It's a shame.

Jack K


The Aldi phone is good but it wont let me turn Bluetooth on. It worked fine when I first got it. Does anyone else have this problem?



I bought the Aldi 5" phone so far is working.... not much volume on phone calls, speaker has low volume as compared to other phones sometimes the camera does not working properly.... have to restart the phone to get it working. other than that the large screen is good for internet...



I'm about to insist on a refund of this phone, though the 60 days are over, that doesn't affect our rights under Australian Consumer Law. Initially, I was thrilled with the phone, but week by week, it has developed more and more problems. It will no longer connect with any Bluetooth device. The GPS function doesn't work. It can't find my home wifi network when I return home, the whole settings menu just won't load. And now it just turns itself off and will not restart until the battery is removed, reinserted and turned back on. It is progressively loosing more and more functions. I'm off to the store I purchased it for a full refund before I find myself stranded with a useless piece of plastic. Customer care expect me to return it for a 2-4 week assessment with no replacement phone. Just not realistic or acceptable service on the eve if 2014. I'm off to buy a sony xperia z next.



you can find a cover for it on ebay,, we got ours for $10, just search for a 5" phone cover its a generic one that you stick the phone and you can put some cards in the other side, it awesome



I've owned most of the major brands in recent years and have become somewhat jaded with the whole "new phone upgrade" process. So when i spied the excellent specs of the 5" Aldi phone i was willing to give them a go. ($249, oughtright) All i can say is it has performed flawlessly and fast with it. Apple can go bite itself and the others are over charging us. 10 out of 10 from this Very cynical gadget geek.

Barbara low


Can I use my Optus prepaid SIM card in the aldi smartphone



This phone has now gone down to $150 ( $149 to be exact)
I cant find any cases.... Help!



available @ Aldi 11/1/2014 $149-compare apples with apples !



Hi what sm card do u need to use or is it unlocked to.
Any network thanks



Does any one know how to tether (USB) with the 4.3" dual sim bauhn phone. I want to use it as a modem for my PC. I see it has an option for this but it can't be selected, I've looked on the bauhn web site but can't find any software to install on my computer. Any info would be appreciated thanks.



Does anyone know how to turn off apps?



HELP: I need to copy or export my contacts from Sim card to my bauhn phone as getting a new Sim, can anyone guide me through it please



Yes Ifet it is unlocked ...can use any Sim card



Has anyone been able to find a cover for this mobile? The Samsung Galaxy 3 cover comes close but it is too small :(



Samsung Galaxy 2*



Hi Sarah, does the Samsung Galaxy 2 case fit? Or is that the one that is too small?



Save your screen after sale service...worst phone I ever had..I took it back to also and told them to shove it..its junk. Even the instruction book was in smallest print I've ever seen...shame aldi shame



Help! I turned the power off to my phone and now it will not switch back on. Any advice anyone ?



Hello all :)

I love the phone it has great coverage in rual areas (for telstra) however i don't know how to screenshot on it, i cannot find it in the manual and no one seems to know how to do it! any ideas?



Thanks for the advice on editing and deleting contacts Tracy. Though I am still having problems with this phone! i have travelled over to Europe and now that I have been able to edit my contacts to add the +61 code it still wont let me text my friends at home. Lucky I have access to facebook messanger. I don't think this phone holds its charge very well either as I am generally not using it much, perhaps I have apps running unnecessarily? I'm no tech wizz



Hi I Have A New Bauhn ASP-4300w does anyone know how to turn private number off no one will answer my calls since it's on private many thanks



Have had one of these for quite a while now and it works perfectly.
To the guy who reckons he dropped it because the phone is clumsy and that it doesn't support tethering, you are wrong. You dropped it because YOU are clumsy and the phone DOES support tethering, I use it for that daily.
Don't blame the phone for you being an incompetent user!
The days of paying big bucks for some silly brand name printed on the front of electronics are long gone.
Wise up people. Get yourself a good deal on a good phone like this and if you seriously want a brand name on it then get a pen and write it on the front yourself as it has no effect on a phones performance whatsoever. Stop being dumb sheep to stupid brand names and clever marketing people.



By the way they are now $249!!!!!!!!!!



Can anyone please advise how to restore the front facing camera on the 4" aldi phone, it has just disappeared, I have restored default settings and turned phone off to reset, but still does not appear.



will the aldi smart phone support Vodafone ?



$249.00 price: ALDI 5" Dual SIM Smartphone ASP-5000H on sale Sat 22 Feb:

A couple days ago, I smashed the glass screen on an earlier smaller dual-sim Bauhn (ASP 4500-Z, with 2GB internal memory) that had proved to be a nice little performer, so this weekend's offer looks like a timely opportunity... I 'm not too up on the technicals, but I expect that the specs will have improved on what I have been using: the screen's a bit bigger, and the price is up by $50 (or compared with the earlier release of what seems like the same model down by $50).

I need to find a screen protector/case for this thing though: any more tips on this?




Just looking at specs, and the new 5-inch model doesn't mention any Bluetooth capacity.

Can Aldi really have forgotten to mention this, or has someone decided that Bluetooth is something that users are prepared to sacrifice for a bit of a price advantage?

This sucks.


This has hidden limitations.
You can't use regular size sim card for second sim, it has to be micro.
Even worse, if you use second sim(which is micro) you can't use 3G network!



Bought one of these on Saturday and its been fantastic couple of small probs like syncing FB with contacts still haven't worked that one out but other than that I'm very happy with it.early days though will get back to you and let you know



Phone seems to work fine but it takes a lot of forum research to piece together the missing user information ( which indeed you cant read anyway due to small print and there is not a lot od info in the user manual either). I bought 2 of them but had to return one with a flaw in the screen, this is never a problem with Aldi; no questions asked.

Q1: I'm a fan of the 4*3 keypad setting that i enjoyed wit my otherwise useless samsung Duos. I can't find this setting on this phone.
Q2: Nor do i see how to do a 'hard retun' to a new line when texting

Any suggestions?

2nd day into use We still like it a lot and feel reassured by most of the other postings.



I really like this phone, though the speaker isn't loud enough. Young tech wiz set it up for me, now I need to open the back and can't! It has a corner groove, but can't find anything to fit in it without causing damage. Any help appreciated.



This phone is one of the best in existence. It may help people to know that it is most likely a re- badged Alcatel... probably the OT-8008, or OT-6040. or similar. I've had 2 previous Alcatels, and they've both been top phones. I've pined for this one for some time, having missed the previous two releases of it by Aldi.

The way things are laid out.. the placement and design of keys & widgets & things... are pure Alcatel; who incidently are a French Company.. and Aldi (German) is just over the border with Euro co-operation in full swing.

I agree that the manual is crap. It tells you want you can surmise, but doesn't' tell you the important things you HAVE to know.. eg: how to attach pics to contacts.. and so on. The radio works fine... as does everything else. My son (a PhD scientist) has the top of the line Samsung.. after having every iPhone released until he bought the Samsung.. and his comment regarding this Bauhn (Alcatel) is that it's every bit as good and clever. AND .. it's about $400 cheaper than the Samsung. Obviously it's head and shoulders better than the iPhones.. (Android phones are presently outselling iPhones by about 3: 1.)

Bauhn is a rotten company to try to have any contact with. They've just ignored three emails Iv'e sent them.. and you can't phone them... they just have no value for their customers. At least Aldi does all they can to look after their customers with better than normal support.



Just bought the 5' Bauhn. Manual is rubbish & emailing questions also impossible. I eventually phoned in desperation to ask a simple question.
Does the inbuilt GPS require an internet connection? After nearly an hour I got onto a very helpful guy who said - 'yes an internet connection is needed'. After reading comments on other phone forums re in-bulit GPS I wonder if this is true. I was going to use my phone in Europe with a French pre-paid sim & an international sim. But I see that the 2nd sim only takes a mini size sim so no good to me. Wouldnt the GPS be handy walking around the streets of Europe trying to find that old church etc?



I cannot open mms messages it gives a download button but says failed. or unsupported file. This wasn't always the case and I haven't touched the settings??



I purchased two of these and absolutely happy with both. They work with OPTUS network and will also run the Telstra network with two sims fitted.. For sound I added a FREE utility from google store which boosts the volume. Also added a couple of extra apps for security and moving apps from internal memory to 32 G'Byte SD Card..Over 50 apps now installed including Office, PDF readers, Scanners and camera LED to torch mode. For the price they run rings around the higher priced name brands doing exactly the same task. The only big problem I have is I cannot load the contacts I had on the sim in my old Nokia so have to key them all in again. It does import all contacts and info you may have on your Gmail Account so with that I had GMAIL import all my contacts from my email account on the PC and Voila, all contacts now in the phone sim. Both phones work perfectly on my home WiFi modem but as yet I have not been able to get data mode functioning when away from home. Does anyone know how to make them work on Data mode?



I'm very happy with the phone but still can't work out how to do a screenshot. I have done it twice accidently, but can't repeat it!



Hey Sonja - Go to this link and it will solve your problem for taking a screenshot
Have fun



Bought the bauhn smartphone from aldi in January 2014. I am very happy with the phone, thanks to my sister buying one first and showing me the ropes! I managed to find a case at my local $2 shop. It is a generic phone case and fits very well, with holes in the back of the case for the camera and sound, a perfect match. So for the case, try your local discount store.



Does anyone with Android knowledge know anything about the 'SMSREG' system app on the Bauhn smartphones/tablets? Tempo Australia have told me over the phone only that it is installed by the manufacturer, it is required to send SMSs over various networks and is not malware(but continually refuse to say so in an email) yet everything I have read on the net say it is a virus/malware. I have a phone and tablet that I don't even trust enough to return and get my money back, if it is malware that has been installed by the manufacturer then what else has been installed, what private/personal info is left on it if I did return it? I'd love to be proven wrong so I can get these devices out of the drawer and use them again, until then they are a waste of almost $500, NOT happy Aldi!



I've had the Bauhn for about six months and it has performed fairly well in that time. I like the features and performance. The price has recently dropped to $249 I think. However my comparison for value would be between the Bauhn and an alternate dual sim phone by Kogan. It is a similar price point but is made in typical Kogan style with components from the National brands.

Karen Barnes


Do the Bauhn products contain Benzene?



can use a Samsung case with a little bit of modification that's what I did found the battery to be very poor wont last 24hrs without charging only thing that makes it not that good

An Ch El


Hi Bauhn customer/s owner/s ,
This device is full of surprises.
1/ Can anyone say how to turn "on" the "non-display" caller ID for it to appear as "UNKNOWN" or "PRIVATE" to the recipient/s ?
2/ Unable to edit what i had already typed and saved or if I did not save
3/ Battery life, is there a mobile / portable rechargeable device



my husband bought one of these back in February 2014 for $249 ... we don't know all the ins n outs of the latest technology but as far as downloading app n music it has been great so far .. only a couple of niggles: not as robust as some of the others out there (but still ok for it's price point) , USB power cord is too short to continue using when charging (but I know the samsung galaxy s4 charger works), our main gripe is lack of cases to protect phone BUT today we may have found a solution (a galaxy s5 jelly case will fit although a little snug) most holes are in correct spot .. volume hole isn't big enough but still works pushing thru case

we'll just have to see how it goes .. it's better than nothing (which is where we were at this morning) I have contacted aldi to see if they anticipate having accessories available for their product so let's see if I hear from them



Aldi are well known for selling items with viruses on them (external hard disks, GPS systems, Android atablets and phones). The fact that they will ONLY tell me over the phone that they know about but REFUSE to put it in writing/email says to me that it is indeed a virus/malware(as all reports I have read on the net confirm) and they are not going to do anything about it. I do not trust the company or the devices. As long as you are aware of this software being on the phone and are still happy to be entering your user names/passwords, doing your banking, etc then by all means continue using the phone. I was enjoying using this phone until I found the software that runs it is VERY suspicious.

Mark B


From personal experience (ASP-5000H), if the phone allows bluetooth to switch on then soon after automatically disables, it could be an an app doing it. Look at those bluetooth related apps you don't think would be causing it. Uninstall them and start afresh.
The aldi phone seems ok to me.



I purchased Aldi smartphone today. Seems great so far. I had a samsung s2 and did not want to spend $800 plus to update. Very similiar to samsung. Got a universal case at cheap shop, perfect. See how it performs.early days yet i suppose.cant work out receving MMS as yet though.Can send them.



I just brought this phone 2 days far its fantastic...i havent tried the radio, only cause i dont want to.
Use it with UC Android browser it rocks !
It can play movies directly off a USB drive.. You'll just have to buy the cable usb to micro usb cable.
Which also means you can store all your photos directly to the USB drive. If it screws up in 60 days ill be disappointed but at least they give you time to check it out thoroughly.
People having problems may have inadvertently downloaded a virus ... So far 5 out of 5 stars.



Can someone please tell me how to turn of background app refresh on my Baun 4.3" $149 phone. My son keeps getting all these 5c data charges at regular intervals. Apparently this is from automatic apps refreshing. It is using up more credit than his calls. Thanks



I purchased 2 Bauhn smartphones 2 weeks ago. (1 for a friend) Unfortunately I will have to return mine as the reception is shocking! All the calls that I have made all break up. The GPS works but I need a mobile that I can hear & speak to people.

Such a shame. I will use my old Nokia, which is a bit small, but works brilliantly!



I bought the BAUHN Sphere 5 and it works great, no complaints so far. The review looks pre empted with no tests etc done.



I posted comment number 114 , its been around 3 weeks now that I have owned this phone.
Its bloody fantastic still !
Volume is a bit low though.
But plug it into the car stereo you can have a hands free conversation easy.
Also I use it with my car stereo so I can hear the GPS better.
I use the GPS on this phone everyday for my work.
If you like 80's Arcade games Download Mame4Droid...And the Roms from Romnation or Coolroms.
This phone plays those games really well.
Summing up this phone is just as good if not better than the expensive brands.
Make sure you use UC browser. So fast!



Hi. I like the new Aldi phone. However one problem. The quick responses somehow has turned onand I cannot answer calls. I cannot seem to find where to turn them off or on if needed. Any help please. Cheers.



Worked out whats happening - Doh!



Hi is anyone experiencing an almost in audible ring tone ? Can anyone advise on how to increase the volume, I am on max.


Nicole, Canberra


Hi Henry I am having the same problem, cannot find option to choose own ringtone, miss most incoming calls, for cannot hear the tone, am on max volume. Battery dies when on about 72% this does not make sense. Early days yet with everything else, annoyed that cannot get more user information on the net as book provided is very scant. Thanks for info on where screen protectors and cases are avail for I have been searching everywhere, (I thought). Will soon be trying for capabilities as an e.reader, will then post again



I cannot connect it to my computer :( (PC) have searched heaps on internet. Only way to retrieve photos is uploading to facebook :(( have had to delete heaps becuase of this. Any suggestions? Thanks. Hana



Folks, check your phone bills NOT the phone itself.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING on the whirlpool site.

john Hayes


I am on my second Bauhn phone and it is excellent.Dual SIM cards work well allowing you to divert to a stronger signal when necessary .
No longer will I be tethered to Apple phones.



My apologies if anyone has answered this already - how do you place a profile pic on your contacts on this phone?

Toni8 Huxley


Just bought my Aldi mobile and am very happy with this product. Just need to know how I can retrieve voicemail.

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