Kogan Mobile shut down: what you need to know

Kogan Mobile is shutting down, here's what you need to know.

It's official. Kogan Mobile is shutting down.

Kogan Mobile is shutting down.
Kogan Mobile is shutting down.

After launching some of the cheapest pre-paid mobile plans in Australia back in December 2012, Kogan Mobile will officially close its doors in 30 days.

The closure comes on the back of supplier ispONE entering voluntary administration today, effectively cancelling its contract with Kogan Mobile to provide 3G mobile services.

What happens to my service now?

Telstra wholesale has published a statement on its Web site detailing the process to "progressively deactivate" Kogan Mobile customers over the next 30 days.

What you need to know is that the telco will progressively move all active Kogan Mobile services to a limited seven day plan that includes 20 voice call minutes and 20 SMS messages, but no data, MMS messages or international calls.

Voice call durations will be rounded up to the next whole minute and the 20 voice call minutes allowance includes calls forwarded to voicemail.

The seven day plan effectively gives Kogan Mobile customers seven days to port their number to a new network and will be provided at Telstra's cost.

Telstra Wholesale will soon send an SMS to users of Kogan Mobile services, which will read as follows:

"An important message from Telstra Wholesale about your mobile service. Kogan Mobile services are no longer supported. You can't recharge but your number remains active for voice calls & SMS. Find out at http://goo.gl/9qYEEO about how you can keep your number & transfer your mobile service to another provider. Contact Kogan Mobile for support."

Can I still recharge my Kogan Mobile service now?

No. From today, Kogan Mobile customers will not be able to recharge their service. Regardless of your plan’s expiry date, existing voice, SMS and data balances will be available for up to a maximum of 30 days from Monday, 19 August.

If your current Kogan Mobile plan adds a data allowance each month, this allowance will no longer be added from today.

When will I be moved onto the 7 day plan?

There is no way to find out, but it will be any time during the next 30 days. Telstra wholesale says it will prioritise Kogan Mobile customers with no or low credit balances or time left on their plan.

Can I access my voicemails on the 7 day plan?

Voicemails can be played until their expiry, and voicemail retrieval will not use up the 20 voice call minutes during the 7 day plan.

However, do keep in mind that any current voicemails won't be able to be retrieved after you port your phone number to another mobile service provider.

My recharge expires in the next few days, what will happen then?

Unfortunately, you are likely to lose mobile access if your plan expires before you are placed onto the 7 day plan. If this happens, you'll need to port your number to another mobile provider as soon as possible.

What happens after the 7 day plan?

If you don't port your number to a new service provider before the 7 day plan expires, mobile service will no longer be available. You'll still be able to receive calls and make emergency calls but you won't be able to make any calls or send any messages.

After six months, the service will be cancelled and your mobile number will be placed in quarantine.

How long will it take to port my number?

Porting depends on the industry's capacity but in most cases should take less than an hour. However, given that there will be a large number of Kogan Mobile customers porting their number over the next month, it is likely to take longer than usual.

Telstra wholesale says that "if large numbers of people try to port out at once there may be some delays." The telco promises it has briefed the industry group that ensures the efficient operation of Mobile Number Porting to prepare for increased volumes of transfers, but you should still expect delays. It could take up to a day to port your number, or even longer.

Why is Aldi Mobile still running as usual?

Telstra wholesale has announced that it has entered into an "interim agreement" direct with Medion Australia, who sells mobile service through the Aldi Mobile brand.

Because of this direct supply agreement, Telstra is able to continue to supply Medion to support Aldi Mobile customers. A statement on Aldi Mobile by Telstra wholesale can be read below.

"Telstra Wholesale has entered into an interim agreement with Medion Australia for the supply of wholesale prepaid mobile services. Medion is the supplier to ALDIMobile."

"Because Medion and Telstra Wholesale have been able to negotiate a direct supply agreement there will be no changes to the services for ALDIMobile."

Unfortunately for Kogan Mobile customers, that direct deal with Aldi Mobile wasn't extended to Kogan, so the network will be shutting down.

Are you a Kogan Mobile customer affected by the closure? Which provider will you port your number to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

Good Gear Guide




Left Telstra 'cos they're pr*cks. Nothing's changed.



Who will we be going to? NOT TELSTRA!!!!! Knew a decent and fair deal (for the consumer) for mobile phone service was too good to be true. Thanks a million Telstra - will now be shopping around for an alternative for my landline and internet services as well :(



I am hoping I can jump ship to Aldi mobile,



I've been with Kogan Mobile for just over 3 months now and after receiving the notice today, I'm really disappointed that the mobile service is going to be shut down. I was paying $40 per month for UNLIMITED talk & text and on top of that I also received 6GB mobile data which was great; I never went over the 6GB. I think i'll definitely check out what ALDI Mobile has to offer, as they seem to be the next best "value for money" mobile provider. I really liked Kogan Mobile and it's definitely a blow to consumers who were making the most of the cheap plans Kogan Mobile had to offer.



F*ck TELSTRA and DUOPOLIES in Australia. UNCOMPETITIVE blocked market by the baby boomers.



Also a happy customer with Kogan, left Telstra as they are the greediest corporate telco I have had the misfortune to deal with! So, who is the next best provider who would give such a great call/data deal? Help!



My facts:
Telstra network provision is superior to Optus where I live (north ryde)
tried both Kogan and Aldi..in my opinion Aldi marketing and service provision is cleanier and easier to digest.
aldi charge rate is much better than kogan; their unlimited add on was always better value even though 5 g v 6 g data per month....read your contracts and do the math.

I already let kogan slide as I didn't feel the company was trustworthy.
Telstra may well be overpriced directly...at least they allow an alternative.



Was very happy with Kogan. Telstra playing the telco monopoly and destroying the small guy who pass on much better prices. Will not be dealing with Telstra in the future and will be telling my friends not to either. Hopefully another company can provide good service at an affordable price, and continue what kogan has started.



I'm with kogan what a great company. They kept us up to date with what's happening but of course it's Telstra's fault. One thing I know is I am NOT IN HELL am I go to that company called Telstra.



Will this affect the purchase of the products that Kogan sell ie:- mobile phones, note pads etc.
as I was thinking of buying a phone from them?



..what a shame... kogan mobile was tops...no other carrier came close...all thats left is second best....

John Day


What the Hell does interim agreement mean?? If I move to Aldi, will Telstra shut it down to???or price it out of existance?? WHAT TO DO???



Telstra can go to hell in a handcart.They have lost us forever



I was with Amaysim (optus network) then switched to kogan and found coverage far better. Seems funny telstra could not come to similar arrangement with kogan as with aldi??



If Kogan was making money from what they charged for mobile phones why cant the others do better?
Telstra won't get me back.



Wot happens to the three months of credit that I just bought??????
It expires on 3/11/2013!!! Do I get a refund??? F*&k U TELSTRA! Ya bunch of money hungry pr*^ks!!!

Ian Richardson


Sad to see Kogan go and thanks for great serice. No way I will go to Telstra!!



Kogan was good while it lasted, just hope I get the remaining 8 months credit refunded when they finally go down the drain. No, I don't blame Telstra, as the network owner, but ispOne as the wholesaler. As far as the other Telco's are concerned, Telstra may be a greedy giant with little customer focus but at least their network actually WORKS out in the sticks where I live! I can't believe how agro some people are in their comments and carry on blaming Telstra like naughty little boys without getting the facts. Don't get me wrong, if I had a choice of another network provider with the same coverage, Telstra would lose ALL my business.



Suggest - only suggest that Telstra are only going to keep Aldi going until they have ported all kogan customers. then there will be an announcement - Aldi services to go within 30 days. So you may as well jump ship now.
Biggest problem - where shall you take your business? Your smartphone will not work on the Optus network. It will probably work on the Vodafone network.but you will get much better coverage on the Telstra network

Brian Walker


Kogan has been awesome and they have said all credit will be refunded on a pro rata basis. I want to know what the interim deal between Aldi and Telstra is. I rang Telstra and the phone operator had no idea what Aldi is or was I asked to be transferred to Telstra wholesale to discuss and operator basically said I had no number with them and all info was not alowed to be discussed. I tried to contact Aldi but I don't think I was the only one who made a call tonight about it and I was fed up with being on hold.



As a current and happy customer of Telstra, ALDI and Kogan simultaneously all I can say is each offered something that I valued. International Roaming and premium services (TELSTRA), Unlimited Day to Day Voice, SMS and Data that I seldom make much of a dent in but valued not having to think about (KOGAN) and (1) maintaining service on a seldom used number & (2) data only add on for my 3G USB modem (ALDI). The fact that they all had access to TELSTRA's far superior coverage throughout Regional Australia combined with a Dual SIM Smartphone (privately imported) was a winning combination for me.

It looks like ISPOne underpriced their deal with KOGAN given the data hogs that KOGAN seemed to attract . These are the dudes who did for ISPOne/KOGAN and who ultimately brought about KOGAN's demise (yes you know who you are). KOGAN's original policy of reserving the right to cut off the heaviest 1% of data users (abusers) was quite clever. Pity they didn't make a virtue of a necessity and enforce it. Too busy playing Jack the Giant Killer to the great unwashed?? Just sayin.

I have a KOGAN 365 plan with over 9 months to go so I'll wait to see what happens. If and when I get booted pff KOGAN by TELSTRA ( @ SMS #2) I'll port to a spare ALDI chip that I have and life will go on.

What TELSTRA's critics seem to forget is that what TELSTRA offers, makes their money out of and ultimately pays for the investment in the network and supporting infrastructure is telecoms services to people who prefer someone else (ie TELSTRA) just to take care of everything for them. Those who are prepared to inform themselves and look into it a bit further are the true winners from any competition that gets injected into the market from time to time.

I don't understand why those in the best position to take advantage of this spend all their time slagging TELSTRA who is doing a fine job of getting the lazy consumers to pay for a far superior network that we can all enjoy via KOGAN, ALDI and hopefully others who offer 'no frills" access that they get from none other than the dreaded TELSTRA (admittedly in response to a bit of competition from OPTUS and VODAPHONE/3 in the cities).

Pity because KOGAN was setting the pace on true value for money. Lets hope they manage to work something out with TELSTRA (including a means to rein in the data abusers).



Telstra you gluttonous scum, you will never see my business again.. Boycott the pompous a@&holes, people!



I am a Kogan customer, disappointed with what has happened. To those who suggest that people went to kogan because of being a Data hog, WRONG. I went to Kogan because it was a non-complicated plan. Unlimited Call and TXT and 6 gb data which l was no where near every month. I didn't want a $39.00 plan with $700.00 of call with small print that becomes a minefield when l only want to be able to make calls and txt and use the same amount of data.

Testra you sucks


Some Idiots business goon are taking this decious for person interest...shame on the law who doesnt prevents customers rights !! Totally non-Australian act by Telstra goons

Smart mobile user


This is normal competition. The big players will always muscle in on a market.

ISPone is at fault here, because they haven't done their numbers properly and got into trouble.

Customers will always abuse the plans on offer. The long and short of it is. Don't offer it, if you cannot support sustaining it, if everyone abuses it.

Good news is, that there are plenty of other players in the $30-$50 unlimited market (Amaysim - Optus network, Lebara - Vodafone network, Aldi - Telstra network) and porting is easy - usually 5 minutes to 2 hours. Although with 100'000+ customers on the move this could become a problem.

BTW I find the Optus offer to Kogan customers offensive. Do they think we are fools? Coming from unlimited, no worries plan to some BS x$ "free" calls at $1.50 per minute plan.

Anyway, shop around and you will find.

Davo Garrett


I've just attempted to port from Kogan to Aldi... I ported last night at 6pm, and it still hasn't moved over. I understand that this will take some time, however with all the "port-in" restrictions has anyone sucessfully moved over to Aldi from kogan?



I worked as a mobile retailer for 6 years and noticed customers who ported to and from a network that both used the same provider was always delayed. For example Kogan to aldi, Lebara to Vodafone, amaysim to Optus etc. in order for these ports to go through they need manual assistance and can take up to a week of complaining, in some cases with no reception at all. I suggest if you would like to move from Kogan to a network that also uses Telstra reception you must transfer your number to Vodafone or Optus using a $2 sim and then once active port to the Telstra MVNO. This allows the transfer to go through automatically. Happy transferring



I would like to congratulate Kogan on giving it a go. I am a happy customer and certainly not a data hog. Signed my teenage son up in January as the only plan that gave a plan with no surprises, I new my son wasn't going to end up with a ridiculous bill as everything was covered.

$329.00 for unlimited calls and sms with 4gb of data on the Telstra network, it was good while it lasted. It was a perfect plan for teenagers, don't know where we go know I cant afford a $60 a month plan for the kids and will Aldi stay in the market or will Telstra target them next.






Im not happy at all I only changed to Kogan last week if they knew this was coming why did they accept me swapping I should have been informed this was going to happen as I then would not have changed providers this is a terrible way to do business.



Only 2 weeks after changing & paying $329 upfront for the 12 month plan! BURNT! It was too good to be true& now I'm over $300 down... bastards!

Lovell D'Souza


On principle I will not be using Telstra as I detest talking to overseas call ctrs. my land line is with another provider will check them first.
From what I read Kogan will refund money from the contract. Would someone clarify this.



I'm devastated. At last, Kogan offered REAL choice from the overly complicated, expensive, never quite right plans offered by Telstra or Optus, excellent value for money, no complicated legalese, no monthly bills - I just paid $299 for 13 months and never had to think about it. Thank you Kogan for being so brilliant and saving my sanity. If Kogan reinvents itself, then I will move to them again, without question. For now, I'll give Aldi a try.



I've been trying all day to port from kogan to Aldi and no success. all my details are correct however kogan keep refusing to port my number over (according to Aldi customer service) so what now? i did hear a rumour that you need to port back to where you moved from ie voda or optus etc... i'm not sure if this is true...



I have been trying all day too kogan to Aldi, no luck and unable to log into Kogan to check account.



Read the news before posting dumb comments . The reseller of Telstras network is "ISP one" and they have not been playing for using Telstras network so they were taken to court because they owe $30 million dollars. The directors of ISP one are Jodi Reich, the founder of One Tel, remember them? They were on the news for being shocks.
I will not miss Kogan as theare is no customer support . They are efficient in taking your money but that's all they provide.

I have been on all of the mobile networks (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Three) and Telstas network is miles ahead of the so called competition !



Just another example of big business mono/oligopolies running this country. We have to pay double for everything so greedy glutton a...holes get their 100s of millions bonuses. If you've traveled have you ever wondered why are we paying double for the same things. I will avoid at all costs using any product of telstra.



I'm with Kogan what a great company.if we all people come to gather we can teach the lesson to Telstra they guys are bull shit, we guys are customers we can choose the company we can make the company we can by-cote with telstra we can go with Optus, any other company if some body provide a good and cheap service, they jellies with other company. that means we aren't living independent Australians, we need live under this type bull shit company. they can charge any price they stop any company (like kogan). i am not happy with that because i recommend nearly 100 friends and we all pissed off from telstra.



I swithced to Aldi Monday night and on Tuesday night my Kogan stopped working at all. It says number disconnected. Aldi website says pending. WTF? 18 hours and still later no phone!!! All my details are correct.



Having massive problems porting 2 numbers from Kogan. Apparently Kogan keep providing my new carrier incorrect birthdates so the switch is being delayed.
I am also unable to log into my Kogan account to verify if my birthdate is correct because Kogan have closed access to my account!!!!!!! WTF is going on you idiots????

I know my brithdate is correct. How could it be incorrect on both numbers I am trying to port? I think their system is overwhelmed. Anyone else having difficulties porting?



Ruslin didn't learn from Crazy John's mistakes....

John disgruntled with kogan and telstra


I'm having the same problem as a lot of others. Trying to port from kogan to Aldi and being advised that it has been declined. Kogan not taking calls and not allowing login to account. Also advise that kogan are the problem with the incorrect details being provided to them. Kogans behavior makes me wonder about their promise to refund. What is going on Kogan.



Pay bananas, get monkeys



I received this from Twitter: Kogan ‏@Kogan 2h
@bionic_beer_gut Hi, we are aware of a technical glitch and are working to fix this ASAP. We appreciate your patience and will update you
View conversation



Guys, we are all in the same boat, the directors of ISP scum bags.
So Kogan now is not helping out with our porting and still unable to contact anyone for help. If this is happening we need to make a noise on every media source. This will get the attention that is needed to make things happen and accountability possible.
Kogan if you are not letting me port, find away to deal with Telstra and keep our contract going.



Trying to transfer to aldi but I can't access my Kogan account dose anyone have any answers for me



Cannot port been trying for 2 days, rejected as information is incorrect, I know my birth date my medicare number and my drivers licence number even emailed Aldi a copy to them .... no success Think I will check out BOOST Unlimited $40 a month.



Ported to Boost in about 30 mins or less yesterday after getting off the phone (around 1pm). No problems at all - looks like it is an issue with Kogan->Aldi porting



What happens to Kogan users with data only plans like myself? How am I supposed to get a text message when it's connected to my iPad Mini.

I guess I continue using it until I get no connection?

Can anyone clear this up



This is ridiculous, I feel sorry for the Aldi call centre people, same problem as everyone else, all my details are correct but number is being rejected. Suggest you contact the Telecommunications Ombudsmen 1800 062 058 - the more people raise a complaint the better...they are great although you have to keep trying to port for 2 days and then then can get involved. Can't understand why Kogan aren't showing great customer service by being contactable and helping their customers who turned to them in good faith.



Same here re details ... i am trying to port 2 numbers, one of them has been with me for 13 years ... I still haven't got the second sms from telstra but my housemate has. This is such a screw up



Can also confirm the porting problem seen by many here over to Aldi. Information is continually rejected (from kogan to aldi, even though correct), and its impossible to login to Kogan (User API error). If you read the information on Kogans page, it says DO NOT port, until you see a second SMS from Telstra in regards to having 7 days left. IM not sure if Kogan wont release the numbers until you recieve the second SMS. It doesn't "read" that way, but its very difficult to confirm at present.



I'm also having the same issue with not being able to port from Kogan to Aldi. Have just lodged a complaint through the Telecommunications Ombudsman and suggest that all those affected do the same.



I am also having trouble porting my number to Aldi, same problem as Brett (52). Kogan not taking calls, can't get onto Aldi, after hanging on for some time the phone goes dead. I had just paid 12 months with Kogan - are they trying to get extra money out of us by making us wait for 2nd text from Telstra? Having said that I am so disappointed Kogan as folded as I was extremely happy with the service.



I called ombudsman and was given an email address of koganmobile@kogan.com.au to try. They told me that they can't do anything till I try this and give them time to respond. This is crap as I haven't got my second SMS yet, can't recharge and am on my last day or 2 of contract. I can see a class action in the future with people that have lost long standing numbers.



I just pay the 12 month unlimited + 6G plan last month. My KOOgan data was terminated this morning. I contact them via koganmobile@kogan.com.au and they still recommended to wait. I am asking account details from them now.

"If Telstra has commenced to limit your services in preparation for your move to an alternative provider, it may no longer possible for you to access data on your Kogan Mobile service.

We recommend waiting until Telstra sends you the second SMS instructing you to port to a different provider before taking any action."



Guys Aldi is having issued with porting Kogan customers. I tried Aldi but it didnt work. Now I have tried porting to Optus and it worked in 15 minutes. Kogan suggested me to port to a non Telstra network and then back to Telstra or Boost.



I want to port my numbers to Aldi .. unfortunately I believe I need my account number .. I always logged into my Kogan account with my mobile number and never recorded my account number .. now Kogan has shut down the mobile site and I cant get anyone at Kogan to answer any inquiry. Looks as if I will lose the two numbers I have had for the past 10 years .. this really sucks



nothappy, you should have your acc # in the first email from Kogan when you ativated your sim. I sent email to kogan yesterday for account details. All I got is my acc #.

I took the yatango offer last night while in the middle of porting to Optus. Give it another go... maybe another pain.



I paid by credit card and I will lodge a dispute for the full amount through my bank. it may take time but I hope I get the refund that way



Hating telstra so much, looks like Telstra just gained another 100,000 new haters. Most selfish and greedy company out.
Is it possible for a new carrier to come and let kogan run on it?



The CEO of Telstra can go f u c k himself and after that stop breathing.



Pay attention to the fine print guys. The way Kogan is wording its press release, I have a feeling that we will only see our refunds if and when Telstra forces us off the Kogan network... I suspect all those people who are jumping ship before the '7 day sms' forces us, will not be entitled to a refund!!!
I have every respect for Kogan and what they have tried to do. Sadly, it looks like ispOne haven't done their homework.
As to porting problems... sounds like the best plan is to go to Boost, wait til things settle down, then look at Aldi and any others.



I was able to successfully port to Aldi this morning. Had re-submitted details 3 or 4 times and my phone stopped working on Kogan last night whilst I was out. As soon as I got home i put the Aldi sim in and "Bazinga" I was up and running. Thought it was never going to happen, but it did.



So I have now been partially booted off the Kogan/Telstra network. I can receive calls and messages but not make any calls or send any messages. Data has also been cut off....but havnt received a second message from Telstra. Telstra you guys are a bunch of wankers.



RE: My recharge expires in the next few days, what will happen then?

"Unfortunately, you are likely to lose mobile access if your plan expires before you are placed onto the 7 day plan. If this happens, you'll need to port your number to another mobile provider as soon as possible."
Obviously the above statement means very little. My kogan sim expired on 22.8.2013 & I am still waiting for my number to be ported over to the new provider I have registered my new sim card with.
I am at a total loss why Kogan/Telstra are not "forced" to release my exsting mobile number to my elected new provider. The pathetic reason that they are experiencing a high volume to port Kogan numbers over is BS. My Kogan plan finished on 22.8.2013. They are simply holding people to randsome

Helen Donnelly


I have bought a new Optus sim card, and I cant activate it because they say it's because Kogan still has my number and cant be transported to my new sim Why? what must I do?



Not going to Telstra anymore.. I'm gonna change my home & internet services as well.. Good bye Telstra for life..



I have a contract with kogan for a year! What happens now? Do I get a refund???? Annoying -_-



You guys think you have a problem ??

I have a Telstra post paid account. I decided to change this to a PREPAID account. No change to the number . It took 5 days to complete this task - at the end of the day instead of paying $ 30 at the end of each month, I was happy to pay $ 30 at the beginning of each month.

Now I could understand that if this was an extremely difficult job, I could live with this delay.

Rock on Telstra, you are heading for the worst customer service organization on planet Earth

P.S. Before you try ringing Telstra support make sure you have completed you Asian language course - It does help !!!



How do i find out my account number?? SO frustrating as have no idea where to look! It is not on my initial 'Welcome' email by Kogan unless my account number is my mobile phone number or my sim number? Anyone please help!!!



received the second sms from telstra today, intent to port out to ALDI,but was rejected due to system information not match. But cannot contact Kogan now to access my account information, anyone knows how to reach kogan mobile now? and how about the unused credit? I just renewed a 365 plan before kogan increased price after 1,Aug, but there is no clear statement regarding the refund procedure. I really feel consumers are treated unfair during this incident. Any complaints can be sent to related authorities?



Can anyone answer Katie's question above as I have the same problem. Original Kogan email only states mobile# and SIM#. Can't get into the portal anymore to check any further details. How can we port without the account#? For those who have ported, what's the trick? Thanks.



Can anyone answer Katie's question above as I have the same problem. Original Kogan email only states mobile# and SIM#. Can't get into the portal anymore to check any further details. How can we port without the account#? For those who have ported, what's the trick? Thanks.



The trick is to port to Boost or Amaysim....I gave up on Aldi, ported to Boost within 12 hours. mind you, Aldi keep sending me emails telling me my port is delayed! (I have raised a support ticket asking them to stop trying, but haven't had a response!). You don't need the account number to port to Boost.



You don't need your account number 'cause Kogan Mobile is prepaid. You need to select the prepaid account option, this then blanks out the account number field. I have successfully ported 4 numbers from Kogan toaAldi without any trouble this morning. It took about an hour.



I work FIFO Telstra put me on a 7 day plan even though id paid for 12 mths and disconnected my data was unable to get a new carrier because im in the outback with no comms Telstra r pricks.Could have left me with some comms until i returned home to get another carrier.I will never support Telstra



Renewed for 12 months with Kogan less than a week later was notified of problems with Kogan mobile suppliers .Think that even though Kogan not responsible for providers issues with Telstra they might be playing innocent regarding knowledge of shut down of their provider and shouldn't have been accepting 12 month renewals as they according to emails recieved from Kogan knew of the issues before customers renewed their contracts now the battle begins



Been with amaysim for 2 years after being bent over by vodaphone and so.e others you know of.
unlimited everything and 4 gig for 39 a month. And if I need help there's a human being in Sydney on the phone who understands and speaks perfect English. Very hapy



Telstra shit. They charge too much money for their service. Kogan was very good. But telstra fuck around with them



Whats this about?!! I JOINED WITH KOGAN 4 WEEKS AGO! i RECHARGED 6 DAYS AGO AND NOW IT WON'T LET ME CALL OR TEXT ANYMORE! Have they officially shut down?
I can't even login to the kogan app cause I have an invalid API username? WHAT IS THAT?
CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME! I'M SO CONFUSED :( Should i now switch providers again??

Veronica Morkos


I am unable to get in touch with Kogan to get back my moneu for the contract that supposes to last a year. My mobile number was 0433560391, and I had to change this number because I was not allowed to transfer it across to another carrier. Now I would like my money back please.

John Liquorish


I have been overseas so didnt try porting untill December 2013. Yatango say the number is disconnected. Telstra say it is with Kogan so they cant do anything. I cannot contact Kogan other than by email and they dont answer. Looks like ill have to just lose the number and get another. Expletives deleted!!!



And now Testra is F*&ing Aldi too :(

Have to change again

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