Aldi selling low-cost 3G Android tablet and dual-SIM Android phone

Low cost Android tablet and smartphone to be sold by supermarket chain Aldi

German supermarket chain Aldi will again sell a 3G, quad-core Android tablet for $249, and will also stock a 4in Android smartphone with dual-SIM capabilities. Both devices are set to go on sale in Australia from Saturday, 13 July.

The Medion E4002 dual-SIM Android smartphone.
The Medion E4002 dual-SIM Android smartphone.

The Aldi Android tablet is identical to the one that was advertised and sold as a limited run special back in May. The Bauhn-branded WL-101GQC tablet is the fourth Android tablet the supermarket has sold in Australia.

It has a 10.1in IPS display with a resolution of 1280x800, comes with 4GB of internal memory and has a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera.

The device is also powered by 1GB of RAM, comes with a microSD card slot that allows users to expand the memory, and includes a built-in GPS chip. It has a non-removable 6000mAh lithium polymer battery.

The Australian retail package of the Bauhn WL-101GQC, sold exclusively through Aldi stores, includes a 16GB microSD card.

The Bauhn WL-101GQC Android tablet and tablet accessory pack, as it appears in Aldi's catalogue.
The Bauhn WL-101GQC Android tablet and tablet accessory pack, as it appears in Aldi's catalogue.

In addition to selling the Bauhn 3G tablet for a second time, Aldi is also advertising a 4in, 3G Android smartphone with dual-SIM capabilities for $149.

The Medion E4002 smartphone has a 4in touchscreen with a resolution of 800x480, is powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor and 512MB of RAM, and includes 4GB of internal memory.

The phone supports the 850MHz and 2100MHz 3G network bands in Australia so it's suited primarily for use on the Telstra network.

The Medion smartphone also has a microSD card slot for memory expansion, a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera and a VGA-front facing camera for video calls. It runs the 4.1 Jelly Bean version of Google's Android operating system and comes with a 1500mAh battery.

The Medion E4002 dual-SIM Android smartphone and mobile phone accessory pack, as it appears in Aldi's catalogue.
The Medion E4002 dual-SIM Android smartphone and mobile phone accessory pack, as it appears in Aldi's catalogue.

Aldi has advertised both the Bauhn WL-101GQC tablet and the Medion E4002 smartphone as "limited special buy" products and says stocks will vary between stores. The supermarket chain also says that the products may sell out on the first day due to "unexpected high demand."

"While stocks last - please note stocks are limited and will vary between stores. Despite our careful planning, we apologise if selected items may sell out on the first day due to unexpected high demand."

"In the event of unexpected high demand, ALDI Stores reserves the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities."

Aldi refuses to reveal exact sales figures of its limited run products, but it is believed the supermarket completely exhausted Australian stocks of the original Bauhn tablet in days.

Both Bauhn and Medion provide a one year warranty with the new Android tablet and smartphone, respectively, while Aldi says it will refund or replace any product within 60 days, provided it obtains a proof of purchase.

Along with the Bauhn tablet and Medion smartphone, Aldi has also advertised accessory packs for both products in its latest catalogue.

A "10.1in tablet accessories pack" ($19.99) includes a case with flip-out stand, headphones, and an in-car charger, while the "4in mobile phone accessory pack" ($14.99) consists of a USB car charger, a leather pouch and in-ear headphones.

Hat tip: Ausdroid

Are you interested in low cost Android phones and tablets? Let us know your thoughts about the Aldi tablet and smartphone in the comments below!

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

Good Gear Guide


Norman Darvey


I am very disappointed that you do not advertise the relevant networks for the 4 inch mobile phone, or clearly indicate if the phone works on the 3G network.
Which network wavelengths 850, 2100 Telstra, Vodaphone or 900,2100 Optus.
Most practical people are looking for a phone on the light 4G network on the 1800 wavelength, since this is the future of phone technology in Australia.
All I can assume is that since you market your sim cards for the Telstra 3G network, that this phone will perfectly match your sim card.
Trust these comments are helpful.

Ross Catanzariti



Hi Norman,

Apologies about not including the network bands of the phone. I have updated the article with this information.

As per the Medion website, the phone supports the 850MHz and 2100MHz 3G bands in Australia so it's suited primarily for the Telstra network.

Hope that helps.



I have a cheap business plan with Telstra can I just buy the phone and put my SIM card in or do I have to use an Aldi plan?



Phone and table are unlocked. Stick any sim in. Bought one the first run, works fine but no iPhone or S4. I have Telstra and Amaysim (Optus) sims onboard. Very few black spots. Have mine set to ask me which network I'd like to call or text from. Aldi's network is carried on Telstra's 3g (not NextG) and at $5.00 for a sim and credit is worth a try. I # for work 1# for private at $149.00, worth a look, but be Early!



If you google Medion 4002 you will find the user guide for this phone.
On reading this guide it is clear that only ONE sim slot is 3G the other is only GSM (2G).
I guess that is why they are not advertising it as 3G compatible like they are the 10 inch tablet.
This is very disappointing as I was going to buy one.



So will it work on Optus?



Bought the phone (Medion E4002) - MD98388) - to install, sim, battery etc Book says "open back" - no diagram as to which direction to slide, or whether to insert coin in little slot at bottom, or push paper clip in hole etc. - anyone help?



Pete I had the same problem but I stuck my finger nail in ther and gently opened it. It is a bit stiff to start with but it will come off.



FYI I have purchased this as loaded it with 1 Optus Sim and 1 TPG sim (Optus Network), it works fine for both voice and data



Finding hard to believe the stupidity of some people and their unreasonable expectations.!!!
Every Samsung dual sim knock off that you can buy from Ebay will perform identicaly to this Aldi phone...that is...ONE sim running 3G and the OTHER sim running GSM(voice calls only).
I bought both the phone AND the issues whatsoever.
People need to appreciate the fact that for $149 you get a lot of kit..!!!!



Explain to me exactly HOW this phone is NOT 3G compatible?
I'm running my private 3G sim as my main sim and my work NextG sim as my secondary sim in the GSM slot.
The phone gives you the option to set one sim up as data.



The android phone is relatively easy to use, however the speaker in the phone is of poor quality, I am still learning all the features of the phone and if i can not some how adjust the speaker i shall be returning the phone and taking a refund



Seems to have all the bells and whistles, but I can't find where to change the text alert sound. Can someone help?



Just picked up a Medion E4002 smartphone and noticed it has Internal Storage of 503MB and Phone Storage total space 2.05GB
They have advertised 4GB memory.

Can anyone confirm if the Phone Storage of 2GB is right? It should be 4GB or is any part of it used by the OS



hey steve, to change audio setting; goto Audio profiles in Settings and tap on the profile you wish to adjust.



can anyone confirm if the phone is compatible with Vodafone? and i have found the internal storage is only 504MB cant install many extra apps?



Has anyone worked out how to get a new line (Enter/Return key is missing from keyboard) when entering a SMS?

Troy the Toy connoisseur


The device and chipsets from china are fine (you know the mtk series) its the batteries I have the problem with. The device will last longer than the batteries and I have tried OH SO HARD to get replacements. It does not matter what numbers they stamp on them you just cannot find them anywhere. Contact the oem manufacturer and they do not respond. The many retailers of these china based chipset phones do not respond either. Most of them come with two batteries because they last about 3 months each, after that throw the device away because even Ebay cant help you. Pass this on because they really need a wake up call. Offer batteries or get off the train.



Hello can someone tell me where to buy a flip case for this medion e4002 as my wife is brutal on all phones?



I bought this phone. It's great on Optus.
I put in an sd card but it still says I'm running out of internal sraorage when downloading files. I've tried cut and paste but no good. Any one know how to rectify?



Having bought a Medion E4002 from Aldi, Can anybody tell me where to find a simple instruction manual to download or buy ?



Having bought a Medion E4002 from Aldi, Can anybody tell me where to find a simple instruction manual to download or buy ?



What's up, everything is going perfectly here and ofcourse every one is sharing information, that's genuinely good, keep up writing.



Just swapped sim card with crazy John/Vodafone network. Works fine. Camera and battery not Samsung quality but good for my kids.



I am also looking for a case for the Medion phone from Aldi - can anyone help?



Where can I buy a second battery for this phone?
And the radio only works through the head phones is this correct?



Yes the inbuilt radio should only work with headphones however if you download a radion app such as tunein radio you dont have to use headphones and as for the case all i have found is a pouch or sports case, so if anyone finds a normal case comment where you found it thanks



I have the same issue with Internal storage space running low and plenty of Phone storage... certain apps are in Internal storage by default - can't move them to Phone storage or SD..even with Link 2SD app...Please, help!



Yes TD,
I have the same problem which nobody seems to be able to answer. I have a 16GB sdhc card installed but the phone says it is running out of storage. What to do ??



Hi I purchased it today and yet to open it , only if I can find a purple cover for it, can anyone help thanks .......



1st one i had to return as there was no volume, medion help said to return it. now i have another, every thing works well but the volume is low both internal and external, this seems to be an issue with the phone from what i can find on the net. anyone have any tricks to boost volume. the screen indicator is at max but its still hard to hear?



Hi. Just wondering, do I have to turn on both Wifi & mobile data usage in "settings" to access Internet on my medion e4002 if I have internet wi fi at home? It seems that (only recently) I can only access my home internet by turning on both the wifi and data usage! I would have thought that all I would need to do is turn on the wifi? Any thoughts/comments appreciated.

Jo Eldridge


PLEASE HELP..... I love my E4002 BUT it keeps telling me Memory is low. I have a big SD card in, but the apps wont use it. If anyone can help, I would be so grateful. My sons keep telling me I bought a DUD. Please prove my teenagers wrong. ;-(



Volume is very poor...hard hear phone ringing and hard to hear caller speaking!

That is a basic requirement I would have thought? Volume so bad may have to return phone.

Manual is very basic...



Has any one sorted out the memory problem and the phone updating its self ?



First smart phone I've used so have fairly low expectations!! However, I can't hear the phone ringing and can't hear caller speaking- it's very faint. Thought it was my hearing!! Tried another brand phone and volume perfect. Taking it back as I'm fed up with low volume. Would have thought this was a basic requirement??
I agree with others - manual is useless.
Also getting memory problems.



I got a cover for mine at one of those little phone cover shops in the isles at the supermarket..just have to get the one with the camera hole in the right place.
I also am having problems with speaker sound and voice calls but ring can be upped to "outdoor" and I can hear it ok.
Has anyone tried putting the storage default to sd card? Does the phone still work OK? Can apps be downloaded onto the SD card?



This phone is excellent works just as good as my broken samsung galaxy 3. the only issue i have is that it has phone storage all good, i inserted a sim card all good. but then there is internal storage which is only 513mb. it appears most apps get saved to this internal storage an it keeps running out of space and want let me send messages, use email etc. i have only a few apps on the phone. i have gone to settings and set to phone storage and sim etc. how can i move these apps from internal to phone.



I have same issues - very low ring tone and sound from callers and don't know how to transfer my pictures I took to my computer - when I connect via USB my computer shows 2 extra "Removable Disks" - but they are both empty and show nothing. I even bought a micro SDHC to transfer first from phone to it and than to computer - but doesn't work either. Any help much appreciated as I don't want to lose my holiday pics.



I finally gave up on this phone just short of the 60 day return policy. the settings I made for ring volume (outdoor) would only hold for a couple of days and revert to factory settings which were far too low , the unit would freeze on regular occasions which required battery removal, sometimes this was the only way I could end a call. The handsfree speakerphone was hopeless as well.
Certainly a cheap smartphone but not a terribly good one.



They may sell a great product... but how do you get in touch with them... been in the cue for almost an hour just to order a sim.
Obviously they dont provide service... just product



Steve, for an Aldi sim you just walk into a store, only way to buy it I believe.
I've just asked Medion to confirm there is no fix coming for the internal memory problem because now you can't even upgrade to latest software (320 MB) due to fixed apps on the phone!!



Ebay sell an Aldi smartphone cover



There is an updatc for this from Medion which allows apps to be moved off phone storage. Then you change Default Write Disk to SD Card
This has fixed all the problems I was having



...apps can then be moved off phone storage! ...but not some apps.



Hi Paul, how did you get the fix from Medion?



I could not unlock my google account on my Medion E4002 smart phone. Could anyone help me how i unlock my pass lock please. the only thing i see on the phone is "too many pattern and try letter." thank you



Where do I get a sim for the Aldi android tablet.

Lorraine Sullivan


My daughter bought an E4002 phone. She took some photos on the phone and wants to transfer them her laptop. The phone shows in the computer area but the laptop (dodo) won't recognise it. I rang Medion and was told to drag my finger from top to bottom, the notification panel will show, connect to USB storage and then select Media M.T.P. and then the laptop would recognise the phone. We managed get the notifications panel, but couldn't find U.S.B. storage or Media M.T.P.

Could you please tell me how to set the phone so she can transfer her photos to her laptop?



Thanks Lorraine. You saved me a call to MEDION.

Connect the USB cable to the computer and phone. On the phone, drag the screen down and you should enter the notification panel and see "USB". Select this and then choose MEDIA M.T.P.

Note that if USB does not show up in the notification panel, it means the cable has not been properly connected to the computer and phone.



Regarding the transfer of storage: the problem doesn't seem to be transferring from phone-storage to SD; the problem is transferring from internal storage to phone-storage, which a Medion rep stated to me was impossible within the official settings of the device. The device would need to be "rooted", to free up the internal storage.
There are apparently lots of forums advising how to root an Android device. So wish me luck...

Annoyed at junk


Very Bad Volume what a joke, i have the previous model and the volume is great why? because it had two speakers at the rear, this model only has one and its pathetic i can not hear the caller at all will be taking it back today.. Had enough... Fancy selling a phone tablet and you can use the phone, what a pathetic design, the so called engineer needs to get the sack...Warning to anyone wanting to purchase the Tablet Do Not Buy!



can't use skype on my new Aldi android tablet. Bought the same for my daughter and all we can hear when trying to talk to each other is a big noise. Would anyone know how to fix it? without having wearing headphones?

Lynn Wall


Hi have bought the E4002, seemed to work fine but used an old phone most of the time now it has died and I have gone back to new Aldi E4002, but cant get it to work at all, we have plugged it into power to charge but seems the battery has died, cant think of anything else that would make the phone not work so where do I get another battery?



Hi Lynn - sometimes after plugging in to charge be patient as if it is completely dead it may take a little time to show its charging



I think the phone is terrific and have had no problems with it. My only issue is trying to transfer pictures to my computer. The manual is useless and tells me nothing. Have connected via USB but there is no option to transfer pics.



Ha! Just found the answer here...

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