HTC Incredible S vs. Apple iPhone 4: Smartphone showdown

Which is the better phone -- HTC's Incredible S or Apple's iPhone 4?

HTC Incredible S vs iPhone 4: Display

The HTC Incredible S has a 4in SLCD display that is larger than the iPhone 4's 3.5in screen. The Super LCD display is claimed to offer a clearer and brighter image, along with enhanced battery life compared to regular LCD screens, but it can't provide the same vibrancy of Super AMOLED screens like the Samsung Galaxy S.

Apple's iPhone 4 uses IPS technology (the same used on the iPad, and thanks to its 640x960 pixel resolution it has been described as a "retina" display, due to the human eye being unable to distinguish individual pixels. The iPhone 4's screen produces excellent sharpness and crisp text.

HTC Incredible S vs iPhone 4: Software

The HTC Incredible S Android phone runs the 2.3 Gingerbread version of Google's Android platform, and features HTC's Sense UI overlay. This consists mainly of home screen widgets and applications, including the handy HTC Friend Stream, which aggregates social networking contacts from Facebook and Twitter, People, which combines all forms of contact with an individual in your phonebook, along with a weather widget that offers fantastic animations, including a windscreen wiper that swipes across the screen to wipe away raindrops. Android 2.3 Gingerbread also means the Incredible S has a revamped keyboard, better copy and paste, improved power management, and a slicker user interface as improvements over previous versions of the Android platform.

The iPhone 4 runs Apple's iOS4 operating system. It offers a familiar swipeable home screen enhanced by folders, and the consistent Apple UI look and feel extending across all of the standard applications. If you have never used an iPhone before, you can expect a device that is easy to pick up and use, a well-populated App Store, and excellent multimedia capabilities. The iPhone's iPod integration ensures it remains one of the best music smartphones on the market, while mobile Web browsing is fast and efficient.

The HTC Incredible S runs the 2.3 Gingerbread version of Google's Android platform.

Though the streamlined iPhone experience has won many fans, Apple's closed platform means the iPhone 4 doesn't offer the same flexibility as smartphones like the HTC Incredible S. The iPhone has an inferior notification system to Android phones, and it doesn't let you customise and display live widgets on your home screen. By the same token, the iPhone interface and overall user experience are far more polished than what is currently on offer from Android phones.

The HTC Incredible S will be available exclusively through Optus for three months from 1 May. Optus has not yet announced pricing details for the Incredible S, but it is expected to be available both outright and on a range of contract plans.

What do you think about the HTC Incredible S and the Apple iPhone 4? Tell us in the comments below!

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

Good Gear Guide


William Drake


Why does the Apple App Store win over Android Market?

Also the A4 chip is base clocked at 800MHz compared to Incredible S 1GHz.



I personally would have thought that the Android Market wins over the Apple App Store. I dont like the Apple iphone due to the fact the battery is intergrated. I like HTC handsets I have found they are more user friendly, compared to some of the other brands. I owned the HTC Desire HD for a month and loved it. I think the HTC Incredible S will be on par with the Desire HD.



What about pricing ? which wins ???
And I personally feel Android Market wins over iPhone Store



I love how u said the iPhone 4's design was the best even though its actually its worst designed mobile yet with flaws like squeezing the sides too hard stuffs up the antenna and putting a case on it disrupts the antenna to little to no signal. This is because the antenna runs around the side of the phone plus because the screen is glass it breaks when dropped. Lol iPhone for the fail.



James your an idiot.. You can put a case on the iPhone 4 without the antenna being affected (actually it is the solution) It's when you hold it with your left hand with no case it stuffs up and looses 1 bar of reception. But it's funny, android have released so many phones, yet it is still chasing the iPhone. By theory, the android should be a super phone with the amount they have released. :p apple wins!



Trust an IPhone user to call people names. When you hold the phone with your left hand it causes problems??? Seriously!! Isn't the I4 riddled with problems. Everyone I know with one has nothing but problems with it. I despise Apple altogether. They are monopolising the market & I refuse to partake in any of it. Itunes can stick it!



Is the 3G network connectivity a big difference for Australian users on TELSTRA next g?
Am i correct in assuming the incredible s cannot take advantage of next g??



To be frank, the iPhone 4 and the Incredible S fall down to pretty much two major differences - first being screen quality. The Retina Display just can't be matched for the sheer quality of the image. Text reading, for example, is a huge boon on the iPhone. The flip of this is that the Incredible has an 8mp camera. However, anyone who knows about how these pieces of hardware are made and work will quickly tell you that "more MP is not necessarily better". Though this statement may seem wrong, it's very true. The chip would be so small in an 8mp cellphone that taking advantage of this level of resolution would require a tripod - otherwise there will just be far too much "noise" in the picture when you look in at the details, thus eliminating the advantage of the higher resolution. And it doesn't take much shaking to cause this noise - in fact, your heartbeat traveling to your hand will be more than enough of a 'shake' to cause noise on an 8mp cellphone's image.
Now this isn't to say that the 5mp camera is superior - simply that the 8mp has advantages that are much harder to use.
Outside of those features, the main question you have to ask yourself on choosing between the two phones is simple:
"App Store without support for Flash, or Android Market with Flash support".
One thing to keep in mind is the present shift toward HTML5, which has been leading to speculation that flash will not be supported in future - but hey, that's probably at least two years away, and by that time we'll be looking at the iPhone6 and the HTC GrandeVente X (yes, I did just make that name up - don't go google it).



Dan, you are the idiot!
Android is a super phone, the iphone is boring and old fashion



Apple users never seem to let the facts get in the way of their fanboy ways - "In its latest survey of U.S. mobile phone industry during the three month average period ending November 2010, comScore reported that while Research In Motion (RIM, maker of BlackBerry) continued to lead among smartphone platforms with 33.5% market share, Android charged past the iPhone to take second place". So who is chasing who???
And Allan, you point out the iPhone's superior display and downplay the Incredible S's camera - the points you make are valid, HOWEVER, what about battery life? Is that not an important feature (Incredible S has around 30% more talk time per battery charge)The incredible S also has 50% more RAM, making it typically more responsive and better for multitasking. It also has more than 20% larger screen compared to the iPhone.



I see that only one other person has commented on price. The HTC is a LOT cheaper. When is Apple going to stop fee gouging?



Dear "Dan". I have to say that you have no right to be in this conversation as you know nothing about these phones except what you have read here. "Its when you hold it up with your left hand". Are you an imbecile??? What effing difference is there whether you hold it in your right or left hand!? "Android has released so many phones". To tell you the truth, it hasn't released even one. It just released the OS, but the phones belong, and are manufactured, by individual companies, such as HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and more. There have only been separate operating systems, and not counting the tablet versions, there were about only 4 (me iz too lazy to actually check). If you actually would know anything about this, you would be able to see that a new OS doesn't come out with every new phone. Please stay out of this disccution if you won't bring anything actually *true* into it. And thank you for wasting enough of your time to read my trolling post.



Just jumped ship from iPhone to Incredible S and I have to say I was apprehensive, but to be honest I'm finding it a lot better. iPhones are really easy to use, but this also makes them boring after the first few weeks, not to mention there are a few undelying reception issues which become increasingly annoying over time. There's just a lot more going on in the htc, it's a cheaper phone, more free apps, seems to be more responsive. Two thumbs up from me.

Dans friend(again)


Also this site is obviously bias, and this is easy to tell, it is called PC world??? Go figure

Dans friend


Firstly can I say that I am on the market for a phone and I have been researching for quite a while, now from this I can deduce that "rastus" is WRONG battery life on the iPhone is much better by an hour for the iPhone( talk time).
Also Andy said that the iPhone is more expensive, this is true but consider that you get what you pay for. Will seems like an intelligent person, but I would like to suggest a solution for his iPhone reception issues, the bumper case designed by Apple is a great little device which solves those problems.
As for the people who think that the android app market is better than Apple app store, you are wrong, there is well over a billion apps on the app store(apple) so that is 1,000,000,000 + apps, keep up with that android, plus all the apps are made by developers for APPLE and are then converted to android.
And whoever said that the smartphone market platform is held by android or windows...LIED, iPhone is and remains the most popular phone on the planet today by miles.
EVEN BILL GATES KNOWS THIS, this is proven by the 21% shares in apple that he owns.
iPhone isn't boring or old fashioned, it was the first popular smartphone on the market and remains the most popular. This can be proven because of the following
Apple: when they release a product people sleep outside for nights outside to buy one, the NATIONAL NEWS is even attracted.
Android: only found out about the incredible s a few days ago on the ads.
Also the A4 chip is according to recent and non bias sources BETTER than android.
The thing is, when you think about it apple only has a limited range of products 2-3 a year whereas android and other companies have them coming out every day, this means apple spends a LONG time on each product so they can GET IT RIGHT.

Here is another site to go to which compares the two on things people care about not the "wifi access" and "fm radio"
Honestly, who cares about that stuff???
Thanks for your time



dan is so right!!!1



Iphone 4. Meaning "phone" - the only feature Apples development team forgot about.



Ive had a iphone4 and a sony xperia arc for a while and I can tell you I have a case on my Iphone since new and have never dropped a call with antenna issues yet I dunno what the big thing about it is for? As far as build quality Iphone is better, apps iphone is better,battery life iphone is better,not having fingerprints on it iphone is better,not lagging iphone is better,operating system iphone is better, screen quality iphone is better although xperia is bigger and xperia has a better camera but it only has one camera.It depends what you like I think overall the iphone is a better buy. Oh yeah customer service Apple is better.



Im using an HTCIS and feel its the best phone around.IT has all the features that u need.You have the Live wallpapers,Upgradable OS and not to forget the Free Apps on the Android market.Not only the camera is better the screen is also huge that betters the browsing experience.Not the forget the Flash support that the Iphone4 with IOS 5 also lacks...So undoubtedly it HTC IS all the way...



i prefur the apple app store after using both for years each. just saying. and htc phones are better cos there awsome but the antenna problem is on everyphone ! "Every smartphone has a cellular antenna. And nearly every smartphone can lose signal strength if you hold it in a certain way. "
also i had an htc desire and the way i liked to hold it stuffed up the antenna soooo yeh whattever apple haters. i love both operating systems android because of its diversity and ios because of its strength... the amount of times my htc phone has crashed is massive compared to my iphone ! also the iphone 4's camera has biger phrotons than the incredible s and using htcs camer and apples (i have used htc desire hd camera aswell) i have to say i like the iphone camera better. i love both operating systems and phones but they all could have improvements






This is pathetic, you're all a bunch of kids stating made up opinions, face the facts - they're different. Stop making up crap because you personally love one of these, you can't compare they are VERY different - with the difference in price range why are you comparing anyway? Bloody kids

Anthony James


They're just phones, why do people care so much about which one is better? I have an iPhone 4 and am pretty happy with it. Sure there are some flaws, but i'm sure there's flaws with Android too! I tried Android, it's pretty cool, but it stays the same thing, a phone. Life is too short to argue about phones you know?



I'm loving all the bitching on this. Does it really even matter? It all comes down to personal preferance. If you like the iPhone, you like the iPhone. If you like HTC, you like HTC. In the big scheme of things does it even matter?



soo HTC or iphone4? coz i wanna buy one..which one?



I'm just annoyed that HTC Incredible S is limited to Optus and Virgin.



Will HTC Incredible S be realeased to VODAPHONE!!?? :(



I bought an incredible s simply because both do similar things but the IS has a built in navigator. ( up to date mapping/hybrid) that talks to you while driving, a winner for me :-)



I just want to thank everyone for giving me an entertaining read. I am looking for a smart phone, but know nothing, so decided to do some research. I typed into google "review HTC and iphone", which bought me to this page. I haven't laughed so much in ages. Thanks for making my night!



I just have to get this out first:

Just like Mary above, this was on very entertaining read.

Most of all, "Dans friend" was incredibly funny. "EVEN BILL GATES KNOWS THIS, this is proven by the 21% shares in apple that he owns." Do you want to know what that proves? It proves Apple makes money, and Bill Gates wants some of that money.

Also, iPhone was _not_ the first popular Smartphone on the market, it was the Blackberry - which is still very popular. The reason you probably don't realise this is that it's popular in the business world, not with many of the unrelated population.

Also, please stop referring to "Android" like it is a company, it makes you sound silly. Android is a mobile phone operating system developed BY a company - that company is Google.

I could keep picking this post apart, but I honestly think it's just some funny as hell trolling.. so keep up the good work xD

Final word to everyone else commenting here with generally trolling comments: Your choice of phone should be personal preference. Personally I prefer the Incredible S, but the iPhone 4 is a really really good phone too. Hell, I even like the Samsung Omnia 7. WP7, Android & iOS are all good Operating Systems that appeal to different people. None of them, and no phone is flawless. Example: I have a friend with an iPhone 3GS who's apps just refused to start up, every one crashed when trying to load. I also have a friend with a Motorola Defy who had problems with his phone. They're all capable of having defects.



pls ,i need a mobile that i can read pdf or ward file in comfortabe way instead of my notebook ,iph4 is 3.5 inch , htc is 4 inch is it better regard this feature only?? who cam help me in this decision



by the way , afriend of mine advice me regard samsung galaxy s2 ? any comment cuz of bigger screen ?
2nd any rumor about size of iphone5 screen cuz if itis 4inch i will wait thanks to all

Mr. Innocent Cash


ariTe ppl, i read a'l o'Ya posts n thy were nice n informative. .
Phone is for al prsnl need, i googled a lot abt thse two really diff. Masterpieces. .
Personaly i hate thse itunes stuff, u knw wot i mean-transferin ol tha music via pc. .damn i hate it. . . . . .
B4 buyin ny phone luk for wot u realy wna do lyk, i mean do u wna show tha phone to evry1 arnd jst b'coz its expnsve?
If y'al knw evrythng has sum flaws n so apple n htc. .
Hope they'l bring out a bttr product soon. . .
Pick wisely. .
(Personally i'l prefer htc IS)



Man u guys are all entertaining... truly... if you want 2 ask me, it all comes down 2 ure personal opinion... do you want 2 listen to music or do you want a phone with a above average camera... i have had both phones and both the markets are great. They both have some similar apps too!!! Personally i like the HTC IS jst because its more diverse then the more simple interface of the iphone 4...



does anyone know if the iphone 5 will support flash?

hooher tod


Yes there should realize the reader to RSS my feed to RSS commentary, quite simply



I love the guy that said 'according to a recent non bias source, the A4 is better then andriod' you do realise you just compared a processor (hardwear) to an opperating system (softwear)? Some people are so technology illiterate and should not be taking part in such a discussion.

jjoihjlnjh ldfn


i had an i phone 4g but i had problems with the signal so i change it to htc incredible s
this android is amazing it can make me laugh and cry i love it and i will hold it for long time



U guys crack me up but im really grateful u have taken time to learn about technologies that i dont understand yet.I roll with a htc inc s. i really like it. And for some reason i enjoy stickin it to the iphone people who think their phone is the bees knees. My last phone was a nokia n8 that got wet in a man vs wild fishing situation and i upgraded to inc s. God works in mysterious ways.



is it a wise decision to buy a incredible s?



And to add - When it comes down to the AppStore.. You can get any app free when jailbreaking an iPhone.

Although the iPhone may lack in things such as an 8MP camera and image stabalization, it makes up in other areas such as internal storage and screen resolution.

The App Store is very easy to navigate, and easily accessible.

The only downfall I believe in the iPhone is the fact that flash is not supported.

But putting all things aside, they are very different phones to suit different tastes. It doesn't come down to which is better, it comes down to what YOU as the buyer want to use the phone for. Does the HTC or iPhone do what YOU want it to do? If so, then its a pretty no brainer choice.



There is another thing that I believe has not been mentioned - The internal storage space.

The iPhone you can choose to have 16gb or 32 gb storage, where as the HTC only has 1.1GB of storage.

For people like me (I am a photography and deadset music lover), I prefer to buy a phone that has a sufficient amount of storage for on the go.

Lets face it, a phone isn't just a phone anymore. Its more of a multi-media centre. For the people who want a phone for just calls and text and the basics, you wouldn't even look at an iPhone of HTC or any smart phone. You would go back to a basic Nokia that would only cost $50-$100.



i have tested both phone. and now i am the owner of a htc i s. really i love this phone.

funny stuff


Liesha (comment 42) the incredible s ships with a 16gb micro SD, the 1.1gb is purely for the phones system needs. Upgrade to a 32gb SD and then it will have a lot more storage...and its removable incase of phone death.



One point that needs to be made is about the RAM. I have owned both, and although the incredible s has 1gb of ram vs the 512 gb of ram for iPhone, I found that with only four pages, each with about two widgets, took up more than 60% of the ram. Also, with the release of iPhone 4s, all of the incredible s's benefits will disappear



Thanks but i still dunno???



Incredible S can now be bought outright for less than $300. As comparison, the iP4 is still more than $650!!!! So I think the smart move would be to buy the HTC now and then buy *another* new top of the line Android phone in two years time and I'll bet you'll still pay less ion total than getting the iP4 now...



Ii am going to get one. Which one should I get?



just got an incredible s after doing plenty of research and am super happy with it. Got it for $299 from aust post, now you cant beat that for price and quality at the same time



Its a fantastic phone. HTC all the way. Great value for all the features u could want without all the apple fuss and expense!



These comments degenerated very quickly, was a good read to start with. I will probably buy one of these despite its flaws.

BTW - I would rather read a quote from a literate troll than some of the incomprehensible sms speak/phonetic/garbled crap! Some of you need to repeat primary school level english!



Nokia 5110 best phone ever :P

Was a huge nokia person but the HTC desire would have to be the best phone ever Iphones are a fashion statement

125th Planet


HTC HD3 HT7 Owns brooow



HTC is my best.........



i have bought incredible s,the design of the front is really incredible,the color is stylish,and as you see there is no physical buttons ,the lcd buttons (home-back-option-search) at the bottom of the phone also rotate when you rotate the phone,but the design of the back is not good at all it seems that they where in hurry when they design that part of the phone,the other annoying thing is the battery,thanks to the 4 inch screen and auto running programs of the android...! but i really like and enjoy the little miracle and i believe it's much better than iphone in every way...



I think that they are both really good phones and it just depends on what specific features a person is searching for!



you guys are all a bunch of IDIOTS! The iphone will always be superior!



Hey Guy's 'n' Girl's lets be the end of the day it IS personnal preferance, BUT! saying this the iphone management system is too domineering once downloaded on yer PC, this to me is very annoys me with just my apple ipod so i couldn't handle it with a bloody iphone..SOOO! opt for an alternative smart fone i would and will be buying either the HTC sensation, or, the Galaxy S....And to add to this the iphone looks SOO boring, nothing actually attractive about it, is there? and a 5mp camera, yawn! yawn! boring....i've had my say folks byeeee....

non conformist


had the incred-s- 6 months now (optus-I/Net)and returning again today for the second time (same problem as before 19/12)as it will not charge or start up even though it shows a green icon. I think its an internal connection problem with the mini usb as it has to be plugged in so often. I don't like the phone feature as I find it almost impossible to scroll names without dialling out so I use people (contacts ?). speaker phone is rubbish. Camera is ok although not easy to watch on tv and movies are not clear on computer. GPS is great as is navigation. If you want real advice check out whirlpool forums.



I have borrowed an Iphone 4 for the last few months and have been impressed by it but was annoyed to find that I had to buy an extra program to transfer sms's to my pc. Is it easy to transfer sms's from the htc to a pc? Do you have to purchase any extra programs to do that? I have not been impressed with the iphone's camera.. most photos are not clear. Thanks for any input anyone can give me :-)



Lastly You gotta sync to iTunes do you know how anoying that is iPhones are just boring



You people sound like children arguing over who's got the bigger ice-cream. Wake up people it's only a god dam phone.



The way i look at it is, you can by 3 HTC incredible s for the same price as an iphone. but if your into the apple iphone and see the value then get that.



I just bought the HTC Velocity still have my iphone both are great phones still learning on my HTC harder to remove apps from the HTC



Nice one people. You made my morning with your jokes. You can't share files with an iPhone.what's up with that???

Used both


I used both personally prefer iPhone but isn't this more (obviously)
A consumers choice!
I love my iPhone and all iOS devices.

iphone sucks


I used both phones ok first in my opinion android sits on apple ppl like apple more cause its a bigger name most of action movies use apple products my iPhone 4 couldn't even make calls anymore cause of the crappy antenna secondly the iPhone's built quality is weak it breaks very easily n lastly it is toooooooo simple I got bored of it in less then a month. Sooo headed out bought myself the HTC incredible s and its awesome it doesn't get boring its battery life is excellent n the built quality is strong its has a gorilla glass n really nice design n a fact in speeds HTC incredible s kills the iPhone for gud its more responsive. Sooo if u want a mid ranged price phone go 4 HTC incredible s or even samsung galaxy s but I preffer HTC sence over tochwiz don't buy an iPhone which has a cost of $800 n over while its worth $100. If ur after a phone that dares to be different then go 4 HTC incredible s
Thx guys



HTC... I have one and mum has an iPhone... The iPhone freezes way more than mine



So I'm likely buying an Incredible S in a few days, and was doing some last-minute research (more due to boredom than actual interest, but whatever). Found this page, read the comments.

Funniest argument ever.

Firstly, if you want people to take you seriously, please get your facts right. "Dan's friend", that's probably the worst written post I've seen in a while. You seem to be very confused as to what Android actually is - as several people have already stated, Android is not a company, nor does it manufacture phones. It is an operating platform that many phone manufacturers (HTC, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, etc) use on their phones. To say that 'Android makes so many phones every year but Apple makes only one every few years' is massively ignorant and doesn't really mean anything, anyway. Also, Apple's App Store certainly does not stock 1 billion apps, but that did make me laugh. It has 5 hundred thousand, which is 2000 times less than what you said. Still beats Android by a small margin, surely (about 30%), but get your facts straight. Oh, and the fact that people camp out in the hordes outside Apple stores before a big release doesn't say that Apple phones are better at all - it just points out that there exists an oddly devoted fanbase of Apple's that want to spend a night outside just so they can buy a phone, and I think that says more about the mental health of Apple's fanbase than the quality of their phones.

Secondly, everyone, please stop with the name-calling, exclamation marks and "ANDROID ROXXXXXX", and just take an unbiased look at the competition. Both the iPhone 4 and the Incredible S have their pros and cons, sure. But the Incredible S costs about a third as much as the other, and without doubt it is far better than a third as good as the iPhone. So value-wise, there's no question: HTC (and actually, almost every other Android smartphone) wins.

But aside from value, the phones are generally close to even, and it mostly comes down to what you're looking for in a phone. I, personally, would take the Incredible S in a heartbeat (and so I am - as I mentioned, I'm buying it in a few days), primarily because I like the increased functionality and customisation that Android offers, but also due to other minor things such as the better camera, larger screen, and the fact that I don't need to synchronize to software every time I connect to a PC in order to do anything with my phone. Personally, I feel that Android gives a lot more freedom and flexibility with your phones than iOS does, by far. But not everyone cares about adding widgets to your homescreen and being able to use third-party apps.

(cont. in next post)



For those saying HTC incredible s is only open to Optus or virgin that's not true, I hae one and I am.with Vodafone :)
And personally I would rather the HTC, they are much stronger. Before I had the HTC I had an iPhone which I broke 7 times. They are so weak! I have dropped my HTC many times and it hast broken. And with price, HTC is much more affordable :)



greetings...ok i have decieded on the htc ...on the specs i see it can be used on telstra whats that mean...less coverage..slower downloading?? tks in advance....



Dan YOU are the idiot. One of the points about Iphones that really bug me is they only communicate with their own kind, ie. blutooth, every other phone can transfer photos and information via blutooth but oh no not iphone. internal memory is restricted to how much you want to spend to buy the iphone whereas others that take SD cards, which are a LOT cheaper, are more versatile and you can change the card for other memory uses. Then there is the music that you can't control its content without Itunes. Iphones are too close knit. I know a few iphone 4s users who say their home button no longer works. And the person who said that Apple put a lot research and money into the development of the phone, well to stuff something basic like the aerial problems, well need I day more.



Lovein HTC Incredible S and HTC One X

Latest iPhone 5 News


Wow! In the end I got a blog from where I know how to genuinely obtain helpful information regarding my study and knowledge.



I think both phones are really good



I think the Android market and the App Store is both quite good

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