Apple iPad 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v: Tablet showdown

Which is the better tablet -- Apple's iPad 2 or Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1v?

Apple's hotly anticipated iPad 2 has finally in Australia, and it is predictably flying off the shelves. If you're not interested in Apple's tablet at all, there are some valid alternatives to the iPad 2, headed by the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v.

Read our comprehensive iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v previews, and check out our guide to the best upcoming tablets in 2011.

As its name suggests, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v has a 10.1in display with a resolution of 1280x800, meaning it will compete directly with the 9.7in iPad 2.

With this in mind, how does the Apple iPad 2 stack up against the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v when it comes to specifications?

Apple iPad 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v: Specifications

Feature Apple iPad 2 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v Verdict?
Operating system (OS) Apple iOS 4 Google Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) iPad 2
Display size 9.7in 10.1in Galaxy Tab 10.1v
Display technology Capacitive LED-backlit IPS Capacitive TFT iPad 2
Display resolution 1024x768 pixels 1280x800 pixels Galaxy Tab 10.1v
Multitouch Yes Yes Draw
Front camera VGA 2 megapixels Galaxy Tab 10.1v
Rear camera 0.7 megapixels, no flash 8 megapixels, single LED flash, autofocus Galaxy Tab 10.1v
Video recording Yes, 720p HD Yes, 1080p HD Galaxy Tab 10.1v
GPS Yes Yes Draw
Internal memory 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB 16GB or 32GB iPad 2
Expandable memory None None Draw
Dimensions 241.2 x 185.7 x 8.8mm 246.2 x 170.4 x 10.9mm iPad 2
Weight 607g 600g Galaxy Tab 10.1v
Application store Apple App Store Google Android Market iPad 2
Processor Apple A5 dual-core (1GHz) NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core (1GHz) Unknown
RAM 512MB 1GB Galaxy Tab 10.1v
3G networks HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100 HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100 Draw
Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n 802.11a/b/g/n Draw
Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP 2.1 with A2DP Draw
HDMI-out No (Yes with optional digital AV adapter No iPad 2
Quoted battery life Up to 10 hours Up to 7 hours iPad 2
Adobe Flash support No Yes Galaxy Tab 10.1v

Apple iPad 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v: Design and display

The new iPad 2 is faster, thinner and lighter than its predecessor. The iPad 2 is 33 per cent thinner than the original iPad, weighs 613g, and comes in both black and white models. The curved design of the back of the iPad 2 makes it comfortable to hold, and it is relatively thin given the size of its screen. The iPad 2 remains a little awkward to hold in both portrait or landscape layouts, so it's best to prop it up against an object.

Apple iPad 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v: Tablet showdown

Apple's iPad 2 is lighter, thinner and faster than its predecessor.

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

Good Gear Guide




This is the worst Comparison I've seen.






Why because Galaxy Tab 10.1 has everything and iPad owner wishes they had? :)



iPad destroys the Tablet market just like Apple destroyed the MP3 market and Smartphone Market. Not even Sony can catch up to Apple, let alone Samsung LOL



Good one, Bill. You do realise that Android has 50% more of the global smartphone market than iOS? It's Apple that's being destroyed in the smartphone market. The same will happen in the tablet market. And the mp3 player market will be consumed by both the aforementioned markets.

On the article in general, I do have to wonder if the author has actually used both devices. It sounds like this article was written purely based on specs.



I own the I pad 2 and the galaxy tab 10.1 and would have to say,the galaxy tab is FAR more advanced in the way of set out and options and settings, you get flash 10.2, 8mp cam instead of 0.3vga, BT mouse support,the list goes on,.apple is easy to use,that's about it,.its super fast,stable, if your winging about the galaxyTab, you havnt used 1,. Simple



Ryan is someone with an educated opinion. As for the article i felt that the author was biased in the Ipad's favor.



The reviewer has a definite bias towards the iPAD. The Galaxy has many more features and value adds than the iPAD



this sucks! in all comparison ive seen between the 10.1 and ipad2 this is the first that the 10.1 lost



The comparison is ridiculous, the iPad wins some of the arguments because it has an apple OS? The galaxy is the clear winner here and shows to be far greater than the ipad



There are people who buy Ford and people who buy Mercedes. the iProducts will be always the Mercedes of gadgets, so comparisons are useless.



Rossy, I disagree. They are not useless, as they point out to Fanboys that their illusion of superiority is merely just an illusion.

And yes, I agree that this reviewer is a biased Fanboy and has probably never used a Galaxy Tab 10.1 .



Honestly speaking i think the Galaxy is way better why else would Apple be suing Samsung for this product.
And in terms of value for money the top of the range Galaxy gets you the entry level iPad. Its not about 'Brand' loyalty yes the Apple has a certain type of reputation but i must say Samsung has outdone themselves with this product. It is the Second best selling tablet world-wide. And its features are way better than the iPad. Apart from the different OS and the App stores the galaxy wins hands down. Just my opinion on the matter. I have used both products.



How can people have used the Galaxy Tab 10.1 when it's due to premiere June 8? ???
I can't wait. It seems the only downside I have heard yet that would sway me NOT to get the Galaxy is because it doesn't take any kind of a mem card...I think I read somewhere that the Apple does. Can someone comment?
Also, if only to have comparable products on the market, its good to see Samsung match the price/size.
Free enterprise will keep these guys from gettin too greedy on us.:)



GALAXY does have HDMI and USB via its revolutionary 30 pin connector! ipad has ni USB! OS winner is ipad?? I would say Android but to be fair it should be a draw. Battery life is not 7 hours! same as Ipad so a draw GEEZ such a bad review!



how about the price?



BeatNikBob, iPad doesn't have external memory slot



You compare iOS 4 to Android 3.0 and you select iOS as the better OS? How so? Because its easier for the general masses to use? Or is it because you tried an Android device and you failed at customizing it? At least have it as a draw if it does you any better. Man you people just suck a brand name hard dont you



i Think iPad2 is a very good Gadjet, but that's all that is to it a gadject.

On the other hand, the android tablets can be used for professional porpuses, because the native language is JAVA, the language that programmers use nowadays.

I've beean at a programmers forum in brasil and i found in the jobs section, many peolpe asking for developers in android to create mobility applications for them.

My opinion is if you want to play and show off, and look rich by an iPad, if your many is dificult to earn and you want a working tool rather than a gadjet by a Sansung or an Asus android 3.0 Tablet.

Ross Catanzariti


Mick, I think you need to get your facts straight. The thickness of the Galaxy Tab 10.1V << (can I emphasise the V any more?) is 10.9mm.

Again, this is NOT the thinner Galaxy Tab 10.1. This is the Galaxy Tab 10.1v which is sold exclusively through Vodafone in Australia.



The thickness of the Galaxy is NOT 10.9 !!! get your facts straight



Oh, and another thing I noticed is the screen resolution. Again wrong. It's actually WSVGA (1024 x 600).



Lastly is the Bluetooth. It's 3.0v not 2.1.



That's 10.1 FLASH SUPPORT! Not the screen size!

Screen size is 7in. Fits perfectly in my tiny Asian hands. :D



Darn. I thought that would be my last correction.

Bah! Just go to this website. And yes I own a



OK People. Real sorry. I was talking about the "other" galaxy tablet. hehe sorry

Ali Heibat


IPAD2 is better...



now im confused , i first decide to have Ipad2 , after many review i read ... i dont know what to buy??
dose the galaxy tab 10.1 have such wide spread applications & games as the Ipad? is it faster? what about the touch screen of 10.1? i try it in Ipad2 & it was great

pleas someone help me from fair prespectve

Jun Lee


I'm from Korea and I think its sad that Korea shut down the sales of Ipad2 so that the new Samsung Tablet gets ahead in sales. I've been waiting months for the Ipad2 here. Now with that said. I feel that they both have great options but the one reason why I choose the Ipad over the samsung copy cat is for the HDMI connection. its a great feature for my business and for anyone else doing presentations. Apple has a way better presentation outlook then the regualar PPT on the other pc's and tablets out there. so for business purposes i choose Ipad2.



As an iPad owner what is clear is that the alternative is now here. And thank goodness it has nothing to do with Microsoft!

Now we need an alternative for Skype as the Good Old Microsoft Magic is already creating an unpleasant smell around Skype.

Ellis Stephens


Just purchased the Galaxy. With all the post still not sold on which is better?



No SD card on both Big FAIL, where do put HD Movies etc
Same the Present Motorola Xoom no SD Card

Waiting for one with SD



I use both Mac and PC but i do think its funny how all these companies that are supposedly better than Apple cant do anything else other than copy and improve on design. Most companies can do that in any given industry. How about leading the way for once and lets see either Samsung, Motorola etc etc leading the way and coming up with a new product rather than another clone with a face lift



Copycats claiming they are better? well, that's fine...but after all they COPYCATS...



the most sh!t comparison ever



I feel terribly let down at the moment. Just got ipad2 & realise it is not fully compatible with the full internet experience. What a shame! Bring on the competition (flash enhanced please).



the most sh!t comparison ever
icloud will send lightning down and destroy all the galaxy tabs and androids!!!



where do you get this shxt! Will C?

The lighting will slide right off the bald head of androids and won't stick to the plastic of galaxy tabs!

iPad, however, will get the full blast from the volt with it's metal case!!!



DMS66...where do you get your info.? Have you been around for the last 15 years. Up until 6 or 7 years ago, PC's were the only decent product on the market...therefore "leading the way".

I have only played around with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 a little and have played with the iPad2 a lot. They are both great products but I like the fact that Android allows for its tablets to be customized. The Tab 10.1 seems like a fantastic product.



What a useless review. Tells me nothing about the performance of either. I hope they don't pay people to write crap like this, I could have done better just by cutting and pasting the spec sheets.



iPad 2 is certainly the best best tablet ever created before



Skyler and shallow mInded people alike claiming copy cat to healthy competition should suck on steve jobs apple flavored semen. Mp3 players were around before iPods, apple just improved and innovated them. Smart phones were around before I phones, apple comes in and gives the world the direction they needed. Tablets were also around before the iPad, apple just made them practical and user friendly. Apple has only been dominating the market for 5-10 years, companies have caught up where they were left behind and giving apple a run fir their money, it's HEALTHY competition, meaning we will be able to have more choices, better products and most importantly for the most of us is they will thus get cheaper to buy. Apple needs to stop sooking and stop trying to force the world to only having their products as an option because of stupid copycat claims. Apple should give it's slave laborers in China a pay rise and maybe some basic human rights, especially since it is an American brand.
That said, back on topic, last time I used android which was 2.1 at the time, it was basically a memory eating, background app opening really annoying machine, really hope 3.0 has fixed these bugs, esp for a tablet with those specs.
Posted from my iPhone :)



Ipad 2 - no usb connection = sucks big time.
apps - too many available = big (+)

I only have 1 question - how will Samsung beat Apple for Apps & availability ?



My 2 cents:



does the 'I' series have removable batteries?



this comparition is just not perfectly true



Of course everyone has failed to realize that Samsung make a lot of the components that go into an Apple Ipad so Samsung therefore have an insight on how they're made and of course come up with something better! No wonder Apple are unhappy, but who cares to be locked into the Apple "Empire"?



youre pretty lame at making reviews. especially the direct comparison of the specs. youre just... wow... useless



Why is not having flash a minus, I turned it off in my computer's web browser and I love losing all the ad-banners etc. And still get to view all the things I want to see.
and yes the galaxy has a much better camera, but how important is that? They do have a plus in flexibility and openess.



I have hthe galaxy tab now. Im an previous ipad owner. At first i thought the competitio. Is close but after buying the galaxy tab i was dismayed by the titles and developers and availability of quality apps. Go to android market website and check out which apps or games have known developer names. I think gameloft is thr best bet but as we all know in the gaming arena gameloft is the smallest and the least popular among all. But when you checkout the ipad titles and games they are the top of the line. Simple checkout availability of EA Games on ipad and check out on android. Android only has 3 decent sports games. Checkout the ipad titles made by EA for ipad, more than 50 + titles. Im still waiting for decent games to arrive for android. I guess the dillema for android is if you develop an game you have to develop for more than 20 different types of phones and tablets and thats very time consuming and would cost you to much to test the quality on every new android phone. Thats why when you check out the comments of purchasers of android games they are full of curses and rants about the developer. You cant blame them, how would they test their games on so msny devices that includes china made tablets and taiwan made tablets like asus and acer whew! As for ipad you just make only one application that is backward compatible to almost all apple devices. But if your not into games and your the techy type like me, go for android, you can do anything that a pc can do like download mp3s, torrent, play any video type, access any files from the internal memory a and lot of possibilities. So yiu just have to choose what type of user you are, games and apps go for ipad2, for techy and and pc substitute go for android. Thanks Romel martelino



All you Apple lovers go eat a wormy apple. Your all a bunch of sheep waiting to go to the slaughter house and after you do, none of this will matter. Just look at what the Apple did to Adam and Eve. I'm all for competition, GO Samsung.

Fadel D


can someone tell me why the galaxy tooked 1 month nd still not available in lebanon?

Tony D


all you all are saying which ever one you purchase is going to work well you will be happy with either

New to Tablets


Thank you all, didn't know what to buy. I am going to get my Galaxy today.



If you are afraid of judgement take an known and you don't have to be smart to use it.
If you like high end tech...then take the galaxy tab.
It's more free can have a decent videochat with skype. and lots of other things.



I was originally looking for an E-book to have access to multiple books without the bulk. However I then saw the better portable option of having e-book, Pc etc etc capabilities in one easy travel device so tablet seems great idea. This review was pretty useless but the opinions interesting. Games are not the be all for my list. Can anyone help me with which device/system would be best for my use?



I have an iPad 2, doesn't handle large PDF files very well but that is not a big deal. I feel apple went too cheap with the cameras as they didn't understand what users expect now. It is fast and battery lasts a long time if you don't use the gps to any great extent. I was going to get the galaxy tab but apple blocked them in Australia and I needed one soon. The biggest thing that bothers me with apple is it's poor connectivity. I have old mobile phones which connect easier to other devices and pcs easier than the ipad2. The convoluted ways of getting around the connectivity problems is a pain. I can't easily tether to a mobile. Throw in the painful rejections of not being able to use flash and I am over apple. I am losing interest in what could be a great product but apple is greedy and will lose out because of their personal protection. I know I can overcome most of these problems with the galaxy tab so I am hanging out for them to be released in Australia.



I've tested both... its true, Ipad2 has a crap camera and the tab definetly owns in that.... but in my use of the tab... i found it to be glitchy and run slower than the ipad, despite the tab having twice the memory. Never mind the app market, I want it to be stable and smooth... and so far the ipad has been very smooth, while the tab always feels like its trying to catch up to what your doing.



It constantly amazes me that no one ever mentions itunes when reviewing all the Apple devices. I can't believe you have to use that clunky software to get anything on to the device, drag & drop is just so much quicker & easier.
Worse still you can't even use a new ipad or iphone without plugging it into a computer with itunes first



Its a good ipad imitation



i reckon buying a ipad 2 is crap , always have to update and its still so slow compare with the samsung galaxy tab so apple . I hope that they are happy that they have won the case over samsung . Who makes the screen and casing for apple its samsung so i hope samsung will pull out and not make for apple. i hope apple will lose face :)



Apple are the best .



Review lacking depth and independent perspective. Rivalry between apple and vs android will continue just like apple vs pc.... Everyone to their own. just like some people don't like iTunes as the only means to manage your apple device... Personally, I hate iTunes for the forced number of updates required, copyright protection, and the mandate that apple pushes to their users. That doesn't mean apple devices in general are bad...they have good points. However, android has a greater diversity in the market, has demonstrated true market growth and popularity fast. The market for apps are good, and the number of developers are growing. Hell, apple wouldn't be afraid if they didn't take samsung to court. Steve Jobs narrow mindset lives on. Long live android!



After reading all this crap, i can tell you one thing, i have been a Apple boy from way back, but since i brought the i-phone 3 and 4 the service is rubbish. This goes for the I-Pad too, the Samsung picks up far better service then the I-pad, not sure why, but i have had them side be side in many well known towns in Australia and the i-pad will just rome, whilst the Samsung picks up, this goes for the I-phone as well, i have a cheap $50 Nokia and an i-phone 4, the nokia picks up near everywhere and the I-Phone dont even work at my home.



Please, people.... I'm now more confused than ever. This seems to be a battle between iPad owners and Galaxy owners. I am in the market for a tablet and have specific requirements. I am not buying it to play games. I want to use it for work.

My basic requirements are:- diary, ability to send and receive emails, documents, good storage capacity, contacts list, easy to operate and easy to be understood by a luddite.

Can someone please guide me on what to buy as I am due to go overseas shortly and will need to take my work with me. Laptop too heavy; a tablet will be fine. I am leaning towards the Galaxy 10.1 as I already own a Samsung smartphone.



i was going to get the ipad 2 for my son but after the crap/disgusting/in efficient/negligent service i received while trying to get Apple to repair/replace my iphone i would NEVER go back they have a long way to come in service and customer service!!!
And if their products are all that why have Genius Bars manned with idiots that cant fix the ever growing problems with their product range!



I read up the comparison between ipad and the samsung galaxy tablet and read the comments from all of you and have come to the conclusion that my first tab will be ...? can you guess?

reverse phone check


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other web pages. Appreciate your sharing this greatest doc.



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Los puertos de salida, que equipo es más versatil?

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