eBook reader comparison guide: how to buy

Looking for the best eBook reader? Before you buy an Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad or Sony reader read our guide to the best features you should compare

This allows you to load books in the ePub format (this is an open eBook format) onto your device from a variety of publishers. Most eBook readers will support commonly used Web, text, music and image formats (HTML, TXT, MP3 and JPG). It's quite important to check that the eBook reader you choose can be used with Adobe Digital Editions, otherwise you will not be able to read any content that uses anti-copying protection (most books sold online use anti-copying protection, sometimes referred to as Digital Rights Management or DRM).

Sony Reader
In addition to displaying text, some eBook readers can double as a decent photo viewer

Bookmarks, storage and PDFs

When using your eBook reader, as with when you read a paper version of the book, you want the reader to know where you are up to (even if you fall asleep with it on your lap, or it switches off). A digital bookmark if you will. Ideally you want the eBook reader to be able to remember where you are at in multiple books, as you may read more than one book at once, or share the reader with someone else.

Sony Reader
Check if the eBook reader comes with additional storage

eBook readers are great for voracious readers as you can store so many books on one slim device, but you need to consider how easily you can navigate the books. Some eBook readers will offer tonnes of storage space, giving you the ability to store many, many books. Does the eBook reader have an index page listing the books alphabetically by author or title? Can you skip forward a few pages when browsing through the index to browse the content, as you would skim a book? Check how easy it is to navigate for the content you want to read, before you decide on a particular eBook reader.

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Amanda Conroy

Good Gear Guide




I have found two spelling mistakes on your site - one typo, one an obvious mistake. I am a proof reader and will happily read ANYTHING you want to put to "air" and correct it so that your website doesn't turn people like me off continuing and maybe making a purchase - bedcause if you can't spell and correct your typos, you probably can't service my order. I charge $10 per correction payable to my Paypal account. I also do grammar corrections so that your descriptions make sense, same charge $10 per grammatical correction.
I look forward to hearing from you.



To Jeff - "bedcause"

You owe me ten bucks ;)




You wiped out my comment. Your dates and/or times are off. It's 5/11/11 so unless you are on European date style, it's wrong; however, your time is still off. It's 9:26 not 12:44.



LOL. Ditto



I might add that your dates are off on this website. Today is 5/11/11, not 12/5/11 (or if on European date, then your time is off) It's 9:23, not 12:44



And yet on my screen your date displays as Thu 12/05/2011 and your time displays as 12:46 which I would assume was the local time here when your comment was logged. There are more places in the world than the US or Europe, you know - and we all have different time zones to you two. Heck, the US has about 5 time zones and Europe has at least two!



Actually most of the world uses the dd/mm/yy model. It makes more sense. And this article would be more helpful if it did a comparison between the models it talks about.



This is actually an australian site, so it is on the australian time with the australian date. So as we are ahead of you, the date is going to be different. (and yes two posts is stupid but couldn't edit)



Okay, but which e-book is the better purchase?

I like color because then it displays magazines nicely, but is that important?

And what if I want something that is not available on my particular choice?

And yes, spelling is important.
So is not being rude.




just so we can be clear the date is 31/05/2011 time is done Australian eastern standard time which is 2 and half hrs in front of me as i live in perth w.a. so when i posred this it was 12:11 perth time



how can this be an comparison guild if there are no actual comparisons. i love reading and i don't have a lot of space for all the books i buy . an e book book would be awesome to have but which is the right one for me

Skippy the Red Kangaroo


An English friend of mine once gave a talk to a group of American school kids. Their first question? 'What language do you speak in England?'

Listen to the corn-syrup chugging morons squeal 'Oooooh your date/time/spelling is wrong!'

What a pack of galahs.



Nook or Kindle? Any suggestions?



Well, since someone asked for suggestions...
The main contenders (for my money) are-
1. Amazon Kindle
2. Barnes & Noble Nook Color
3. Sony Touch
(iPad isn't a reader- it's a tablet with reader software tacked on. That makes it MUCH more expensive.)

The original, the Kindle, is... ok. It does the job. BUT- it supports the fewest file formats, in an attempt to "lock" you into buying everything from Amazon.

The Sony Touch supports more formats. It also has an SD slot for extra memory. However, it doesn't have WiFi (for now) so if you fancy sitting in a trendy coffeee shop downloading trash, this isn't for you. Another problem: the larger 7-inch ones are hard to find right now. Sony may be preparing to bring out a new version.

Finally, the Nook Color. Brings colour to the table, so if you read glossy mags or look at pretty graphics, this is the only reader for you. It also has expandable memory, and a community of hackers who have been adding all sorts of options. It's biggest problem: Zero Support outside the USA. They won't sell it to you - you need eBay or a intermediary like PriceUSA.

My suggestion: Nook (if you can get it). Failing that, WAIT to see what Sony will offer in the next few months.




So you do grammar corrections do you? Well, from your email you won't do mine. Bedcause I done it myself, didn't I?



Can anyone tell me which e readers,,,,have a black background and white writing,,,,as well as white background with black writing.




Geoff,,,dont correct people's spelling or grammar when you cant enunciate yourself properly. You should have said "did it myself" not "done it myself".



Terry, I use the Kindle for PC app on my laptop and the white on black is an available setting. I also use an easy touch Nook (and that feature is not available.) BTW, I am going to add a Nook Color to my "collection".



@ Mel: HAHAHAHAHAHA serves the arrogant jerkwad jeff right!



Anybody here who wants their essays, reports and articles proofread by the great jeff, raise your hands!...


hey... anybody here who wants their reports and articles proofread by the great jeff, raise your hands!...


uhh...anybody? come on guys, anyone? please? jeff needs his ten bucks... he's an excellent proofreader, honest...



I have a lot of books on a thumb drive which e reader will take a thumb drive please



Really, do any of you believe that you are providing constructive information to this page. This is the type of diatribe that turns people off. Comment that is irrelevant to the original review is a total waste of time and detimental to the user seeking valid information on the quality, or lack thereof, of a product



I like to read in bed at night, and in the living room with a fluorescent lamp next to me. Plus, I can't afford an Apple iPad. What would be the best choice for an ereader?



what are the fetures for the nook simple touch?



Thank you, Alan: You're right -- the article title and
promised currentnerss from PC are misleading. You've saved the day by actually giving me useful information, as I'm making the same choice, now, to "gift" someone.
(I know -- "gift" is not a verb.) So thanks PC for setting up the site; and thank you, Alan, for the help.



Thank you, Alan: You're right -- the article title and
promised currentness from PC are misleading. You've saved the day by actually giving me useful information, as I'm making the same choice, now, to "gift" someone.
(I know -- "gift" is not a verb.) So thanks PC for setting up the site; and thank you, Alan, for the help.



For Jeff - not sure I want to hire a proof reader who can't spell the word because ("bedcause") AND who doesn't catch the mistake before going public with his sales pitch!

Greer Janis


Why...why...does every simple query asking for educated advice slide into moronic posturing? I would love to know if purchasing a 2011 Nook for my "basic computers skills" mom would be a good purchase...pros and cons only please...

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