Halo Reach's first day sales fail to topple Modern Warfare 2's record

Halo: Reach can reportedly claim the second best launch day in gaming history

As expected, Halo: Reach has the makings of another Microsoft revenue juggernaut. The sci-fi prequel about a group of super-soldiers defending a besieged planet reportedly 'reached' into the pockets of gamers and pulled out a record $200 million in the opening 24 hours of sales.

That's pretty impressive, and of course Microsoft wants to help us glean just how impressive by stacking that figure against launch numbers for the whole of the U.S. entertainment biz, so far, in 2010. Three-day opening weekend totals for movies like Iron Man 2, Alice in Wonderland, and Toy Story 3? All in Halo: Reach's rearview mirror, according to Microsoft's claims.

A shame, then, that news aggregators like Google ridiculously lump video games in with so-called 'sci-tech' stories, not in 'entertainment', where they rightly belong.

In any event, Microsoft is understandably crowing.

"'Halo: Reach' is the biggest game Microsoft has ever released, and its launch has already surpassed every game, movie, and entertainment launch this year," said Phil Spencer, corporate vice president of Microsoft Game Studios, in a press statement. "Every major installment has grown in scope and popularity, firmly cementing the 'Halo' franchise as one of the most popular entertainment properties in the world over the past decade."

Spencer's claims aren't entirely accurate. Halo 3: ODST, the last installment prior to Reach, took a full two weeks to reach $125 million in sales. While its overall sales -- somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 million copies worldwide -- were impressive, they never came anywhere near Halo 3's 8 million copies. I guess Spencer considers ODST a 'non-installment', a position fans disappointed by its brief six-hour solo campaign could probably endorse.

If Microsoft was hoping, however faintly, to bump Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 from its perch as the all-time opening sales record-holder, it had to settle for second fiddle. Modern Warfare 2 pulled in $310 million at its launch last year off record-shattering sales of 4.7 million copies. To put that in perspective, Halo 3 took a full week to hit $300 million back in 2007, grabbing only $170 million in first day sales (a record at the time).

It'll be interesting to see whether Medal of Honor or Call of Duty: Black Ops, both releasing later this year, have a shot at one-upping Halo: Reach, or coming anywhere near Modern Warfare 2's numbers. I'd wager 'maybe' on the former, and 'not a chance' on the latter.

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Matt Peckham

PC World (US online)




Good article... One problem, and a big one.... did you even consider the fact that MW2 came out for xbox360, ps3 and the pc? while halo reach was an xbox exclusive. Considering those numbers, Halo reach should have sold only 1/3 of what MW2 sold, however it sold 2/3..... FAIL



strawberry, MW2 did not sell the same amount of copies across all three platforms, so dividing its sales by 2/3 is wrong. I do see your point though...



heheh LMAO

"Good article... One problem, and a big one.... did you even consider the fact that MW2 came out for xbox360, ps3 and the pc? while halo reach was an xbox exclusive. Considering those numbers, Halo reach should have sold only 1/3 of what MW2 sold, however it sold 2/3..... FAIL"




i think im stupid for even reading this...why and how do people compare multi platform release to a single platform game... now if he is just talking about what mw2 sold on the 360 i guess that would be different, but he is not, and odst bad game or not, it sold well. videogames are still a business.



lmao don't even think halo would sell more then a million on the ps3 you can keep your lame ass exclusive to yourselves. so yeah halo couldn't beat cod even if it were a third party title. halo will never sell more than cod never, and the fact that there is a new cod game ever year doesn't help. to be honest both mw2 and reach suck. but thats just me.



@ Wargomer

Grab a razor and slice yourself in the dick. You are obviously a hater. How long did it take for your console of choice's best exclusive to get to 3 million copies?! Huh?! HUH??!! Thats what i thought. Halo Reach is a package of content, while MW2 is just a recycled MW1 with a new story and new little things here and there in multiplayer. Keep that s**t. Reach sucks? The game has been out for 48 hours. Im sure you played it fully since it came out to pass that kind of judgement you freaking virgin ass prick



@ Realsys

Halo:Reach is just as much of a recycle as MW2. Stop spreading sh*t that Halo:Reach is an entirely new game. Reused content, recoulored and sold as new.

As a PC gamer, I can see no interest in Halo. It has poor graphics, gameplay seems sloppy & FPS games on a console is like wanking with your feet.

There is no way, even if Halo was a multi platform release that it would have beaten MW2.

Honestly, Halo:Reach had more hype up till it's release than MW2, so say all you want that MW2 is a multiplayform release, it still beats Halo anyday.



@ Thinkthonk

Halo reach might be that but no way MW 2 is any way sort of better... That game is the worse 60 bucks i have spent on a videogame with all the fact of glitching and modding and plus even without dedicated severs on the PC the game is a total utter joke that should of never been released



Oh and Halo would sold more then a million copies... So don't be getting your ps3 fanboyism think otherwise.. And for the xbox fanboyism Halo reach is a great game but it isn't the OMG best game ever on the planet



Your an idiot my friend cross platform much?



MW2 was by far the most hyped game in recent history, and in most people's opinion the most disappointing. Reach is a good game, and if you knew anything about it you would know Halo Reach's engine was built almost completely from the ground up. And I know plenty of PS3 owners that would love to have a Halo game on their console, because instead they have to play it over my house. Halo also has so much more to offer than any CoD game. An immersive single player campaign with an amazing backstory, Forge which allows players to create any gaming experience they want, Theater to view and save films, Firefight to test your skills with your friends, and of course an award winning multiplayer that is very difficult to glitch and mod.

Also, I would like to see the sales that MW2 had for 360 for the first day. If those beat Halo Reach, or even Halo 3, then I'll be willing to admit defeat.



Umm, to the first comment.
I'm pretty sure they're only counting the MW2 sales on XBox360.
If you want to include Multiplat sales, that'd be really unfair since it sold somewhere around 20million copies worldwide.

The Xbox360 version alone sold around 10 million copies, and the PS3 version sold around 8 million (?) and I'm not so sure about the PC Version.



Correction mw2 sold $370 million worldwide they are comparing the price to multiplatform sales. Halo:Reach sold $200 million on ONE console thats astounding!! Those are for the 1st 24hrs as well



Everyone knows Microsoft isn't going to let a Sony platform play one of it's games. MW2 sold more copies than Halo: Reach period.

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