Samsung Galaxy S vs Apple iPhone 4: Smartphone showdown

Which is the better phone -- Samsung's Galaxy S or Apple's iPhone 4?

Samsung's Galaxy S is challenging Apple's iPhone 4 in the smartphone market.

Samsung's Galaxy S is challenging Apple's iPhone 4 in the smartphone market.

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S has an all-plastic body, which is disappointing given it's a premium smartphone. The menus don't look as polished as the interface on HTC's Android smartphones, though this remains a personal preference. The iPhone 4's stainless steel band (which also doubles as the phones antenna) is certainly intriguing, and at just 9.3mm thick, it is one of the world's thinnest smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy S may hold an advantage over the iPhone 4 when it comes to multimedia. Though the iPhone's iPod integration is one of its outstanding features, the Galaxy S supports DivX and Xvid video files. On the downside, the Galaxy S lacks an LED flash for its camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S is currently available exclusively through Optus, but will soon be available on Telstra and VHA. The iPhone 4 is available through all four Australian carriers — Telstra, Optus, VHA (Vodafone and 3) and Virgin Mobile.

What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy S and the Apple iPhone 4? Tell us in the comments below!

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Ross Catanzariti

Ross Catanzariti

Good Gear Guide


Mr Blah


Most importantly ....
Price on contract (example in the UK)
galaxy s =150 +24x15 (300/300/1GB)
iphone 4 =170 + 30x24 (300/UL/1GB)
so iphone is 75% more expensive.......

Also- I would have lumped the two screen things into one. And there is no winner. I have the galaxy and my friend has the iphone. I prefere the pop out brilliance and beter visability/viewability of the larger more vivid screen of the galaxy. If, like engadget, you sit with your phone 1cm away from your eyeball in good light then the iphone may be best for you you wierdo.

Internal and expandable memory should be lumped also as that is how they are used.

In terms of form- 3mm wider and 7mm longer when it's that thin and gives a much bigger screen is not a loser.

The galaxy processor is sort of the same for general stuff but the galaxy has a super wizzy gpu pushing 90millon triangles/sec which is (so i'm told) the best for any phone by almost 3x. Phew- thats over a third the power of a PS3.

Add TV out through the 3.5mm jack, good bundled headphones, soon to be upgraded to 2.2 with full flash, ablility to carry around and replace a spare battery.

The only shame is the slightly flimsy back plate. At least samsungs choice of materials dosn't make it drop calls.

Also I believe the Android market had more "good" free apps.



Mr Blah I couldnt agree more with you



You're wrong - I agree more than you do! And my opinion is twice as valuable.



i like galaxy s more then iphone.



Mr Blah - thanks for your extra comments. It helps a lot when someone who actually uses the phone takes the time to give a critique.



im soooooo getting a samsung galaxy s no doubt about it :)



Tony, agreed!!! Ross Catanzariti, you are a fanboy. All of your iOS vs Android device comparisons sway in favour of iOS purely based on it being iOS, and having the "Apple App Store". Quite frankly, the Apple App Store is a ripoff. I'll bet money you have an iPhone 4 and an iPad at the very least.



I will ALSO add, that your review FALSELY states a win in favour of the iPhone 4 due to the Galaxy S not having 850mhz HSDPA capabilities?

I refer to Samsung's website which shows contrary to this. It's impossible for it not to be 850 anyway. It works on the Telstra Next G 850mhz network...



the ability to jailbreak alone makes the iphone the winner



@likasumbodee, you're a douchebag. You don't NEED to jailbreak if you don't have an iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's the whole point!!



@scotty , jailbreaking allows you to get a lot of free apps from the jailbreaker software. Whereas Galaxy S cant be jailbreak, for those paid apps, they will never be free. Thats why likasumbodee prefer iphone.

My whole family uses Iphones. I prefer Iphone more personally.



I have the Iphone 3g, my boyfriend has had the Samsung Galaxy for 6 months now. Altough his samsung survived falling of the stairs I still feel my good old Iphone is more sturdy.

Besides that, his battery runs down within a day with normal use, it sometimes turns itself off for no reason, or it won't turn on/gets stuck a few times when trying. (even before the fall of the stairs).

For me, that's a reason to stick with the iphone. Next week I can pick a new phone again, and if my boyfriend hadn't had one, I definatly picked the samsung galaxy S then. but because of his experiece it will be the iphone 4.

@Sacredtxd: Paid Android apps can be downloaded and installed via the pc if you want need for jailbreaking...



Samsung galaxy s screen is 100% beter then iphone... Gpu is way beter,biger screen,unscrachable screen,wifi hotspot,flash capable etc. Ghe only god thing a out iphone is that its in and you are cooler if you have it and thats it. All payed apps can be installwd via pc free. Maket is growing fast and will soo. Owergrow aple. My girl has iphone 4 and i have samsung and we both fel samsung is beter. Screen is much more sensi le go touch and so on....



@likasumbodee ur a stupid fanboy, u can root the galaxy anyway which is better than jailbreaking because it gives u superuser controll. this is jailbreaking for android. research before u comment douchbag



anyone tried using both fones?



I was given the iphone 3 from my best friend, and within a week upgraded to the 4. I totally fell in love with the 4 but then after 2 months, lost it at the cinemas and was never returned. I went back to using the 3 which I dont mind (my previous phone was an LG Viewty) but I loved the versatility of multi-tasking. I am now looking at possibly getting the Galaxy S but need to know if it multi-tasks.



@ehmehmeh & all the other ones who are compAring in apps from the jail-breaking we get better apps than we get from galaxy so iphone4 is the better one than samsung galaxy if you are comparing in apps



I own a galaxy s running stock gingerbread 2.3.3 my previous phone was a iPhone 3GS and temporally had iPhone 4, The SGS is the best phone I have ever owned, it is blisteringly fast, my battery lasts me 2 days, i can modify my phone how ever i like unlike my iphone which required jailbreaking which is no where near as good as having a rooted droid which i removed becuase android is good enough without voiding my warrinty.

Once you start using android you see the full picture and what this powerful OS can do.

oh yeah people saying you cant get paid apps for free OF COURSE YOU CAN!! WAY EASIER THAN iPhones. and you even have a couple ways about it download an app like 4shared or simply do a google search just at the end of the name of the app add .apk for example quickoffice pro.apk you will find most apps.

If there is something about Iphones you dont like your stuck with it Mr Jobs thinks his way is the only way, where as with android the user decides what he/she wants for example i like swipe but i wanted a change didnt like the samsung keyboard so why dont i just search the market for keyboards found myself the swiftkey X beta keyboard BEST FREAKING KEYBOARD EVER MADE by the way who would have thought of a keyboard that learns word predictions from previously sent text messages emails and facebook account which is totally optional just takes the dictionary to learn your style a bit longer.

Open source code will soon be surprime with the ability of creating applications with theoretically no limit locked down iDevices will soon struggle keeping up with android and its the expanding amount of developers working on this powerful OS



i just wana say that .. android is the best os in this world much better than iphone ios... i m goin to purchase samsung galaxy s 2 .. which will beat all phones.



Samsung Galaxy version 1 doesn't compare whatsoever with the iphone (had both in my house) iphone a lot easier to use, much more userfriendly, much easier to get fixed, deadeasy recovery and software updates and spare parts readily available. Samung Galaxy I personally experienced terrible customer service and not happy at all. Screens black out after a few month of use, just google Samsung Galaxy and black screen. Spare parts are hard to get and if the phone needs repairing and it takes forever.



The samsung galaxy s is better than the iphone for because it has better apps better widgets and you can do voice commands and its internet is more faster and you can also text faster with swep and its screen is way better



Galaxy S is a better phone. Bar None. I've used both, and the iPhone doesn't come close.

1. Any smartphone is a phone first. And the SGS's radio is much more receptive and call quality clearer. In other words, if you are in remote areas where cell signals are low, you'll be able to use the Galaxy S much further

2. Contrary to this article, both phones utilize all GSM bands in the spectrum. And that includes 850mHz. You can even enter a command on the Galaxy S (I believe its *#2263* from the dialpad), and you could even CHOOSE the band you want, if Automatic is operating too slowly in remote areas.

3. Take both phones and clear out the internet cache from both phones. Then exit out. Now, go to a graphics intensive page AT THE SAME TIME ON BOTH PHONES. Which loads faster? You guessed it. SGS

4. You don't need to jailbreak your phone, to install pay-for apps. Just download them from the internet if you're so inclined to be cheap, and install them.

5. Rooting goes much farther than Jailbreak. You can literally do anything you want to your phone, from changing modems, kernals, or the ROM itself. You can increase CPU speed, heck its a mini computer that lets you do anything. This also lets you remove any apps that came with your phone that you don't want but can't uninstall.

6. Home screen. Simply put, the iPhone4 doesn't have one. You can put weather widgets (updating location automatically) right on your home screen. You can have as many customizable home screens as you wish... Not just a 4x4 icon'd list of your apps.

7. The power of Google and a LEGAL Open Spaced environment.

8. Voice Navigation that speaks street names STOCK. I've tried on the iPhone4, couldn't find an option like this at all.

9. Flash. Need I say more?

There is much more than I listed here, but the whole point is the SGS is much more than the iPhone simply because of Google.

Hardware wise, its much better. yes the max internally is 16gb. but its rather infinite with an external microSD slot and the ability to move your apps (while still able to use them) to these external SD cards.

Using up all 16gb or 32gb is insane, but thats not the point. The SGS is simply more versatile.

Even more versatility? Try changing the battery on your iPhone. Go ahead, I'll wait.

If you don't have a charger handy, or an ability to charge it somewhere, too bad. The SGS? Keep a spare battery in your pocket. When the phone runs out of juice, pop the back cover off in less than 1 second and do the switcheroo.

Enough said. Hands down. SGS is much more versatile, much easier to manipulate and has the Power of Google Android.

If the iPhone was so great... then they'd be selling better than Android offerings right? Wrong. They are number 2 in the world right now.. #1? The mighty green martian.

Android is selling at a rate of 500,000 activations per day. And its the fastest growing mobile OS ever produced. Look it up.

Enough said.



One final thing.

Apple is suing (I believe its still before the courts) HTC and Samsung. 1 for a touch screen display, the other for the square icon look.

They'll lose both.. HTC was the inventor of capacitive touch screens in mobile phones with the Compaq Ipac or something way back, and square icons have been around forever. Ask any GUI developer on any smartphone.

Just becase Apple made it popular doesn't mean they own it.

But Steve Jobs thinks he rules the world. Let him think he does.

Android is to iPhone - as Microsoft was to Apple back in the 1980's. History will repeat itself if he doesn't get his act together.



The one thing thats never gets pointed out is iphones inability to wrap text. I have used both and this to me is iphones biggest downfall. Absolutely useless to browse on compared to android. Anyone else agree.



I've just purchased a SGS and am trying to work it out! I got told by the store person that it was better than the i-phone 4 which he had and was changing! I really want to know how to put music on to my phone. I downloaded Samsung Kies, which is what I have been told needs to be installed on my computer to be able to copy files to my phone! Tried to open Samsung Kies and it just came up with heaps of writing in a different language I don't understand! Does it matter that my computer is a Mac?



U guys ok I have a galaxy s it's great sometimes lags but app wise it has android market many paid apps on iPhone r free and don't forget u can get apps from android, samsung and your provider so heaps to choose from so if ur worried bout apps dont be go the galaxy heaps better



Samsung galaxy is the best. Apple has a worm in it.



don't forget the amazon store ....



who cares as long as it rings



its only a phone man



The galexy is the best. Everyone of my mates who has an Iphone has had to take it back two or three times. They always break now they are getting the galexy so am I.






@ michele in settings click on usb then click on i think its usb mode then select mass storage makes it easier to copy and paste between phone and pc :)



how easy will it be to synchronize my galaxy s calendar to my macbook calendar?



Which gets better reception. I'm with Teltra



To put it bluntly, the iPhone is more (gadget-)idiot-proof. In kinder words, the process of managing your phone is a lot easier, such as adding music & videos and generally operating the phone. You sacrifice flexibility, though, for this - which ultimately isn't an issue for those who just want a phone/mp3 player.

If you're good with technology, the Galaxy S is a much better choice because you can do so much more with it. People who use the internet on their phones a lot will definitely notice the difference Flash support makes.

The Android App Store is a bit of a minefield compared with Apple's. Again, this isn't likely to be a problem if you're tech-savvy.



thanx for the reviews guys! i've decided..i'm getting samsung galaxy s! finally!!! it was a big dilema for me, because both phones have and pluses and minuses, but, definetely galaxy wins! hope i won't have big problems with it, like black screen, frequet restart, small battery life and many others!



So you guys are saying that the iphone is better because you can pirate an app...FFS.

I have had a galaxy for a couple of months now and it is awesome. Don't need to jailbreak it to do anything, but I HAVE rooted it so that I can uninstall some of the provider apps that are on there.

With the Samsung, you get Flash AND you can play Divx natively.



What ever your handphone might be, either Samsung or iphone...what matters is you are in the MODERN WORLD OF TELECOMMUNICATION! BE HAPPY!



iPhone 4 is a fat phone I wouldn't change it for the world!



Can we move the bottom four icons on a Galaxy S2 ?



okay, I have read most of the reviews and stuff, it's final . Samsung Galaxy S <3 The end ;3



what a hassle to connect it to the computer, DON'T GET ONE!



Samsung that is!!!!



My wife has a Samsung s and it is crap to use compared to my iPhone. She is always asking how to do things. The iPhone is much more simpler to use Apple for ever



The Android Marketplace is dynamic. Which means softwares/upgrades may be continuously (a) upgraded or (b)new ones evolved. When you consider the millions of geeks working on this area worldwide vs. the Apple Store - the difference is obvious. The Android is simply more evolved and adapted for a ever-changing world. Whereas this clearly indicates my preference towards the Galaxy - my own experience is that the iphone (I own both) is a much stable device like all Apple products. In the last six months my Galaxy hung up more than 10 times, the battery charging issues are common with Galaxy. Yeah, the connectivity issue with iphone was embarrassing (RIP Steve Jobs!)but didn't apple fix this super quick?

Elise Jones


Do have to say, I am a big fan of drag and drop. Neither Apple or Android have this capability anymore. Having had a Samsung Galaxy icon which was completely useless- the speaker 'broke' within 2 days, and I have generally not had a good experience with Samsung in general. However, Apple tends to be to controlling in it's devices, and from having an Iphone as well (very, very fragile) I would definitely go with the Galaxy S. The micro SD card is a brilliant addition to any phone/media player. Sad that apple does not have expandable products :(



IM about to get phone but IM having a really hard time choosing if i should get iPhone 4 because its a really nice phone or a galaxy s because everyone is saying its way more better
but i don't know witch one:(



I like Galaxy s more than I phone

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I don't leave many remarks, but i did some searching and wound up here Samsung Galaxy S vs Apple iPhone 4: Smartphone showdown - Android, Apple, Google Android, iphone 4, samsung, samsung galaxy s, smartphones - Good Gear Guide. And I actually do have some questions for you if it's allright. Is it just me or does it give the impression like a few of the comments appear as if they are written by brain dead people? :-P And, if you are writing at additional social sites, I would like to keep up with anything new you have to post. Could you make a list of all of all your communal sites like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?



I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great.
I don't know who you are but definitely you're going to a famous blogger if you aren't already ;) Cheers!

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