Halo 3 ODST is worth every cent: don't believe the haters

Stop whining about Halo 3 ODST and take it from us: it's worth the money

For the past few weeks, Halo 3 ODST has been under the gun -- unfairly, in our opinion.

For the past few weeks, Halo 3 ODST has been under the gun -- unfairly, in our opinion.

Sometimes, you really are a bunch of whining, hatemongering kill-joys.

In the weeks leading up to the launch of Bungie’s hotly anticipated Halo 3 ODST, a bleak and cynical trend manifested itself on the Web. ”Is Halo 3: ODST Really Worth $60?” asked GamingUnion.net, with clear rhetorical bias. ”$60 for an expansion pack? Halo 3 ODST underwhelms” claimed Ars Technica — their minds presumably made up before even seeing the game. ”Worst Halo Yet!” stormed TechUnion.us (er, since when did Comic Book Guy review video games?)

For the past few days, every other headline on N4G.com seemed to be a whiny protest letter directed at Microsoft Games Studios and Bungie. According to the vitriol, Halo 3 ODST is nothing but a DLC rush-job masquerading as a full-priced game. Oh ye of little faith… OF COURSE Halo 3 ODST is worth the money! It’s an AAA+ game from Microsoft and Bungie! Did you really think they were going to drop the ball on this one? Compared to 90 per cent of console shooters, ODST is a work of genius.

Okay, okay; so it’s true that the game was initially conceived as an expansion pack, which is where most of the anger seems to be coming from. Granted, if Microsoft had stuck to the original RRP, Halo 3 ODST would be insanely good value for money — but that doesn’t mean it’s a rip-off at full price. From the polished and plentiful CGI cut scenes to the endlessly playable four-player Firefight mode, there is more than enough content here to justify your 60 smackaroos. In terms of new and original content, it certainly trumps most of EA’s annual sports titles.

In fact, ODST might just be the most original Halo game since Combat Evolved (we’re not including Halo Wars as it was produced by a different developer). It’s obvious that Bungie has gone to great pains to offer gamers something new, instead of just refitting the same game in slightly different body armor. The eerie open-world cityscapes, the shifting in-game timeline, the hunt for hidden items — this is unlike any other game in the Halo canon.

The fact that these anti-ODST stories gained traction on the Net proves that most of you are sheep who will click on anything inflammatory. We can’t just blame the Sony fanboys for this one; we’re all as guilty as each other. Once Halo Reach hits, there will be no more Halo games from Bungie, ever. It’s kind of sad that the team has been treated this way on its penultimate offering.

So in conclusion, stop whining about Halo 3 ODST. Take it from us: it’s awesome. Read our review of Halo 3 ODST here — which we’re calling ‘the best Halo yet'.

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Chris Jager

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*Everything* trumps EA's annual sports titles.



really? I mean really?

so the game is obviously good because it's made my microsoft and bungie...is this an argument or a point? Bungie has made epically few games and microsoft has lots of crap it's generated and last i checked "great pains" actually refers to a great deal of effort. It is clear this was put together during employees lunch breaks for the past 2 years. No argument can be made that reusing an old engine to created 3 maps and 5hrs of gameplay was "painstaking."

What should have happened was ODST being released for $30 with what it brings new, and an optional $60 version with the old halo 3 maps included. Most of us already have over half of the content that ODST brings to the table. I shouldn't have had to pay for the extra maps in the first place after actually buying the game, I pay microsoft already with Xbox Live don't i? no one should waste their money on this scam.



Sounds like you got payed off like all the others

Why don't you drop your pants while you're at it and let MS completely get their way with you.



Thing is, it's pretty difficult to imagine a prestigious franchise like Halo coming out as a budget game. It would be like Brad Pitt cropping up in a direct-to-DVD movie -- it just doesn't *feel* right. Does that give MS the right to rip us off? No. But a $30 Halo game would cheapen the whole franchise IMHO.



I have Halo 3 MP...why do I want to buy it again?

Here is a scenario that should deserves some discussion.

"Gamer A buys Halo 3 in 2007 and over the course of the last 2 years buys every map pack available. He's spent well around $100+. Gamer B buys Halo 3 in 2007 but never pays for the map packs as he's content with local multiplayer.

Now both Gamer A and Gamer B want to buy Halo 3 ODST because they need to bridge the gap between Halo 2 and Halo 3 so they can learn more of the Halo story. Gamer A drops $60 on the game as does Gamer B. Gamer A feels ripped off because he spent money on something that he's already purchased. Gamer B is ecstatic because he got something new and all the past content that he never purchased.

Gamer A posts all over the internet about how he got ripped off and Gamer B does the opposite by making counterarguments about how good a deal he just got."

90% of consumers are blind and ignorant, but that doesn't mean that big businesses should be asking them to spend more money on something they already own.

Stop trying to defend this marketing decision of theirs. It's costly to us, the consumers, and redundant when it comes to content. Why don't you go out to the nearest car dealer, put a price tag on your own car, and ask him to sell it to you? He'd gladly do it, but he's knows better because he knows you can't sell someone a product they already own. Microsoft banks on the fact that people know the name of the game and don't do research on it.

Articles like this are just preaching to the choir. You don't need to convince the people who don't buy the map packs from XBL. Convince the people who already spent $50+ on all the DLC map packs, but don't tell them why the game is worth $60 dollars by making comments on how they included the Halo 3 MP (that argument doesn't work for those who own Halo 3 and all its map packs.) Understand the target consumer for these products and then write these articles...don't justify a product that I will not spend my money on because I've already purchased my Halo 3 MP and will wait for Microsoft to stop being so money grubbing and give everyone a vanilla copy of Halo 3 ODST, otherwise I'll be waiting by the used shelves at my nearest game store.



Now I'm confused!!

So who should I blindly follow!? The people who say the game isn't as good as the others (or what it could have been) and not worth my money, or the people that say I should get it because it's a new Halo game. Or maybe, I should try disregarding any reviews/editorial articles and investigating it on my own then basing my final decision upon that. But if everyone did that then a lot of "game journalists" would be out of jobs for falling prey to and helping perpetuate fanboy idiocy ON sites like N4G.

It has the name "Halo" on it and it's coming with the Reach beta, it's not like any negative reviews (however true they are) are going to halt sales in the grand scheme of things. Truth be told I've already tried the game and I agree with Ars, it's not like they lied or created artificial problems in the game in order to slag it like I've seen so many times in reviews. But hell you apparently enjoy what you got, such is the beauty of subjectivity.

So because someone else doesn't like what you do or doesn't deem it worth their money shouldn't detract from your personal playing experience. You have your own sheep to herd so stick to writing reviews and leave the fanboy combat articles to the people who spend more time arguing about games than actually playing them.



bungie should separate from microsoft and do their own thing. they make great games but Microsoft just cares about money. look at how much they expect us to pay for windows 7.




why should i follow anybody's reviews or opinions? I will buy the game,play it and make my own conclusions.Btw,every HALO game was great,why this one should be different? I dont care about those whining sissies that are writing crap about this one.And i'm no fanboy,i have two PS3 and 360,and i'm playing PS3 even more,but i will never give up my 360. FRANKO




EA SPORT TITLES last longer than shitty other games because first the game has infinity things 2 do and 2nd u can play online versing ur friends and get trophies. how dare you say that




to the incredibly dumb AI.
not to mention friendly AI.
every time im in a vehicle i either get driven insane because the person driving is a complete moron and keeps crashing into things.
or im driving and the AI is randomly shooting like theres a fly buzzing around there face.
how can a expantion pack, with a story that lasts 6 hours max, with levels which feel the same as the last be worth 100 bucks?

seriously if this is worth 100 bucks, than games like assassins creed, prince of persia, batman AA are worth 200 bucks and games like uncharted, splinter cell, fallout 3, god of war, ninja gaiden, gears of war, ratchet and clank are worth 300.
and games are overpriced as it is.
hows that moneysoft checkbook.



They are

"On October 1, 2007, a mere six days after the release of Halo 3, Microsoft and Bungie announced that Bungie was splitting off from its parent and becoming a privately-held Limited Liability Company named Bungie LLC."

They already as separated, and as you can see it happened a while ago.



Argument not Valid

You know what, there's a major difference between what a review has to say about a video game (getting paid to play it and not paying for the game) and Joe Average buyer who has to shell out to play the game. And if you find youself potentially re-buying halo maps you have and only getting a beta and 6 hours of gameplay, you're going to be hesitant to hand over money.

You're article has a lot of problems in it's writing. First, you come off strongly as a fanboy who's feelings got hurt because someone expressed their honesty about something and you didn't want to hear it. Suck it up. Not everyone is going to agree with you or feel you're being honest (I don't)

You want us to read your sites review on Halo: ODST? So when I read the "What's Not" section and find "No competitive multiplayer mode, major issues with NPC marine A.I, exiting the game via the Xbox Guide button means you lose your campaign progress. Graphics need a facelift." then it looks like I'm not finding the best Halo game to date ever, nor am I finding your assessment of the game different from other nay-sayers who have 'filled the front pages of N4G'.

I think it would have been better for yourself and everyone if you had taken some time to think about this rather than snapping back at people and writing this foolish article. You have made no compelling arguement about your point (if it exists) and end up with a lot of hot air and egg on your face.



Too short

The campaign is solid, but short. Forgivable. Most of us already own the map packs. Forgivable. The one thing ODST brings to the table which was unique was Firefight. But there's no matchmaking which means you can only play with friends. This is a comical decision and unforgivable.

As such, I'm having trouble seeing where the $60 price tag us justified.



Some good points, but I think the article's EA Sports comparison is valid. Nobody expects Madden 09 (or whatever) to be released as an expansion, do they?

Also, from what I've seen of the single player campaign so far, it is quite different to Halo 3. I love the Bladerunner/Ghost in the Shell vibe to the city. If you care about atmosphere in games, Halo 3 ODST is better than any previous Halo game, IMHO.




Im sorry but lets be honest, who ever liked the campaign on any halo. Halo as a story and as a single player mode sucks bad, its terrible. This game is not worth the 60 bucks hands down. Hell the god of war collection wich includes trophies and has been upscaled to 720p is only going to be 40 dollars, and god of war is a great story and a way better game and KRatos is an actual SPARTAN. This is like everything on xbox - overpriced up the ass. The only HALO I ever liked was the first one and all i liked was the multiplayer and thats it.





Kratos was a bald Bad-guy wrestler with a bad red tatoo that you are supposed to TAKE for a spartan. Real Spartans had long hair that they constantly combed and kept oiled to the point that their allies made fun of them for it behind their back. They fought with spear and hoplon (a type of shield) in lines that would not break and did so with tremendous discipline. They did not use the Bow of #@#$ing Artmeis or whirl magical blades around that are chained to their wrists or do QTE's to tear heads off on a fixed camera..

You taste in stories is HIGLY questionable and to be honest lots of people liked the campaign in HALO and the gameplay. Thats probably why the series outsold the God of War series by a huge margin despite being for a much less popular console.

You aren't being honest here so much as infantile. You are a hater reaching for a reason to hate.



Bringing ancient history into a videogame debate is geeky, funny and awesome all at the same time. Bravo.

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