Get a Blu-ray player for $50 (kinda)

Why the PlayStation 3 trumps the Xbox 360 Elite

Today, Xbox Australia announced a $100 price drop for its flagship Xbox 360 video game console, the Xbox 360 Elite. The top-of-the-range system will now carry an RRP of $449 -- $50 less than the redesigned Sony PlayStation 3, which will be available at the end of the month.

So what do those extra fifty dollars get you if you decide to go with Sony over Microsoft? In addition to inbuilt wireless and free access to online gaming, the main answer is obviously Blu-ray. Unlike the Xbox 360 Elite, the PS3 is a fully fledged Blu-ray player complete with access to BD Live. Not bad for fifty bucks.

To put that into context, adding a Blu-ray drive to the Dell Inspiron 545s PC costs an additional $275. Now, we realise the Xbox 360 Elite and PlayStation 3 are not the same product, but we feel they’re similar enough to justify the comparison (indeed, the Xbox 360 Elite was initially released as an answer to the PS3's launch). Both consoles offer a similar gaming experience and -- bar the occasional exclusive -- a comparable games library. When it comes to gaming, they're pretty much on par with each other.

So if you're tossing up between these very-similar consoles, pay heed: the PS3 essentially throws in a Blu-ray player for a $50 premium. When you look at it like that, the choice gets a lot easier; especially if you're planning to upgrade to Blu-ray anyway. On the other hand, there's also the Xbox 360 Pro to consider, which costs just $399.

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Chris Jager

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Your joking right?

You'd statements about the 2 systems having a similar lineup is grossly incorrect. The Xbox 360 has a superior lineup of games compared to PS3, and not to mention that the cross platform titles both sell and perform better than their PS3 counterparts! Microsofts array of exclusive DLC deals has reignedsuperior on Xbox360 and has ensured the ongoing success of games like Fallout 3 and GTA4. Furthr Xbox live performs leaps and bounds over songs home service.Xbox live and DLC alone are huge advantages that 360 owners have over PS3. At least when MS havea price cut, and they've had several compared to Sony. At least features and hardware are not removed. What you and everyone else on the Sony camp still don't get is power and features don't sell a console these days, software and ease of use do and that is what sony should be focusing on rather that price and blu Ray!



Yea.. they must be joking



Well written article

You do get more bang for your buck in terms of Hardware with the PS3, there is no logical argument against that. Microsoft should have at least thrown in a wireless adapter with their Elite console, rather than charge people $100-150 for something that SHOULD be standard. And a Blu-Ray player? Even if you don't care that much about it it's still well worth $50 to have a future-proof console rather than potentially have to spend a couple of hundred to have to buy yet another add-on a year or two down the track. As for network performance X-Box live certainly does have the advantage currently, but having a free service that still does everything you actually need like the PSN is nothing to be scoffed at.
When it comes to games however it's all down to personal preference. Some people will prefer the PS3 exclusives like Uncharted, Gran Turismo, God of War, Infamous, LittleBig Planet, Killzone 2 etc. While some people will prefer XBOX ones like Forza, Halo, Mass Effect and Gears of War.
Multiplatform games are basically identical these days between the two(Look at Resident Evil 5 and the new Batman game for example), and overall DLC for a couple of games is not reason ebough to purchase one console over another(The PS3 is getting the Fallout 3 DLC in september anyway).
Anyone saying that either console has no worthy games needs to pull their head out of the ground and stop being so biased.



Fuck yeah

Also the price for xbox live has to be taken into account. fuck that i already pay for net, i dont wana pay extra too play for online.
As you said it depends on what exclusives you want. People can argue which has better games but it comes down to the individual.
I have to admit that the x360 does have better multiplayer based games IMO. Halo3 is awesome cos u got online/online splitscreen/lan. i think its the same with gears of war.
The PS3 blue ray player is actually really good. Better than the one that came free with my tv anyway.

But anyway who gives a shit, Borderlands is multiplatform and thats the only thing that even matters this year....also MW2



not a price drop really.

its not really a price drop.
theve removed the HDMI cable, have a look on ebay there charging close to 50 bucks for it.
ive looked around at heaps of stores and have not been able to find it, only online stores stock it and the cheapest i found was 45 bucks.
so that explains half of the price drop was to cover the removal of the HDMI cable.
but M$ only did this because they knew they would get slaughtered by sony this holiday season.
the articles right i cant see why the hell in the world you would buy a 360 let alone over a ps3.
99.99% of the exclusives are on pc, why spend 400 bucks on a 360 to play a certain game when you can buy said game and play it on your PC.
everyone has a PC these days and most would be able to run which ever game on their pc, may be not at max settings but low.
my laptop is 4 years old all ive done is upgrade the ram and i can play crysis.
if my 4 year old laptop can do it anything can.
the ps3s worth the 500 bucks just for bluray alone, most bluray players cant accsess the net, and cant be upgraded so your limited to what movies you can watch.
the ps3 no such problem through firmeware updates.
not to mention the stellar exclusive lineup comming at the end of the year with uncharted 2 ratchet and clank a crack in time ninja gaiden sigma 2 deamon souls and hopefully GT5 one can hope.
where the 360 only has halo 3.5 and forza 3 section 8 has been rumored to be set back till next year.



no your joking

Ppl talk about current games from the past year and to come. Not old hacks from three years ago.And to say micrdollars doesnt drop items from there cosole have a look at the hd cables you will get with the price drop........OH thats right there is none, zip no hd cables at all lol.As for dlc fall out dlc come to ps3 later this year and all others will come soon enough. As for multi plats have a google batman selling way better on ps3 and near on all multis coming out now are near identical on each system.I have all three systems and love my 3 fixme (4 times now) and cant wait for videos on demand later this year in Australia,but stop takn the drugs and see the truth the ps3 is much better value for money now then the 360.But again they are both great systems.



Re: Your joking right?

... and yet another Microsoft fanboy feels the need to defend 'their' platform. It's the same old party line spiel you see regurgitated on forums and comment boards all over the Net.



What are you smoking?

The XBOX has a superior line up of games, all you've got is sequels like Halo 3, ODST, REACH and Gears 1&2, how that is superior i don't know. And as for XBOX LIVE im not paying 40 bucks 4 a poor party system and X Game voice chat, not till they get some proper servers. ALL WRITTEN ON A PS3 BROWSER NEAR YOU



Kiddie Wars

Consoles are for kiddies. Be a man and build a gaming PC.



that dont count just because it has a blu ray player does not make the ps3 superior. the xbox does have a better lineup of games but also if you want the best in gaming experience. Buy a good pc and stop playing single player games so ten years ago

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