Why do the press hate the Sony PlayStation 3?

A brief history of PS3 hate-mongering

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few days, you’ve doubtlessly heard about the PlayStation 3 Slim and accompanying $200 price drop. Next month, the big black box we know and love will be replaced with a svelte, streamlined variant that weighs a third less than the current model. More importantly, it’s going to cost just $499, which places it in direct competition with the Xbox 360 Pro console.

For years now, members of the gaming press have been clamouring for a PS3 price drop. Even games publishers have weighed in on the debate, with Activision CEO Bobby Kotick demanding that Sony "price [its] hardware appropriately".

Why the hate?

Love for the new PS3 has been slim on the ground.

Well, now you all have exactly what you wanted — a cheaper, slimmer PS3 with all the functionality of its bigger brother. Surely that’s cause for jubilation? After all, it’s not every day that a company shaves $200 off its flagship console. You can bet your bottom dollar that if Microsoft pulled a similar stunt with the Xbox 360, there would be nothing but positive news stories surrounding the event. Below is a selection of this week’s headlines ‘welcoming’ Sony’s announcement:

'Slimmed PS3 Won't Save Sony.' (PC World).

'PlayStation 3: Too Little, Too Late.' (Forbes.com).

'No Backward Compatibility for Slim PS3.' (Gamingbolt.com).

'PS3 Slim Isn’t Backwards Compatible? Sony Has Lost Touch With Consumers.' (Albotas.com).

'Will PS3 Price Drop Make a Difference?' (GamesDaily).

'Is the PS3 Price Cut Enough?' (Gameplayer.com.au).

'Redesigned and Cheaper PS3 May Be Too Late for Sony' (Newsfactor.com).

'Skip the PS3 Slim and get one of these Blu-ray laptops.' (CNet.com).

‘Slim’ chance of toppling Xbox. (mX metropolitan newspaper, 19/08/09)

'Top 25 Reasons to Ditch Sony' (Gamedaily.com).

'Know Your Enemy: The PS3 Slim.' (UK Resistence).

Why the hate?

The PlayStation 3 -- a black sheep in an all-white family.

As you can see, the arrival of the PS3 Slim has done nothing to quell the fires of hatred from the gaming press. For reasons I can’t begin to fathom, fair and balanced journalism seems to have gone out the window when it comes to Sony, with many commentators treating the Nippon conglomerate with as much distaste as a sniffling swine flu victim. Just what has Sony done to tick you all off, exactly? Did Ken Kutaragi pee in your drinks? Did he punch you in the nose or steal your partner? Or is Sony simply an easy target to kick in the butt — like celebrity Tom Cruise or Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks?

Whatever the reason, it’s a trend that has been gaining momentum ever since the original PS3 launched in 2006. Who could forget those snarky George Forman Grill comparisons that plagued early news coverage? Or the gloating eye-witness accounts of poorly attended PS3 launch events? (Sample headline: “What if Sony threw a launch party and nobody came?”) Some doomsayers even predicted the demise of the entire company due to the console’s lacklustre sales.

Over page: a call to arms...

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Wrong Price

In the very first paragraph, you have a sentence that says " More importantly, it’s going to cost just $499, which places it in direct competition with the Xbox 360 Pro console." That's incorrect. The price of the new PS3 is $299.



I agree with you

First, you made a mistake with the price by the way. It is $299. But other than that I thought your article was well done. I think you should go out and buy a PS3 so you can experience what Sony has to offer. I don't think you'll be disappointed. There is a definite distinction between microsoft love and sony hate in the gaming press over the last few years. And it still goes on, even though sony had a stellar showing at gamescon and microsoft only showed lionheads head, and talked about fable 2 and 3. Keep up the good fight, eventually Sony will take the lead over microsoft this generation. There are a few factors that will lead to this.

1. The price point isn't much of a factor now.
2. Sony has the best first party games.
3. Blu-ray
4. Free network
5. Probably the most important factor is the PS3 doesn't break down, unlike the xbox, which is a good console that was just poorly made.



Re: Wrong Price

If you are going to leave comments (and ones with no explaination at that) you should at least get your facts straight: The PS3 is $499 and had a $200 price drop in Australia (which is where this site is from -as seen clearly in the .au part of the web address)

On Topic: I couldn't agree more. I have owned a PS3 for the past year and a half and I despise going onto gaming websites and seeing the poorly constructed "journalism" that exists solely to insult the Playstation Brand. I admit that Sony does some occasionally stupid things, but they do not warrent the hate that they appear to recieve. If anything the console deserving the most negative press this generation is the 360, which despite it's good games, dies at the drop of a hat (after 3 RRODs I'm not trusting MS with another console this gen - and I know people who have had worse!).

Hopefully some of these "journalists" decide to grow up and accept that fact that the PS3 is actually a competant console with good games and great value.



Well said

...but you shouldn't be firmly planted in ANY camp as a games journalist!



great article, and about time too!

Now if we can just show this to Edge,GameRadar,Eurogamer,gameplayer and other sleazy sites that exists only to spread the hate.



Thank you

Well said and thank you very much for this.



Excellent article

And I thank you for writing it. I didn't buy a PS3 until over a year after launch, but I still noticed the media hate right from the start. I couldn't figure it out then, and I can't figure it out now. Luckily for me, I don't base my opinions solely on what gaming journalists tell me (no offense). I've enjoyed the heck out of my PS3 for the last year and a half and will continue to do so.

On an almost unrelated topic, I also want to thank you for writing competently. It's terrible writing and insulting the fans (I'm looking at you, Destructoid) that really casts poor light on gaming journalism. But you seem to be breaking the mould. Game on.



Selective comments

The articles chosen aren't exactly spilling Sony hate.

'Slimmed PS3 Won't Save Sony.' (PC World).
Fair enough headline, Sony's share price slipped after the announcement.

'PlayStation 3: Too Little, Too Late.' (Forbes.com).
Fair-ish. It won't beat Wii this gen, and the price cut did come too late.

'No Backward Compatibility for Slim PS3.' (Gamingbolt.com).
Informative headline.

'Will PS3 Price Drop Make a Difference?' (GamesDaily).
Inquisitive headline.

'Is the PS3 Price Cut Enough?' (Gameplayer.com.au).
Inquisitive headline.

'Redesigned and Cheaper PS3 May Be Too Late for Sony' (Newsfactor.com).
See Forbes comment.

'Skip the PS3 Slim and get one of these Blu-ray laptops.' (CNet.com).
This is fairly negative alright.

‘Slim’ chance of toppling Xbox. (mX metropolitan newspaper, 19/08/09)
Negative but accurate.

'Know Your Enemy: The PS3 Slim.' (UK Resistence).
Ur..you're really going to reference UK Resistence? You should really have a read of the rest of their articles.

This article is basically "WAAAHHHH, THE PRESS IS MEAN TO SONY, WAAAHHHH".
Get over it.



Great article, I agree 100%

As an owner of all 3 consoles your right it's time for everyone to grow up. Gaming was not like this last generation. Sony is a top notch company and is still providing a much better gaming experience then Nintendo is. I don't even know where this nonsense came from, one day I woke up and MS PR people had replaced all my game journalists. the night and day difference in the formally respectable profession of "games journalist" is disgusting and it really gets me down, in fact I don't even like reading game news anymore I just read the announcements for new games and ignore the rest.I can't imagine it being true but it seems like MS is paying these people off. Every company brings different things to the table and no none of the current console is good enough to be "The One and Only" so it's time to stand up and make game journalism a profession again rather then a school yard full of little children.



Re: Wrong price

The price is in Australian dollars, as this is an Australian website.




Because Microsoft pays them to hate Sony.



Are film critics allowed to have favourite directors? OMG, they must be biased.



The big black cock....

can't get his due. He will eventually because he will last longer in your bedrooms and living rooms in the next 6 yrs. The PS3 slim adds another big (albeit slimmer) black cock to your house that keeps it going longer than the little white wiis and 360's. Two

The color of the PS3 is the reason why for all the hate. Don't bring your little guns to a real shoot off fellas. If you can't pack the heat, stay out of the kitchen!



Good article. Personally, I own all three consoles (though, admittedly, the Wii doesn't get much use outside of drunken nights in with friends). I've also noticed a lot of hatred toward Sony's PS3, and can't understand the reason why. I might not play PS3 as much as 360 (besides the exclusives like K2 and R2. I use XBL for games like CoD because that's what my friends all play it on), but I don't really see any reason why it would be the object of such hatred. Personally, I think its line-up of exclusive retail and PSN games are on par with 360's, and in terms of actual hardware it's a much more impressive piece of kit. The fact that Sony's dropping the price should have them all screaming for joy, instead it's gone from "PS3 will die because of the price" to "PS3 will die because the price drop won't matter". Hack journos at their finest. A bit of objectivity and consistency won't go amiss.

Also, all this "MS pay journalists to hate on PS3" is absolute nonsense. Grow up. Just because someone doesn't like your favourite console/exclusive, doesn't mean the opposition is paying them. Otherwise MS would have no money left after all the anti-Wii stuff that's floating around.



Well written article

This is something that has bothered me too. I cannot believe the hatred Sony is recieving from the collective game journalism community. When MS do questionable things, or doesn't deliver as promised, the media is silent. The pricedrop aftermath is raising a lot of question about journalist integrity, and the quality of the journalists in the gaming community. I am disappointed. It seems like both objectivity and professionalism is lacking. The most embarassing stuff is that I believe the majority of the gaming writers believe they are doing a good job when the produce one anti-Sony article after another.

Don't get me wrong, I love my 360, but I also love my PS3. The Sony hatred needs to stop. The PS3 is a fantastic product, with tons fantastic games.

Captain Kermit




Yeah, yeah, yeah... Sony pimped the game industry out and drove it into the mainstream. But everyone fails somewhere. But the better part is them picking themselves up and dusting themselves off. Look at Nintendo! They failed with 2 consoles before they tried again with the Wii. Look at Micrsoft! They released the crappy Windows ME, only to save themselves with XP, then shoot themselves again with Vista, and to hopefully save themselves once again with Windows7.

Sony has failed before in other parts of the entertainment industry like Betamax. Did they give up? No! Otherwise we wouldn't have BluRay.

Bottom line; So what if the press hates Sony? So what if PS3 didn't meet up to expectations despite its perfections? So what!?! Sony isn't going to give up. The only problem is convincing fans that "eveyone fails somewhere." Look at your favorite baseball team if you don't believe me! The New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Angels have all lost a game or a season somewhere at some time.

In the mean time, have fun stressing yourselves out with your little Prepubescent Nazi-fanboy wars.




Because if MS failed with the 360, not as many people would care. That's why!

In other words, journalists go where the most sensational story is.
[Journalism 101]



Xbox owner agrees

Yes, I have been wondering the same thing. I'm a 360 owner who finds himself surprisingly tempted by the PS3 Slim. Good price, great feature set (e.g., Blueray player). I think I'd still choose the Xbox because it has my favorite franchises, but it's not an easy choice anymore.



It's all about the money...

What really amazes me are certain sites (yeah... I'm looking at you CNET), that consistently bashes Sony and praises Microsoft in the console arena, then turns around and bashes Microsoft and praises Apple when it comes to computers or mobile devices.

In truth, it amounts to putting out the headlines that will generate the most hits and therefore generate more ad revenue. Your article is correct in that the integrity is nearly gone... it all comes down to the mighty dollar (or peso or Euro).

And since right now, for whatever reason, there are more XBots out there (and slamming the PS3 is 'fashionable'), these so-called journalists will write whatever will create the most hits... fair and honest reporting be damned.

If, someday, the PS3 ends up with a larger fanbase, just watch these same sites change their tune. Then it will all be about how Microsoft blew it, what's wrong with the XBox or why Sony won. Whatever it takes to generate those hits... regardless of any real objectivity or truth.



Sony hate

(Sony has the best first party games.) In your opinion. I also own all three consoles and I much prefer 360's exclusives but thats my personal taste. I think the hate comes from sony being so arrogant from the beginning of their launch with things like, yes we are more expensive but people will just have to work harder to buy our product, and their sheer delusional belief that people will buy their product because "hey were Sony". Nintendo got burnt by this attitude with the N64 and now sony is learning the hard way as well. I think all companys need a slap in the face once in a while to keep them on their toes.



RE: Sony Hate

You do have a point. I agree Sony was arrogant and probably expected a more loyal base and people would cough up the extra bucks just because they are Sony and had dominated with the PS2.

However, you would (or at least should) expect 'professional' journalist to leave personal feelings and/or bias aside when reporting, and I think that was the general point of the article. If I was a paid journalist (which I by no means am), and was suppose to create an objective news article on the pros and cons of two companies, my personal feelings and/or bias against one of these companies should not affect my article. That's the stuff for fanboy forums.

A slight slant or favortism here or there is to be expected. But it seems like the media (especially Internet media) have more than a 'slight slant' against the PS3.

It just seems that, like the other poster said, it's all about being the rave thing to do right now, and posting articles like this create site visits, which in turn makes the author/site more money. It's just not objective (regardless of which system you prefer or which has the 'better' games) and that reduces the credibility of all games journalists.

Personally, I'm thrilled that both MS and Sony are battling it out. It causes both companies to produce better products at competitive prices. I'd hate it if either company was the 'sole' player.



Good article until

He went out of his way to bash nintendo like a little bitch



It's realy simple

I think nationalism is the prime mover of this anti-Sony thing. I mean c'mon most of those anti-Sony "journalists" are Americans, writing hate “articles” about a Japanese competitor.



bootleggers dream...

ps3 is not anti piracy that's why...browser anyone...free movies, roms, and music they knew what they were doing.



Negetive press could lead to less quality...

I agree with this artical 100 %! I own a PS3 and I love it! I have a lot of fun and that is what the whole industry is about.. RIGHT!? On another note I worry about the quality of the next gen. systems. By slamming Sony for the price of the PS3 I fear it will cause console developers to hold back from pushing to develop new and better hardware / software. BOTTOM LINE IS THIS... CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY HAS A HIGHER PRICE TAG BUT IT IS WORTH IT!!! IT GIVES US ROOM TO GROW!!! SONY TOOK THE CHANCE TO GIVE US THAT!!! I SALUTE THEM FOR HAVING THE COURAGE AND THE DEDICATION TO DO SO!!! They have done more for the gamer and the gaming industry than anyone else! Final thought.. supporting a cheap price is supporting a cheap product be it a game console, a game or anything else! Is that what you want? I don't! I want the game consoles and the games to be the very best they can be!



Calling it "hate" is lazy, and inaccurate.

There are a few major reasons the PS3 gets as much bad press, and they have nothing to do with hate.

1. It's a big story. The PS2 dominated last generation. The rapid decline in Sony's market is incredible. Sony took such a huge hit, that if the PS3 manages to gain slight lead over the Xbox 360, it will be trumpeted as a huge victory - something truly unimaginable 5 years ago.

2. Bad timing. Sony released an extremely expensive piece of hardware at just the wrong time. Such a major price hike from one system to the next would have been a difficult sell in the best of economic climates, but doing so on the precipice of a major recession, cast the system in an extremely negative light.

3. Defections. The string of formerly exclusive titles that have gone multi-platform have served as constant reminders of the PS3's shortcomings (in terms of sales).

Sony got off to a very bad start with the PS3. They tried to leverage their domination of the video game console market to push the Blu Ray format. They won the Blu Ray battle, but the cost was enormous. A big percentage of their market abandoned them, and they alienated a bunch of game developers. Of course the "press" is going to notice that, and of course they are going to write about it. Like I said before, it's a really big story. It's also human nature - people are equally fascinated by stories of underdogs succeeding and titans falling.

Maybe the PS3 Slim will be a success, but after three years of relative failure, it's certainly reasonable to be skeptical of it's potential impact.

As for the hyperbole and vitriol in the stories and online opinion pieces, that's become universal. There are a lot of voices out there competing for attention, and the exaggerated and/or inflammatory pieces draw the most eyes. It's not about hating Sony. It's about getting noticed. If, next generation, Nintendo or Microsoft slip up, it will be just bad for them.




Sir, you have just won my everlasting respect.



The press have seemingly become haters.
It's journalists' duty to remain unbiased, but now.. I don't know.

Good journalism has been thrown to the wind when it comes to gaming press nowadays.



God, it is about time somebody said it!

I don't know how it is in other parts of the world, but here in the US the Press acts like the fourth branch of government. They control and distort information so they can sell the "facts." The gaming press, still really in its infancy, is much more easily manipulated by corporate interests and it truly shows!

It's like you can find the smelly kid living in his mom's basement who has a popular blog, hand him a Ferrari laptop, and he will say anything you want him to. Maybe I'm being ridiculous, but that's how bad it looks to some of us on the outside. In the end, gaming rags had better wake up and realize there will be many many many generations of little toys to play videogames on. If they want to throw their credibility away so early in the game, then someone like the author will swoop in and win more people over with sheer logic.

I doubt anyone of significance will read my little blurb, but in a way, it's probably better that way. I don't care what console wins this generation, I feel like we have all lost as consumers when the information we depend on to make informed choices is puppet-stringed the way it has been.



i like to disagree?

1. its not just sony that is a big story, microsoft is equally as big as sony. who doesnt know microsoft and bill gates?

2. the economy wasnt bad and we werent in recession when the ps3 was launched. the worldwide economy declined 'after' ps3 was launched, something sony nor anyone else knew.

3. oh please, we all know the lack of ps3 sales was due to the price point. and since there is a price drop, we just have to find out. like u said, we're in recession.

sony did have a horrible launch i agree. but if we dont go with blu ray, do we stay with dvd's for the rest of our lives? or should we try to ressurect HD-DVD? sure we can live without blu ray. but we can also live without dvd's in that matter. games becoming more advanced and hi-tech, we absolutely need that blu ray no matter what. its not even arguable.

both microsoft and sony are worldly known, but why does the press still give negative press about sony and ps3 while leaving the xbox alone?

i actually thank sony for dropping the ps3 price and sacrificing their financial aspects so more people can enjoy the ps3. something microsoft doesnt want to do, but only did cuz sony is their competition.



Not so exclusive

I imagine these 360 'exclusives' you talk about are also on the PC, no?




WhaaaWhaaaWhaaa!!! The Press is bad. The Press is the 4th branch of the government. The Press should leave their feelings and loyalty aside when attempting to be professional. If I were a member of the Press I'd be... WhaaaWhaaaWhaaa!!!

You guys are a bunch of whiney little sissies!!! The Press has been out there bashing things from leaders of nations to whose beer, soda, chips, pizza tastes the worst; LONG before video games even came about!!!

It's the PRESS's job! It's what they do! It's what they are paid to do!!! Deal with it! Get over it! Grow a pair and move along!

-And while you're at it, refer to my previous posting about "Someone looses/fails somewhere!"



10 reasons to NOT hate the PS3

It seems too many gamers and media whores are too busy supporting badly made, cheap hardware instead of voting with their wallets, showing Microsoft that they won't stand for shoddy quality. It's a shame so many people have no balls to stand up for morals anymore.

10. It won't scratch your discs:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CYuyJ4L7aE (and Blu-rays all have protective coating)
It's even better at playing scratched discs too:

9. Store videos on the hard drive.
Unlike the 360, you can use your massive hard drive as you want.
You can even stream or copy your own HD videos to it with the free PS3 Media Server.
Plus using the web browser, you can download videos and other media straight from the internet. Get your own wallpaper that way if you like.

8. Region free games:
Everyone complained about this and now you have the first console in history to fix that and it still doesn't make you happy. C'mon now. Chill out and import Aquanaut's Holiday already.

7. Freedom!
Use your own charge cable, use a keyboard and mouse, make your own themes, your own Bluetooth headset, your own accessories (arcade stick, fighting sticks, PC controllers, steering wheels, etc.), upgrade your hard drive to 500GB if you want! The 360 won't recognize any of your existing USB devices as they are locked out unless they pay a fee to Microsoft, so if you're short a controller when your buddy comes over to play Call of Duty, unlike the PS3, you can't grab your Logitech PC controller as backup. And unless you have the Slim, you can even install Linux. There's also less limitations with the space of Blu-ray, the standard hard drive and a non-gimped download service (XBLA's limit is a measly 350MB for most games), showing that Sony would rather not limit the dream of developers to create the best game possible.

6. It's an amazing DVD upscaler

5. Oh and it's such a good Blu-ray player too
so good that the Criterion Collection uses it as reference

4. Built in:
Wi-fi, web browser, hard drive, excellent cooling system, long-lasting batteries for the controller. It's an amazing all-in-one system.

3. Less disingenuous:
400 Microsoft points = $5.00, hm, I wonder why. On PSN things use real currency, so you can buy what you want and there's no need for silly points increments to take more of your money. They don't sell $10 battery packs which are just 2AAs in a case. They don't rape you on costs for charge cables and wi-fi adapters and proprietary hard drives.

2. Games
Yes, the games.
That's just the exclusives and multiplatform games are the same and have been for quite some time. Aside from Ghostbusters being the only real exception, they've been identical with 360 for years, and trophies have been mandatory since the start of the year. No, generic shooter #24127 isn't on PS3, but a superior version is probably on PC if you care that much.

1. It's reliable, PS3 is built to last and it doesn't sound like a jet engine when you use it.
oh yeah and there's this



We need a revolution

I'm an avid gaming fan grabbing myself all 3 consoles on there release dates and i love them all for there own reasons what i don't get is the trash that gets trown the net at sony it's pathetic

Be it money in the pockets of the big wigs (which is more than possible) or just a trend that people who get paid to be unbiased have rebeled against the ideals behind what there paid to do we need a revolution in the gaming press and i suggest we linch IGN before they well become a website absolutly nobody listens too (it's getting that way anyway)

Respect goes to the author of this artical for voicing something we've all talked very loadly about on numerous forums for god knows how long

i love my PS3 and i'm glad i bought it same goes for my 360 which offers me great games and my wii for being the little dust collector it is until i get a group of people round my house

right so who wants a flaming torch?



PS3 is just the best...360 will decline.

yeah whatever...if in US the sony's great console receives such a bad rep, then we are here across Asia and Europe to ditch 360...RROD has really taken a real toll on the console's performance...just observe sales across Q1 2008.

The only thing the American Console benifitted was the Q4 2008 sales owing to the insane demand in US and the subsequent price cut.



Mark G

Well written article. I honestly thought the WHOLE industry had it in for Sony. However I worked it out a while back. 90% of the gaming press is American, and clearly favor the American console. Microsoft know that and play on that paying nice fat advertising budgets to their industry partners. The other 10% just get sucked along for the ride.

Most gamers are too stupid to see past all this, and just go with whatever Joystiq or Kotaku says.




stupid comment system



Press and consumers need to wake up

Sony got it pretty much spot on. They got a fully featured console out, that worked, and is geared up for a 10yr life cycle.

Microsoft released a unreliable pile of trash, with PS2-era features like no HDD, no HDMI, DVD drive and chargable online, and have somehow become the press darling despite these major issues.

There is no justice in this world. You hear uninformed gamers telling people that Sony are arrogant etc etc, but who really are the arrogant ones? The ones that stick a gamecube in a white box and then limit supplies so consumers go bananas over them? That's pretty arrogant.. However the one that launched first and caught the Xmas 2005 market despite knowing there were serious design issues, but then dumb-ass consumers would buy it anway because it's first out. That's pretty arrogant...



360 outselling the PS3 FUD...





I don't think that they hate the actual console. I think that their grudge lies in the way that Sony is managing the platform. The price cut and redesign are a good start but Sony needs to step down from the pedestal that they've stood on since the PlayStation 1 days. That's what took Nintendo to 3rd place, you know. They need to acknowledge that they are in 3rd place now and act accordingly.

I'm not saying that they need to put out a press release saying "hey, we're in third place but we'll improve!" but that they need to drop the arrogant act and start pleasing gamers.

Get rid of those crazy ads (remember the baby doll one?) and promote the games and the strengths of the platform (reliability, features, etc.) It's a Blu-ray player that also plays games, not a supranatural device that levitates eggs.




Because it's cool to hate on a company that just made a few wrong decisions. Sony made some not so wise decisions but they don't deserve this much hatred-from 360 fanboys OR the media.

It's too much.

That's why PS3 fanboys are so rabid in defending their console.



U.S vs Japan

I very much believe all the hate takes root from the fact that the playstation is a "foreign" console and the xbox is "American" and now that the Japanese console is "failing" (no it's not) its the chance to yell out USA! and bash on the PS3 since this wasn't possible last generation



Not bad

I think you had some good points but some things you were wrong about. The PS3 has been selling faster than the 360 was overall and nintendo lost 2 generations and there wasn't anywhere near as much negative press bout that, and i seriously doubt there would be as much bad press about the lone american console....i mean they don't even talk about the fact that their is virtually no one who hasn't encountered RROD, it's just been swept under the rug. If it were happening to the PS3 though, it would be a whole other story.



Un-needed article

Here is why I don't agree with you on this, most of the articles you listed were either written by non gaming media (Forbes, Cnet, PC Mag, Newsfactor) or relatively small sites that most folks have never heard of. Financial sites like Forbes, and non gaming sites tend to bash any underdog in industry, they did the same to Toshiba and HDDVD, they just like to jump on the underdog because they think no one cares and they are more likly to be correct in their predictions.

Small sites bash PS3 because they need the hits, or they just don't fear the PS3 fanboy backlash. But to say that PS3 is unfairly picked on by the gaming media is far from the truth. IGN, 1up, N4G, Gamespot even, these sites practically saved the PS3 by ignoring and downplaying most of its faults, and hyping its "potential" when that was literally all it had. For every negative thing those sites said about PS3, they made sure to say three negative things about the 360.

Personally I found that practice far more unprofessional than this supposed bias you point out by a bunch of non gaming, and unheard of sites that most gamers don't even visit.



I don't understand Sony's attitude

My problem with the PS3 is not the console itself, but with Sony. They took to long to get decent online play, they keep cutting things out like backwards compatibility, the controller battery isn't removable, and they even tell you they make the console hard to program. Who wants obsticles? So who is the hardcore gamer left with? Microshaft -- and that is unforgiveable. All these things and the humans in the gaming press are probably just as frustrated with not being able to report nice things about the PS3 except occasionally when a cool game comes out, but that has more to do with the developer working hard to make a great game than the support Sony could have given them.




The people who work at Sony are only human. Human beings make mistakes. Sony made mistake but they're working to fix them. I don't see why you have to be so hard on them like that. All companies make mistakes-what matters is what they do about them.



Are you serious? Really?

Do you even own a PS3? At launch I was playing Resistance online flawlessly with 39 other players. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ONLINE PLAY--at launch, too? Seriously, people complain non-stop about inconsequential things like "cross-game chat support" BOO HOO the PS3 doesn't have that. I'll tell you what counts: PLAYING THE GAME WITH NO LAG. And it's done that since launch with more players than any 360 game to date. And soon, we'll be playing with 256 players online. Decent online play has been there from the start.

Backwards compatibility? If you cared so much about that, you should have bought a model with it before they cut it. Everyone knew the cut was coming, you had plenty of time to act. You didn't? Your loss. Don't complain, you were warned.

"The controller battery isn't removable"... Seriously? Really? You're complaining about that? The battery is more than suitable, and Sony even offered to replace them free of charge if their life duration became too short after so many recharges. But really, I can't believe anyone would complain about such a ridiculous detail.

Sony hardware has always been difficult to program for, I'll give you that, but Sony are working very closely with devs to help them. The cell processor can do amazing things if used correctly, and Sony is doing a fine job developing tools to help game developers.

You have NOTHING on the PS3. These negative articles are all propaganda.



Its a bit crap

I bought a PS3 and sold it after a couple of weeks, meh, wasn't impressed at all.



simple the way they treat other countries.

simple its because how they treat other countries.

like here in australia we get 1/3rd the content that the US has on the PSN store.

we pay more for accessories games and the system, last time i checked 60USD is roughly 85 USD so why are we paying 110 or 120 per game?

we get half the content, wheres deamon souls? wheres my limited edition for killzone 2 or resistance 2 or guides for kz2 or resistance 2, half of the stuff the US gets we miss out on.

we get games weeks sometimes months after the US, resistance 2 for example, if i remember right it released in the US on november 4th we dident get it till november 27th, were constantly getting games later than not only the US but europe to.

MS treats australia like another country another customer, what they release in the US they release here none of this you have to wait another 3 weeks because of where you live BS.

and more importantly marketing.

i see more adds for nintendo and microsoft in 1 day than i do for sony in 1 bloody month.
maybe if they learn how to market their bloody product than maybe they will get more exposure to the industry and be accepted.



price is correct

have a look at the address bar, its .com.au meaning its a australian website. meaning there most likely to state australian dollars, australian price not american dollars, american price.



Strangly enough this Australian article bases it's price on the austrailian Dollar.




When you average out sales of PS3 and 360 for the actual amount of time they've had on the market, PS3 has sold better.

I've done the maths and when averaged out...

PS3 has sold approximately 770,000 a month.

360 has sold approximately 685,000 a month.

Saying it simply, the PS3 would have approximately 33.8 million units sold now if it launched the same time as 360; the 360 also had no competition to start with and so that's also something to consider. The 360 currently has 30.2 million units, meaning the PS3 would be leading by a rough estimate of 2.6 million units or more.

No fanboyism, just facts.

...and before anyone says why do you care, it's simple, the more PS3s sell, the more money goes into new ips, the more people to play with online and things generally improve for us regarding price, PSN and general experience.

We're also about to be drowned in lots of top quality titles, a price cut (and/or possible slim) is, I'm sure, gonna happen sometime soon due to reduced costs in production, plus PS3 features are improving. I'm very confident the gap will close.



The press are obssessed.

Well I kind of know exactly how the press are looking up to the ps3...reasons?
1.The Price Obviously and i don't need to say more about this.

2.The Exclusives : The exclusives are awesome but most of them bought their 360's,wii or a high end rig early on top of that the line up back in 2006-07 was ultra lame.The scenario is pretty much as if sony is teasing the consumers and forcing them to but the highly priced games and of course the console itself right after we spent a lot of money on the console we just bought.Improper planning to be accurate.

3.Sometimes people don't like stuff that beat up the competition people like the press...If sony were to release their console by the right time, with the proper line up it would have easily won the present day "console war" as everyone refer to as but sooner or later it will manage to succeed as it did with the ps2 and psone.
Leaving other companies with no other option but to step aside like atari,segaetc.This would let gaming down which really do not like either.

Overall I just want to say that i am a serious gamer and I really appreciate the companies which try to support gaming at the same time i oppose the ones who think gaming is yet another money making medium and take advantage of it in the wrong way.



*Insert bit about "persecution" just there.*

I have flatly boycotted sony's PS3 due to two reasons:

The first being, XCP. XCP was rootkit software for the pc designed for Sony and placed on a lot of their CD albums, which opened up any computer to any amount of people really wanting to virus up your PC. Thomas Hesse, president of Sony BMG's global digital business said "Most people, I think, don't even know what a rootkit is, so why should they care about it?"

Any company that treats it's customers in such a manner does not deserve my money.

As for all the people going on about "Oh my, RROD!" Let me remind you that Sony were class action lawsuited over their PS2 Optical drives and that classic "disc read error". Nevermind my launch PSP doing the Sudden opening and kicking wipeout out on me, or the Square Button not working, and what's this about the psp-3000 and the screens not working correctly? And oh yes, the hit on the importers lik-sang as well springs to mind upon mentioning the PSP and Sony.

I've had two Xbox 360's, sold the first one because i needed the cash bad, the second i've owned for two years now, no problems on either of them. I had one PS2 that disc read error'ed. A friend had a launch 60gb ps3 that broke on him, and he's been happy with the replacement, and just recently had his xbox rrod. Poor sod but hey, he's happy with his PS3 and that's fair enough.

The PS3 looks a nice piece of kit, but buying from a company that has screwed me over like sony has in the past with faulty hardware. Omitting such areas while argung why people are anti Sony's latest offering whle shunting Nintendo and Microsoft's consoles is not a great example of journalism, Mr Jager. Especially for representing a website claiming to be the "good gear guide."






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